Wednesday, June 13, 2012

omoplata options

a) frazzatto guard option b) lasso kick through c) collar sleeve/kick out option d) collar sleeve/knee collapse option e) double sleeve grip - knee through the triangle to kick through f) rolling lasso to sweep option g) reverse dlr to leg across to opposite side omoplata h) double sleeve/shin hook/spider option i) closed guard to shins inside

mount stuff

overhook/high knee. start with ezekiel grip on overhook side. a) triangle b) step up to monoplata/pull elbow up to opposite side armlock c) rolling omoplata d) monoplata option

dlr drills

1. deep overhook/collar grip to hips on mat. a) berimbolo to leg drag b) berimbolo to back c) deep dlr to kick over/leg drag 2. double collar grip/under leg d) they underhook leg - kick under to sing leg x. kick leg out. they step back. cuff grip. 1. foot lock 2. #1 to sweep *hook/knee pressure ---- option - collar/sleeve - foot plant to kick over.


1. deep overhook/collar or belt grip. also sleeve option. plant foot and circle to back. extend hook. jump hips between legs, suck legs in, and kick hooks out. 2. #1 spin to waiter. a) far sweep b) roll back c) knees in to foot grab sweep d) lift leg to x hook. spin out to back.