Monday, April 30, 2007

Best of the West 2007

My second tournament went much better than Pan Ams last month.

I managed to win my first match via armlock before losing my second match on points.

Two matches, not bad.

The main thing I was happy about was my overall energy level and performance. Unlike Pan Ams, where I was unable to apply technique due to adrenaline overload, I was actually able to remain more or less calm and relaxed throughout my matches this time around.

I'm at the threshold right now- where if I can channel my energy and compete at my full potential I will do very well. I experienced flashes of that yesterday, but I still have some way to go.

First match-

My first opponent had a wrestling background. He kept bobbing and changing levels at the beginning of the match, and I was prepared for the shot. I stuffed the initial shot attempts, and eventually jumped guard.

Next, I locked down his head and arm with a gable grip, and started hunting for an armbar.

He was having trouble opening my guard, and I had him pretty well under control as I climbed my guard up high and messed around with a some rubber guard control. I'm not too experienced with the rubber guard, so I didn't want to try to get into the omoplata sequences, so I just used it to control my opponent.

At one point I had my opponent's left arm trapped and went for the spinning arm bar, but his arm wasn't deep enough and he slipped out and tried to scramble around my guard. I closed up as he engaged again, and repeated the same attack on the other side.

I caught the arm deep in the lock, and turned facedown to secure the lock as he tapped.

First tournament victory. WHEW! Glad I got that one out of the way.

Second match-

I faced off against someone from Apex Jiu Jitsu. It seemed like he also had a wrestling background, as he was well versed in the clinch.

From the start, he was controlling the neck tie and wrist- switching to 2 on 1, pummeling inside, and putting me off balance.

I'm familar with the clinch game enough to know what's going on, but I don't practice it nearly enough.

My opponent kept trying for a single leg, which he eventually got and took me down into half guard. We fell with his knee well past my knee, so it was fairly easy for him to slide through the half guard and go to side control. At this point I'm down 5 points- 2 from the takedown and 3 from the guard pass.

I regain half guard, place the hooks, and grab a leg for an X-Guard sweep. I don't get the points for the sweep, as he jumps out at the last second. I get side control for a moment and start hunting for an arm, but I'm so focused on the sub that I forget to hold down for points. He escapes to his knees and stands up.

We engage in the clinch again, and I get single legged again. Now I'm down 7 points. He tries to pass my guard, and I turn to my knees to escape and not give up more points. However, I neglect to block the back mount with my arms. My back gets taken, but the hooks aren't established long enough, so I fight off the RNC and tripod up to shake him off. I come out back door and jump up trying to take his back but don't get it.

We stand again, and I hear my corner shouting that I have to submit him because I'm down on points. At one point I could have taken his back due to his arm being trapped, but I don't capitalize in time. I think my corner yelling out "take his back," alerted my opponent that his back was wide open for that split second, and he recovers. I laugh and then jump guard, trying to land with an armlock or something crazy. We land in my closed guard and I start hunting for ANYTHING. My opponent realizes the situation and defends tightly, and he holds out until time expires.

Good match.

I realize in hindsight that I could have won the match even after being down 7 points. Had I committed to the X-Guard sweep, passed his guard, moved to side control, and then moved to mount, I would have won on points. However, at the time I had a mental lapse and believed that the only way I could win at that point was via submission. That sequence of moves was in my grasp had I been playing the point game, but I guess that's how it goes.

My opponent was very good, but I felt more skilled than him. I believe a greater awareness of the point system and more tournament experience would push me over the edge.

Definitely, I want to work on takedowns and takedown defense, and start playing more to positional dominance over submissions. Also, I can never have enough cardio! It was good this time, but I'd like to do more sprints and swimming next time.

Lessons learned, no doubt.

Overall, a great experience that will absolutely supercharge my training and progress.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Half Guard

Lately I've been practicing passing half guard.

I realized that the majority of the fight takes place in half guard, so focusing on this position is greatly improving my game.

I've been using attacks to set up the pass- kimuras, americanas, guillotines, and various others to distract my opponent and move into either mount or side mount. By opening the possibility of ending the fight at any moment, my opponent has to worry about defending both the pass and the submission, hopefully closing the door on many sweeps and escapes.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

14 day sprint program

Day 1- Run 1 mile, rest 5 mins.
Sprint 4x 100 yards with 30 sec rest in between

Day 2- Run half mile, rest 2.5 mins.
Sprint 4x 220 yards, rest 30 secs in between

Day 3-Run 440 yards, rest 2 min
Sprint 8x 220 yards, rest 1 min in between

Day 4- Jog 2 miles

Day 5- Run 1 mile for time

Day 6- Jog half mile, run 1/2 mile

Day 7- Sprint 8x 100 yards, rest 30 secs in between

Day 8- Jog 1/2 mile, run 1/2 mile

Day 9- Run 1 mile for time

Day 10- Run 1 mile

Day 11- Run 2 miles

Day 12- Sprint 8x 220 yards, rest 30 secs in between

Day 13- Sprint 6x 220 yards, rest 30 secs in between

Day 14- Sprint 8x 100 yards, rest 30 secs in between


Last October I got about halfway through this program before I stopped. My wind increased DRAMATICALLY. I just wouldn't get fatigued at all when rolling in class.

This is phase I in turning up the training (along with KBs every other day).