Thursday, October 28, 2010

more half guard/posture stuff

*elbows in tight from side control recovery/half guard posture
*move them with elbows/knees structure, don't push and engage muscles (least effort/most efficient)
*hips away and then shoulders away!
*posture always on bicep and shoulder, never hand on hip

inverted roll drill
inverted roll to triangle
inverted roll to omoplata
(inverted roll to arm drag)

inverted roll off of 2 on 1 and off of leg lasso pass

1. half guard recovery to omoplata- hips away, shoulders away. plant feet on hips (if they stuff the foot on hip, omoplata won't work) and sandwich shoulder. HEAD AND SHOULDERS AWAY and chop knee down on shoulder and sit up/straighten legs. hip scoot out and finish. OR if they base up- triangle legs and underhook opposite armpit with instep and walk on hands to scoot hips out. OR if they post opposite leg, hook that leg with your instep. NASTY omoplata.

2. arm lock from #1- they keep head on mat and tuck arm to opposite hip. both feet go across back, instep down, turn towards knees and armlock. instep on neck and other foot comes across face once you flip them (legs end up crossed). look to underhook the leg.

3. they retreat out of the omoplata early- slice knee in, flare knee out (2 on 1 arm drag position). 2 on 1 arm drag. back series. OR if you are not in half guard with bottom leg (mid- guard recovery/shin across belly)- go directly to crucifix.

other stuff to note-
-from crossface must shuck underneath them and replace posture (shoulder action?). gotta figure out specifics and drill.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

no gi half guard

half guard recovery to full guard drill
side control recovery to full guard drill
around the world n/s drill to posture on both sides

general posture- support their weight with knees/elbows. do not use power, use frame. elbows inside knees.

1. posture to back: from half guard- posture with arms- knee cuts in and then knee flares out. elbow inside. knee kicks up as you pummel the underhook, use pendulum motion to get hip off mat and come to knees and take the back.

2. they retreat out of #1 and lean weight back on heels- 2 on 1 arm drag- use shin and kick leg straight while dragging with 2 hands (angle towards wrist if you encounter resistance). trap arm between your legs. squeeze tight with thighs and keep their shoulder/elbow glued to your chest (4 on 1). switch hands to thigh and head control (like guillotine). step up and take them down. land in half guard (side control is too risky) and then pass.

3. same as #2 but they post leg and you can't take them down- grab hip across back, post hand, scoot hip out, take back (their arm will get trapped) and RNC.

no gi stuff- think about arm drags, butterfly, x-guard, deep half guard. that's it.

general adjustment- stay tighter with half guard stuff. i'm too loose generally. giving up space and creating openings for the escape.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

inverted guard recovery/turtle roll/leg locks

1. guard recovery- as they pass, posture with arms and knee to chest. weave leg inside arm (the key). elevate hips like butterfly sweep, duck head underneath (defend crossface at all costs) and spin back to guard. triangle or arm drag.

2. turtle roll- they smash top leg when passing. invert and grab both knees. helicopter to knee bar. they defend- ankle lock/reverse ankle lock? not sure of name/knee bar/heel hook/toe hold gauntlet. they roll to the wrong side- toe hold/knee bar combo.

3. they body lock around hips from turtle but don't have hooks- insert middle leg and trap their leg with instep. turtle roll inward towards legs (grab both knees) and take the kneebar combo.

4. neto roll from top position in knee bar gauntlet- elbow in armpit, trap foot with other hand, roll over kick legs straight, take back.


foot lock stuff- adjustment- blade of wrist needs to be precisely placed.

knee bar position- scoot hip out and shin goes parallel to opponent's thigh almost. on finish- kick both legs straight, squeeze knees together and point towards knee while extending.

knee bar/foot lock gauntlet- make sure to trap both legs. use free leg to trap their free leg at the knee. don't go 2 on 1 or you lose some combos/control.

inverted stuff with gi- must break grips before you roll.

helicopter detail- if they lean weight on you, you can sweep them. if they sit back, kick them back with your legs and get up to knee bar. possible key- roll into them first to get them to come back into you (cobrinha detail coming back)

helicopter to the back- if they base hard by sitting heels to butt, open knee with free hand and use to insert knee/go to x-guard/take the back. sick!

Monday, October 25, 2010

defending the back (and some passing stuff)

1. double unders with hooks (lapel grips)- easiest to escape. bridge hard and get head and then both shoulders on mat. shimmy down and prepare to take half guard or stand to base.

2. they lock over/under, but you catch early- bridge opposite choking side. get head and then both shoulders on the mat. clear hook by kicking down, pointing knee to ceiling, and then stepping over the hook. prepare to go deep half as they come up.

3. they lock the choke, but you catch early- same as #2, but you grab outside fabric on wrist sleeve and at tricep (baseball bat grip). keep tension. question- which side to look towards? head and shoudlers on mat, shimmy, escape to deep half.

4. they lock choke on strong side- grips on choking arm are key. keep tension. look towards mat on choking side? need to double check. bring knee to chest, momentarily take hand off choking arm (wrist grip) to cup the bottom of the near hook foot and remove. close elbow and knee. shift hips and put knee on ground where hip used to be (almost like knee slide). use top hook as butterfly hook to remove bottom hook. slide through. keep tension on the choking arm to prevent them coming up to turtle. pressure on shoulder and then chest and then move to underhook/side control. OR- once you clear the hooks- grab nearside leg, knee pivot over (glover transition), and take opposite side control (better for little guys).

5. taking the back from the back!: they go for the choke- you go 2 on 1 and duck under the choking arm. clear top hook. shimmy out to the side and keep wrist. entangle ankle. key- knee needs to be close to their knee (deeper hook, not shallow at ankle) or it won't work. keep arm (this is the key to controlling the position and not making it a 50/50). bring arm either towards your ear or stuff at their hip (need to double check on the second option). triangle own legs. kick legs straight and transition to the back.

passing stuff-

-terere pass- 2 grips- near side knee and collar when passing (hand on hip toreando follow-up) or opposite leg (knee or pants?) and nearside collar. flip hips and transition to head position passing. key- head at hip, torso, and then in chin. use head to turn their head (crossface with head, essentially) and pass.

-hand on hip toreando- weight all on hands. concentrate on far hip and flatten their hips. leg detail- close leg is not like jacare walk for balance, but back leg is staggered to prevent half guard.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Rickson's revelation to AG

it went something like this:

"Andre, I love your game. But when I watch your fights, you pass like 100 times and you keep letting them get the guard back. You should only have to pass once. Don't lose the position. Once you get there, it should be over."

AG passing

1. from failed butterfly sweep- weave arm and grab bottom knee. heavy pressure with shoulder. grab collar and walk around and then towards hips. head position is critical- in jaw is optimal.

2. mendes 2 on 1 pin- pin ankle with palm facing opponent (anti-arm drag) and knee with other hand. enter off crouch (stay mobile- not on knees). only need to be slightly off-center. grab collar and drive head in shoulder. head position is key! if they try to stay up on elbow, collapse elbow and suck in. walk back into hips and finish the pass. stay off knees, but keep low. drive through them to flatten. "pancake."

3. same as #2 but grips change to the pants. start with ankle/knee, but they resist. use knee to pin down leg and switch grip to pants. much more secure.

4. didn't fully teach it, but terere pass. hit off of half guard. for some reason he had grabbed the nearside leg instead of the far leg.


-windshield wiper theory. always weave legs out of half guard. especially vs. z-guard- you can always take your leg out with a precise windshield wiper move. lots of variations and trickery switching back and forth, using instep, etc. ridiculous galvao stuff.

-guard theory- inside of legs=guard. outside of legs=almost passed. need to illustrate in person to have the full effect, but this was an excellent demonstration.

-passing- pinning the bottom leg is the key. limit movement.

-all the toreando passes- head positioning is critical. always spear with the head, never drive with chest. you start to lose the pass once you go chest to chest if you don't fully have the pass.

-hip walk details- don't drop hips to floor. always walk back into hips to prevent them from recovering guard. insert knee below thigh. stay as low to the mat as possible when walking back into hips.

-extra hip walk detail- grab pant leg (leg weave) and yank up and use to set up the hip walk.

-head push to ground/hop over detail- not a huge cartwheel, just a small hop. too big of a hop will create space. always lock the hips down.

-start from 2 on 1 leg
-start from hand on knee, hand on collar

Thursday, October 14, 2010

no gi- guillotine defense

1. from standing- hands in hips, butterfly sweep over, turn into them and get on top.
2. from sprawl (head and arm)- sit out towards trapped arm, continue spin and put pressure on back of shoulder with back of head. spin out and lock front head and arm.
3. from sprawl (head and arm)- sit to half guard, come around to back.
4. from guillotine, they start to pull guard- hands in hips- front flip over to feet plant, turn into them and get on top.
5. from locked guillotine (arm in)- shoulder pressure into chest, twist hips out and look away from them. tripod up and don't let them stretch you out. weight more in stomach area to avoid off-balance. head pressure on back of elbow, pry open the lock. pin arm to mat immediately.
6. from locked guillotine (no arm)- crossface, twist hip out, pry wrist, pin wrist to mat.

some double leg details-
-retract arms back quickly during shot to avoid getting underhooked
-step outside and block outside leg with your knee on the takedown

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hand on hip toreando

some details-

-elbow always inside- never let top leg come underneath
-lean forearm on thigh
-pin knee to mat
-stagger sprawl immediately with leg between your legs (or knee line pointing between)
-hand on knee stuffs knees across as you pass

-from standing guard opener
-from sitting butterfly

-dive hand in hip and hand to knee, sprawl legs back
-keep in mind which leg is the half guard leg and trail it behind (lead leg slightly more forward)

vs. resistance-
-switch hand on hip to same side knee (2 on 1 knee momentarily), and then hand reaches for collar
-head in hip or shoulder (hip is better here)

-half guard pull stuff (give leg)
-vs. sitting butterfly entry
-vs. sitting butterfly with resistance (switch to counter)

-hand on hip pressure
-staggered sprawl
-do not give legs- passing becomes much harder
-weight more on hands
-quick entry- fast move- take them by surprise
-don't allow them to have a guard
-one step ahead
-can do with or without grips- can place heel of palm on hip pocket instead of getting the pants grip if you are trying to enter quickly

-counters? seems like the hand on the knee is the one to block and do the roll over reversal?
-follow up if they throw the leg over? leg on shoulder?

drills to practice-
-sitting butterfly entry (both sides)
-sitting butterfly entry vs. resistance (switch to counter)
-hitting the pass immediately off of the guard pull

Monday, October 11, 2010

Opening the guard

1. Knee opening. Hands in hips, knee in butt, open base, open second knee and straighten arms to open.
Hand on hip toreando. Push knee down to mat, sprawl low (adjustment-hips were too high). Stuff knee and spin to pass the guard. Knee under thigh. Grab head.

2. Two standing opening variations. Hand on collar or sleeve grip. Knee in to counter lumberjack sweep.

*lumberjack sweep- push off mat with hand.

Elbows always in.

In grip battle- always have arm on top. Break down posture.

Friday, October 1, 2010

dlr and sit up guard

putting it together.

1. dlr cross sleeve grip to back.
2. same side leg lasso (robson/cobrinha move) to sweep. can armlock to finish.
3. they counter #2 by ripping arm partway out, you apply pressure to back of elbow with knee and sweep. can armlock to finish.

others that i missed yesterday-
-they stuff dlr far leg- waiter sweep
-omoplata off of dlr

*closed eyes sensitivity/timing drill