Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bruno spider essentials

am class- no gi

1. over/under pass
2. double under to leg drag over neck

1. kimura
2. darce
3. n/s guillotine


-always maintain distance
-never let them put your legs on the floor or in between half guard. never let them underhook legs.
-over/underwith spider- never both over or both under.


1. collar grip- leg plant to hip out, switch grip and foot in bicep
2. collar/sleeve with foot in hip and other foot in bicep- opponent underhooks leg- hip out slightly, weave foot, and put foot in bicep or shoulder. square up and strip grip. start attacking.
3. you can't break grip on pants- lasso leg around, grab elbow and attack omoplata.

other drills-
1. knee passes to leg weave.
2. collar grip with opponent standing (can't break grips)
3. collar/sleeve with all passes and grip breaks.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Lasso Removal

Squat. Knee vs. Foot to angle out. Grab pants. Chest/head theory to clear leg.

Head torpedo.


Toreando knee split
Leg drag
Hip escape knee in counter

Friday, June 24, 2011

Kesa counters

1. Collar feed to leg wrap to mount.
2. Reverse half guard- same move, but switch to back If they counter

Thursday, June 23, 2011


1. Roll over
2. Roll over. They post leg- x variation
3. From #3- they take knee- waiter sweep
4. From them standing- roll over to back take. Keep arm.

1. Half spider sweep- roll over (second variation)
2. Half spider to ankle drop
3. Half spider to x variation

All half spider sweeps can work the same as roll over combos.

Over/under counter

1. Counter to single leg. Brabo finish.
2. Counter to single. They underhook. Elbow in to anaconda finish.
3. Counter to Rnc. Hip out and then shoulder scoot out.
4. Counter and they post leg to block single. Grab hip, scoot out, entangle arm and take back.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ronaldo single leg

Ronaldo C. Class

1. Z guard to lapel feed. Grab cuff. Tight shoulder. Stand to single leg.
2. They post leg- grab knee and hook shin. Butterfly sweep and duck head out. Come to back or pass if they defend the back.
3. They sprawl on you- grab knee, bury head. Tight shoulder. Stand to deadlift position and take them down.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

leg drag/toreando to the back

1. toreando with knee in the middle - exaggerated step. split legs. crossed leg in hip pocket.

2. leg drag - grip, pop hips, drag, collar/belt grip smash.

3. leg drag to the back - parallel shin to spine/hip ride. tight hands to hands grip with neck pressure (in lap). flip collar. kickstand finish. cross feet and extend legs.

4. nearside underhook to bicep smash to the back.

Monday, June 13, 2011


Ramon Lemos class.

1. they keep tight grip and you can't break them down - far hand grabs belt, close hand grabs leg/knee. scoot hip out as you pull the belt and push the knee. finish.

2. they begin to stand - switch lock to over neck for added weight. two hands push arm up opposite the elbow. finish.

3. switch to armlock grip - knee drops to mat, leg weaves over and inside. arch and finish. can weave foot in between legs to trap leg and block the roll. if they roll, finish from the top. leg triangle pressure prevents them from coming up.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

dlr spider omoplata and triangle

from opponent crouching with one knee up-

double sleeve grip
spider in bicep
dlr hook

1. extend hook slightly (knee still bent) to shift opponent's weight
hip out and insert shin to shin hook (flare knee out)
extend hook and open their base

foot to hip - bite down omoplata position
stuff hand to hip
sit up to belt grab
*outside knee below elbow for increased pressure

2. you can't stuff hand to hip-

extend hook, pull sleeve and put foot on hip for the triangle.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

half guard pass to the back

collar and pants cuff grip from crouched half guard pass. (terere pass position)

extend arm and plant foot on mat. knee cross below their knee line and start to walk around. they react- jump to other side, lift leg into lap and smash down with elbow. prepare to take back.


double collar attack- both grips over the shoulder for ambi-choking.

elbow post and skip to finish.


? - if they lock triangle- switch to smash pass?