Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goals 2010

Purple belt
get up to a solid 154
compete in major tournaments
fine tune guard and passing

Monday, December 28, 2009


marcelo pass-
101 with deep underhook/head control. push off like runner's stance. shamu sprawl. watch trap and roll. lunge into it.

omoplata/tomo nage/collar drag/hip pocket omoplata/single leg/ankle pick/etc etc

2 on 1-
hip pocket omoplata/sit up 2 on 1 drag

general-sweep/attack rather than just sweep. cautious guard passing. awareness up. boxer mindstate- jab and feel out rather than ko punch all the time.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

open guard passing

more insights-

clear free DLR or spider leg- stuff between legs and look to switch angles.

duck under/leg on shoulder option

vieira option

nivaldo option

etc etc

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Rev dlr

Trouble shooting-

lift with hook and make them base out and then reset.

Dlr if they try to clear leg- foot in bicep. Don't let them control ankle

Monday, December 21, 2009

Closed guard

Drilled closed guard. Have to eventually reintegrate.

Spider- use in transition, but not as default.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Frazatto passing

Look into frazatto passing.
Leg trapping pressure toriani

Monday, December 14, 2009

Cobrinha spider armlock

Look into setups and combos

More tinkering

Dlr fundamentals
back take
spin move

omoplata stuff
upside down brabo?

Langhi x pull from spider
romulo spider x
langhi one leg steering wheel

Sunday, December 13, 2009

butterfly distancing

My gi habits are starting to influence my no gi game. Gotta work on-

-sitting up
-hand fighting
-shooting to x
Dlr to shin guard to footlock x.

Same setup to x slide.

Remember hand and foot positioning.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Going to step up with conditioning. Work has left me with reduced endurance.

Monday, December 7, 2009


The seminar was phenomenal. Notes possibly coming soon.

New stuff to tweak immediately-
sit up
knee slide
tomo nage

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

saulo dlr counter

about 3:15 in

-elbow in, step in with knee, base low, point knee of trapped leg outside, spill over and pass

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


1. tomo nage
2. omoplata
3. go to back
4. spin underneath to frazatto sweep
5. they defend hook --> switch to reverse dlr to frazatto sweep

Monday, November 23, 2009

spider options

-they stand over you- elevate or attack legs
-they stand and drive one knee forward- spider/dlr
-they try to plant your feet on floor- readjust hips, arm drag series?
-they try to throw legs above head- readjust hips, shimmy shoulders back

big question mark-
-they base back and try to pass on knees while keeping arms tight?
switch to butterfly guard?


reverse DLR-
-they keep weight on top of you- frazatto sweep
-they stand straight up or try to knee slide- spin underneath
-they base backwards- x-guard entry


reverse DLR/spider-
-look into langhi sweep

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


practicing omoplatas from everywhere. gonna continue to develop.

other stuff-

-DLR transitions
-sit-up guard transitions
-spider transitions
-reverse DLR transitions

Sunday, November 8, 2009

stabbing knees

look to stab with knees to "pour into them" while passing guard. combine with current move set.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Jeff Baldwin Seminar

lots of info.

OODA loop


-forward pressure
-use knees/hips/elbows, etc.
-weight on hands
-"pour into them"

look @ notebook for specifics

Sunday, November 1, 2009

no gi focus

-mendes passing series
-also vieira passes- hip clamp, other one



50/50 stuff
-heelhook defense- RNC grip
-bait darce

-break defense with elbow
-swim under leg triangle

-50/50 reset

Saturday, October 31, 2009

more things

reverse dlr options
-frazatto sweep
-spin underneath
-spin underneath to rev DLR spider sweep
-frazatto shoulder roll sweep


cobrinha spider guard

from opponent kneeling-
-attack omoplatas, lassos

from opponent standing-
-attack elevators to make them step and then attack legs


over/under detail
-shuffle to the side and then backstep

passing butterfly
-shuffle to side and hip switch

Monday, October 26, 2009

to develop....

-knot pass series (and everything leading up to it)
-nivaldo pass

-taking the back off the pass

-reverse DLR- frazatto sweep
-DLR series- taking the back off the belt grab (remember leg push)
-mendes double guard pull back take
-frazzato reverse DLR/spider
-cobrinha spider series- especially tomo nage
-sit-up guard

Saturday, October 24, 2009

the real return

was sick for the past 10 days.

felt good rolling today.

things to work on-

-mendes passing series
-deep half passing
-2 on 1 passing
-leo vieira passing

-reverse DLR
-helicopter series

Sunday, October 11, 2009

no gi comeback

felt good with no gi today.

things to look for-

-guillotine openings
-leglock flow
-x-guard entries and finishes

Saturday, October 10, 2009


rolled twice. won one, lost the other (which was easily winnable).

i was in kill situations multiple times, but my cardio was shot. oh well. just wanted to get back in the mix and re-motivate myself.

things to work on-

-dlr game
-reverse dlr game
-cobrinha moves
-mendes moves
-frazzato moves

-nivaldo pass
-vieira pass
-deep half

Monday, October 5, 2009


feeling very frustrated with my training lately. i feel like i'm regressing.

things to work on-

-mendes double guard pull spin underneath
-frazzato rev. dlr sweep
-cobrinha overhead spider sweep
-sit up guard

no gi-
-heelhooks, leglocks
-not getting guillotined.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

no gi return

rolled no gi for the first time in months.

gotta get back in the flow. i'm not as fluid with transitions due to time off.

gotta remember-

-butterfly guard/arm drag/x-guard/footlock x/marcelo game
-deep half

-leo passing series


Monday, September 28, 2009

training changing

been changing my schedule because of work, and i feel like i hit a plateau. got a bit sick last week and am not at my physical best right now.

things to work on-

-getting strength back
-getting assertiveness back

-plan b once they sit back from dlr- probably should just single leg them
-passing series again
-reverse dlr!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

reverse x-guard from turtle

way too complicated to type out-

-from turtle and them behind you with one leg stuffed- weave foot over, control both knees, roll underneath to reverse x

-use homer simpson sweep to set up deep half if their knee is on the mat.

Monday, September 7, 2009

2 on 1 back taking

-break grip, arm drag, take back
-they posture out of the back take; knee sweep
-they sprawl on knee; kick other leg out, take back

-americana option
-collar choke option
-also armlock option

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ramon Lemos Seminar

great seminar today.

-passing 50/50-
nearside sleeve grip, trapped foot in armpit. sit on instep, control other sleeve, kick foot to other side. hips forward pinch knees, double unders, sprawl/pass.
*lean getting up, straight spider in bicep, double sleeve control (possible spider/50 counter)

-#2 pass
from footlock control- double sleeve grip- stand up, pop hips, open lock, angle out, push leg open (2 hands), control pants sleeve, backstep, pass leg low and pass.

choke defense- block choke with 2 hands, trap arm, pendulum sweep and throw leg over. armlock with opponents arm resting on their own leg. (seems low %, use to sweep and regroup)

sub 2-
from opponent grabbing collar- telephone armlock. foot over face for more leverage.

hand on hip pass-
flat=dead. sit up immediately. track with upper body.
1. arm drag (arm gets stuck often. could use to create chaos and recenter).
2. crossface arm spin under/chinstrap/arm drag/kimura-ish move. control wrist and tricep like arm drag, use their momentum to spin underneath and come out on top. if they base, use to recenter. also similar sweep from half guard.

over/under pass counter.
push shoulder, pull tricep, kick leg through--> drive opponent sideways with shoulder/tricep and hip out. take back. should be one fluid move.

if they base or put weight down on you, counter by rolling them the other way. use momentum against them.

half guard-
never let them hug your head

block shoulder, heels to butt, bridge (pendulum hip bump)

if they base, back door (leite series)

must scoot up to put in hook- you will end up too low.

50/50 sweep if they are using saulo pass- exaggerated lean.
with free leg- push on own ankle through to their hip. topple base and re-sweep.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

passing series continued


1. toreando--> kos--> spinning armlock
2. legs over head--> take back--> collar choke
3. 2 on 1 pants cuff --> take back
4. hip/pants cuff pass--> take back
a)over/under or leg on shoulder --> kimura
b)dope mount option
5. knee slide --> nearside armbar


-spider sprawl counter- switch to DLR on one side

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

more vieira series

1. drive feet to mat, toreando
2. opponent engages spider guard- throw legs above head and smash to side, pass
3. you can only grab one leg- 2 on 1 pants cuff, smash to side, pass
4. opponent sits up- hand to hip pocket, toreando variation (tackle head to shoulder)
5. back take off of #4


frazatto reverse DLR-

two grips- nearside, farside arm

off nearside arm- spin underneath; control far wrist, shoulder roll
off farside arm- rock them and sweep

think about spider guard in bicep. also leg lasso. gotta keep messing around with it.

Monday, August 17, 2009

side mount finishes

having success with the passing.

gotta think about these-

-jacare lapel choke

lately i've been obsessed with these submissions. however, the brabo and ezekiel have had the rare instances of leaving me open for flash submissions from a quick guard recovery since my arms are fully extended. gotta think about finishing these more efficiently or transitioning to mount. i don't think of moving to mount enough, mostly because i have a predilection for submissions from side control and knee on stomach. gotta advance the position more often.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

vieira passing series

1. pant cuff grip toriani
2. they sit up- switch to hip grip, head in shoulder
3. they shrimp out- hop to other side
4. they track you with top leg- dope mount

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

single leg guard passes

1. backstep, weave foot and land reverse kesa. grip knee and top collar.
2. they have ankle trapped- drive diagonal, wedge elbow, knee slide (angle change)
3. can't get foot out- switch to top leg knee grip, hop over to reverse half guard
4. collar choke option from #2


to work on-

-off-balancing from spider guard (and sweeps)
-sweeping off of submissions from closed guard, especially from the brabo grip
-loop choke
-vieira passing series
-getting underneath them if they try and play outside

Sunday, August 2, 2009

spider passes

collar grip breaks- rotate hand to palm to floor

1. same side sleeve/pants grip toriani variation
2. sprawl forward,throw legs above head and stack. grab back of pants
3. click heels together and drive to floor
4. vs. leg lasso- break straight spider grip, weave hand out and pass

Saturday, August 1, 2009


gi pants grip break- 3 on 1

upside down guard- when passing, keep knees together

vieira pass- works well. start to develop underpass off of the initial pass

brabo choke from side control- possibly vulnerable to armbar. step over nearside arm to stifle.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

drill day

been feeling good lately due to strength and conditioning.

rolled no gi tonight.

gotta drill more half guard stuff. especially deep half.

Friday, July 24, 2009

dojo quest- drysdale and cobra kai

made it out to vegas, finally.

from drysdale's-

leo vieira pass-

pants pocket grip
pressure down
block out leg with arm, head, etc

cuff grip, turn thumb down

legs out, walk around, shuck leg

either secure head or go nearside underhook to anticipate the back

step 2-
from back, foot drag back take


foot kicks out knee for guillotine. use for loop choke.

z-guard pass-sprawl, hip to butt, walk around. look to circle around opposite to back or dope mount.

deep half detail-
hand in collar or hand dives deep underhook.
elevate with butterfly hook and get arm underneath

-more commitment to sweeps
-faster pace
-remember one hand brabo finish
-more butterfly collar game

Thursday, July 16, 2009

spider connector

went to robert lovi's school in north park.

picked up some spider guard connectors.

-if they throw your leg and are about to pass, spin upside down and plant foot on hip or in bicep and spin back. gotta practice.
-push/pull motion
-if they run/back out of open guard stuff, gotta stand up and take them down or re-jump guard

lots of the stuff i've been working on lately worked pretty well over there.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

half guard stuff

starting to incorporate the stuff from last week. instead of solely trying to come underneath them, i also try to come to my knees/take the back off the underhook. oftentimes they'll overcompensate to block and i'll be able to get underneath easier. the back/forth motion seems to disrupt the base a lot better.

-from smashed deep half (they have underhook)- clasp hands, get nearside butterfly hook, slightly lift, recover butterfly guard (glover vs. wilson reis match)

-drop armlock from initial tie-up grips
-spider to x-guard (romulo)

Monday, July 13, 2009


i realized something lately that has been causing me to plateau. i need an "A-Game" gameplan, especially when rolling against better people. usually when i roll against the lower belts, i can go in there and randomly flow into different moves. i am always a few steps ahead of them based on transitions, movement, etc.

however, when rolling with higher belts, i have been stifled lately. i realized that i haven't been developing and implementing a gameplan against them. the result is that when i try and flow between moves, they shut it down and then i don't have a second option. thus, my game ends up getting predictable or i start telegraphing my moves.

i gotta start developing a starting move and a series that comes from it.

Friday, July 10, 2009


-deep half to old school option if they back out too much
-deep half (they step over) to rock up recovery/sweep
-50/50 hip bump
-vieira passing
-knee slide/collar choke counter
-langhi spider guard spin underneath sweep

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

half guard underhook series

half guard underhook to the back --> (they overhook) go to knees and take them down --> (they base) roll them --> (they take overhook out and base) shrug them up and take back again

Monday, July 6, 2009

coming back

i finally am starting to feel like myself again.

things to work on-

-incorporating closed guard combos into the whole game
-spider with leg lasso- switching back and forth
-diving into deep half instead of lazily pulling
-back attacks
-stack passes

Saturday, July 4, 2009

additions to the game

-bailing spider guard when they stand- immediately attacking legs

-gramby roll

knee slide counters-
-tomahawk knee bump
-knee lift spin under
-knee lift x-entry

deep half additions-
-if wrapped tight- hip skip/scoot walk away to homer simpson
-free arm helps to set up opponent's ankle

Friday, July 3, 2009

dojo quest continued

rolled at chris hauter's school in los angeles.

things i picked up from rolling-

-pants grip from standing
-switching from spider to legs immediately when they stand if they're good
-not having feet dangling randomly
-must work on escapes
-hitting moves immediately from entries
-more off-balancing

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

key move

from opponent kneeling-

-footlock/x setup
collar/pants grip, wheel motion, bridge and kick up with inside foot

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

group evaluation

group evaluation-

things to work on-

-creating momentum from the bottom
-leverage from the bottom
-rocking opponent back and forth- disrupting balance
-dominating positions
-overall strength

Sunday, June 28, 2009

dojo quest 2

rolled at Fit in downtown sd.

worked on some half guard stuff.

practiced open guard. gotta work on passing once i'm back from injury.

Friday, June 26, 2009

dojo quest beginnings

been frustrated lately due to injuries to the neck and ankle. it's causing me to slow down, and definitely humbling me.

visited team magnitude in the first of the summer dojo quest series.

techniques reviewed-
-baseball bat choke

-brabo grip step over choke


game seemed to work out pretty well. lately practicing transitions. gotta get the strength up, though. once i heal completely, i feel like i'll be able to ramp up to the next level.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

half guard

1. underhook to back
2. they overhook, you roll them

vs. reverse kesa
1. butterfly hook to back
2. they trap arm- grab collar/pants- butterfly hook to back
3. shoulder roll
4. lockdown hip bump

Monday, June 22, 2009

more links

from DLR spin under-
-collect leg and reverse shoulder roll to top
-they base- spin back around to the back

from deep half, they jump head-
-reverse homer simpson
-rock up to force them to base, scramble to back


super DLR to lapeloplata

Sunday, June 14, 2009

some epiphanies

some things-

-super de la riva is awesome
-connectors from super de la riva are the missing links!
-sit up guard is critical
-loop chokes are also critical
-spider guard is ridiculously good

-upside down guard recovery is critical

-need to work other side DLR and the rest of the open guard series
-need to work weak side passing

Sunday, June 7, 2009

worlds black belts

watched the black belts today. picked up some nice connectors-

-DLR grip- feed nearside collar
-DLR underhook to reverse DLR sweep
-DLR/spider to triangle
-reverse DLR rollover sweep

-upside down guard

-one side spider in bicep

-deep half stuff with head/shoulder/scoot back

-back taking off of double under pass/stack

lots of stuff to work on!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

post-worlds rolling

the game is changing.

new moves-

50/50 entry- as they pass, roll to turtle, and roll back into 50/50.

50/50 tripod

50/50 x hybrid to the back


cleaning up-

-cobrinha entries
-de la riva game
-sit up single leg guard
-reverse DLR


-brabo game

-return of armlocks?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Worlds 2008

men's pluma blue belt

first match- bye

second match- don't recall his name.

i pull guard and almost take his back off something, and he gets out. i get the sweep points. i almost pass, and then get the brabo choke going. he gets out, i get an advantage. somehow he scrambles and attacks a single leg, and winds up taking me down. i recover full guard and am attacking stuff and get another advantage somewhere and win. i paced myself this match and didn't try anything too crazy.

third match- guy from paragon

i pull, and start working de la riva. i think i take his back off the de la riva mendes move. i get 4 points for the hooks, but then he gets out. i contemplated taking the bow and arrow, but opted for the safe points. the rest of the match he tries to pass my open guard but doesn't. i attack a few sweeps but don't commit since i'm pacing myself and already feel the victory. sometime during the match the guy manages to poke me really hard in the eye, disrupting my vision. he also steps on my face and then goes aggro on my ankle. he ends up losing with 30 seconds to go with a desperation illegal twisting footlock. he would have lost anyway.

fourth match- john from renzo gracie

he ended up finishing his previous match in under 20 seconds, and i hobble onto the mat. nice. i plan to pull, but then he pulls. first mistake is engaging his guard. he is on strong side half guard and attacks a kimura, i defend, and he uses the positioning to do a rollover type sweep. from the top he starts trying to wheel pass me, and i let him get the grips (mistake 2). i recover a few times, and then on a passing attempt i belly down and he spins around for the armlock. i try to get out, but he extends and i tap.

if i would have won, i would have at least gotten a bronze! oh well, next time. i feel the way to beat the guy would have been my speed, but that was sort of taken away from me from the previous match's battle scars. i guess the cards didn't fall in my favor this time.


things to work on (serious list to develop before purple belt)

-tightness- top and bottom
-timing and commitment
-physical conditioning
-mental game

i did a few things well this tournament, but i did make some errors this time around.

i'm on the verge of the next level. gotta focus and fine tune my skills.

Sunday, May 31, 2009


over/under counters-
1. arm drag variation
2. knee lock position (roleta)- pendulum
3. palm down position- choke, triangle

deep half-
*stay on side- back hook, 4 on 1
1. opponent hops over--> early sweep
2. opponent settles--> frazzatto sweep with under leg and back lapel grip

reverse dlr-
1. ankle/knee positioning
2. sweep-kick/lift far leg, pull down collar
3. footlock control- back
4. upa sweep
also, from knee slide counter/stalemate position- paraestra back take move
also remember sim x-guard entry

spider- leg opponent pass and get into 50/50

-stand up, foot in armpit pass
-shoryuken armbar

butterfly standup-
cross collar push/pull

guard openers

1. basic knee in middle posted leg
2. 2 on 1 stand up
3. pin arm and trap (shuffle over)
4. log splitter- stack if they are tight and then insert knee. point toes out to counter roger sweep.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


michael langhi series from DLR with both sleeve grips and DLR hook-
1. elevator
2. opponent clears hook--> leg lasso
3. draw in to reverse DLR

dope pass variation-
-flip knees, drive knee through (vieira)

weave through- they follow with top hook- step over and trap leg
dope pass

Sunday, May 24, 2009



-strategy from the feet
-open guard for the most part- recovery, control, sweeps
-passing sequence generally works
-half guard top

to work on-

-z-guard- when opponent laces legs- switch to 93 guard?
-reverse de la riva or deep half- keep arm tight- avoid underhook
-de la riva guard- where to put free leg when they keep stuffing it

Sunday, May 17, 2009

back taking/more frazatto

-arm drag from butterfly guard to back (marcelo series)
-they escape, sit them up, roll hook back in and take back
-arm drag from standing toriani to back series


-tight x-pass
-backstep reverse half guard

-x-guard lift to setup
-93 guard arm trap sweep

Saturday, May 16, 2009

sim passing series

-nearside underhook pass-obtain nearside underhook, post head, block knee, come to mount
-they cross legs and block first pass- drive knee through middle, get nearside underhook again on other side, switch hips and pinch thigh, come to mount

-nearside underhook to posted foot- they clamp down on knee- push down lock, drive knee to floor, pry open with free leg.
-they block above pass- get nearside underhook and slide shin across belly to other side

-they block pass with arm- cobra to take back
-from taken back w/ wrong side arm on ground- switch to arm lock
-arm lock break with free leg

-brabo counter to arm drag- as they reach, switch to arm drag
-x-guard setup- ask mike for details

-x-guard variation- instead of standing- bring leg to other side of head- dump backwards

50/50 pass- trap arm, switch hips to reverse half guard


Sunday, May 10, 2009

side control chokes

1. leg over face
2. bread cutter
3. leg over face with tail
4. brabo with tail
5. brabo variation with tail
6. baseball choke
7. baseball choke with tail



bread cutter to brabo
leg move side control to brabo
brabo tail to peruvian (they turtle)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

x-pass series

-opponent counters by throwing leg in front of face- sprawl and smash down leg, switch collar grip to underhook/collar on opposite side, sprawl and walk around
-opponent tries to throw leg in front- duck head and block, switch hand positions, pressure down and pass


mendes variations-

-de la riva to spin underneath- gotta figure out variation
-sit up guard to spin underneath

-lots more

Thursday, April 30, 2009

passing series coming together

-toriani setup from opponent in butterfly- grab collar/knee- drive diagonally
-toriani pass
-flip knees to forced reverse dlh pass

the galvao/vieira toriani variations work perfectly in here.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

best of the west 2009 (advanced division)

I made the jump to advanced division today. I was in the same division as Mike.

I fought Luis from 10th planet, and it was a good match. We begun by me pulling butterfly guard and then immediately attacking the legs and sweeps. After a bit, he jumped out of it and sat down to butterfly guard, so I stood up and started passing. I almost passed a few times and avoided his sweeps, and at one point knee slid for the pass, but he accidentally took my knee to the chin and we stopped. We restarted in side control, and he escaped before I got the points. Eventually after some defended hip bumps, I was in rubber guard, which I tried to stand up shake off. He transitioned to a guillotine and I stuck out my neck a bit too much and had my jaw getting grinded. Very painful, and I tapped.

Overall I felt like I could have possibly won, but it was a good experience nonetheless. The intermediate division wasn't challenging me anymore, so it was time to graduate. I feel that now I have to raise my game up to the level of advanced, so I should improve dramatically over the next few months.

I felt much more accomplished just DOING the advanced division rather than running through intermediate with no challenge.

Time to step up the game. Time to learn some leglocks!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

50/50 pass

from frazzatto standing 50/50- open lock up like leg on shoulder pass. load leg. switch hips and sprawl out. smash legs together and pass.


vs. leg on shoulder- bridge off them and weave leg back in.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Options from knee slide/x-pass grip

hand grips pants below knee, forcing posted foot. other hand grips low lapel.

-half guard open- x-pass
-half guard closed- back up, stand up, knee slide
-reverse de la riva- use elbow to box out knee and drive to other knee
-z-guard- grab bottom of knee, launch off posted foot and switch legs to other side and pass


also switch to knee grip. not sure where. probably with knee slide.

Friday, April 10, 2009

new passing series

several moves coming together-

combination of saulo/jacare/terere/leo vieira/rani yahya

all begin with passing posture- low lapel grip on same side as forward foot, pants grip at knee

1. x-pass- walk out to opposite side, they react, x-pass
2. during walk out, force reverse de la riva and smash knees together
3. jacare x-pass variation- stuff knee and dive in to hip, kick back and switch hips

4. they block x-pass (w/de la riva hook)- negative x-pass
5. they block x-pass without de la riva hook- switch hand from low collar to neck of lapel- terere falling pass

6. galvao/leo vieira toriani variation- hand on hip instead of lapel, change levels and walk around, pick up leg, drive with head
7. they throw leg up from #6- switch to leg on shoulder/knee slide/over-under rani yahya series

Thursday, April 9, 2009

gi brabo/sit up guard with lapel control

gi brabo-

from arm trap/take the back option- hand off lapel to other hand and choke

if tail is too short- grab on other side of head, weave wrist/elbow and choke with forearm


sit up lapel

you can't get arm control- go to lapel

hand off under knee

hand off again to other hand

-torque knee, sit out and take back
-butterfly shin sweep
-shin choke!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

more de la riva

additions to yesterday-

-changing grips
-de la riva far arm sweep
-de la riva near arm spin underneath


-terere overhook butterfly sweep to kneebar sweep
-countering leg lasso- walk out and arm weave

Monday, April 6, 2009

de la riva basics

1. take the back
2. far arm sweep
3. tomoe nage

change the game

reverse de la riva transitions-

-they stand- x-guard
-they smash low- deep half (or go to back)


spider x-guard entry- from romulo- stiffen leg and make them step, take out other hook and enter x-guard


robson leg lasso cobrinha sweep- leg lasso on knee up side. cup ankle and spin underneath for the sweep


reverse half guard passes (enter from de la riva counter)-

-mendes take the back- cup ankle, switch hook, roll over towards legs, transition to back
-leo vieira transition to back- elbow across body, wipe their elbow across, switch hips and take back

leo vieira passes

from seminar dvd-

1. toriani.
2. toriani variation- they sit up, you switch to hand in collar and drive back to mat, pick up leg and pass. very similar to galvao toriani
3. knee slide- hand in collar, drive shoulder to mat, use elbow underhook, pick up sleeve. pass slow, grind them down. window to escape if you rush this pass.
4. double unders- tight elbows, grab lapel low near waist, pick up opponent by back of pants


toriani leg smash- you grab legs and put back on ground, they sit up. as they sit up, redirect legs to side and drive knee through, smashing knees together. also possible to enter from leg on shoulder- redirect leg a la galvao's x-guard pass

cross leg something or other pass- control ankle, swing inside, trap leg across body with gable grip on hip. rotate and pass. combo with first pass.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

De La Riva stuff

-tripod detail- launch them and make them step sideways before tipping them over

-de la riva counter- back step, square up again, point knee out and drive hook down

-reverse de la riva counter- use elbow to wedge, point knee out, drive knee down (legs together) and pass

-de la riva to leg lasso

-de la riva to back counter- shrimp move and land in half guard/side control

Thursday, April 2, 2009

application of sitting guard

most readily useful things-

-sit up to tomahawk sweep
--> they drive into you from tomahawk sweep- spin underneath and insert shin for sweep

-sit up to control and pass off arm, control collar

-cobrinha spider de la sitting guard variation


inverted de la riva details-

-tuck tripod leg inside knee
-launch off shoulder when close to opponent's foot, not squared up


sitting guard glover deep half transition-
hand on floor, come underneath, hips up, land, sweep over w/homer simpson

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Robson Moura sit up guard

continuation of current game-
-mainly to be used from de la riva option


main sticking points-

-entries- from spider guard or de la riva guard

-kick back leg to create space and enter. vs. driving knee- use thigh to counter push and create space

vs. crouching, vs. standing

crouching- pass far arm underneath to near arm
-tomahawk sweep
-insert butterfly hook and come underneath sweep (like deep half)

-other arm grip- cobrinha spider de la riva sweep variation (he grabs far leg as he dives though)

vs. standing
-keep tight
-tangle other leg
-x-looking guard
-tomoe nage possible


if they break grips, go to jacket tail


single leg possible?


check rani yahya's tape for some no gi ideas with sitting guard

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

tripod attacks/de la riva variations

- tripod sweep (lift foot)
- allan goes sweep
- x-guard transition
- marcelo hilarious sweep (take back


de la riva- vs. standing, and vs. crouching opponents: need to differentiate and solidify attack sequence

-spider de la riva
-de la riva to reverse de la riva transition (back door)
-de la riva to x-guard transition (back door)

reverse de la riva details- use thigh to load them, use leg to chop their leg, scoot body to create proper angle

need to work on sitting single leg guard

inverted de la riva= solid sweeping position

Monday, March 30, 2009

New areas of focus

sweep every time. pass immediately.

no gi- deep half, upside down guard
gi- cobrinha, de la riva, reverse de la riva

submissions to work on-

-triangle, darce, RNC. back to basics.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Pan Ams 2009

I did decent in Pan Ams.

I weighed in at 145(!) for the 154 division, which may have made a difference in my last match.

First match- Danny Hayes- Gracie Humaita (Megaton Oregon)

I pull guard right away and start working the tail game. I eventually get a triangle on him, and he tries to posture up, but I come up with him. I end up in flying triangle position for a minute or so, just hanging out up there. I look to the sidelines, and they keep telling me to pull the head, and I do and he comes down to the mat. He doesn't want to tap at all, and he eventually gets out. I think I swept him? I get on top and pass his half guard and end up in side control. I then put the knee on stomach, and he turns to expose his collar. I finish with the bow and arrow.

Second match- bye? Keith Fukumae from Guerilla Jiu Jitsu didn't show up.

Third match- Takatoshi Matsumo- Parestra (Tokyo).

Crazy match. Maybe one of the best guys in the division. We both try to pull guard, but I get up first for the sweep. I work to pass with knee slide, and he does some de la riva back door trickery and nearly takes my back. He starts choking the collar and I escape, and he shoots a triangle and I escape. He goes to upside down guard, so I go knee on face. He eventually gets out I think and goes back door trickery again, this time sweeping me. Score is tied. I get to my guard and get him in a triangle and sweep to mount. Should be 6 points (2 for sweep and 4 for mount), but I get robbed and get two advantages. We end somehow with him trying to pass my guard, which he does not do. I win the match. A hard, hard match. The first match I was losing momentum and about to get finished before coming back and winning.

Fourth match (to win the page 1 of the 8 page bracket)- Mark Diffley from Alliance Atlanta

He must have seen my matches and knows I'm going to jump guard. He jumps over my guard and lands in mount. 10 seconds in I'm down 7-0. Crap. I get back to half guard and then guard, and work to sweep with Cobrinha stuff, x-guard, lots of other stuff. Only thing is, this guy TRAINS with the guy, and I have only seen the dvds. Needless to say, it didn't work. He had excellent base, almost as if he had wrestled before. He ends up jumping guard and sweeping me with some Cobrinha thing. I work from reverse de la riva, try to come back door, but he faces me up. He eventually collar chokes me from half guard.


I felt I did well considering that I was way undersized for the division. I felt I got the two toughest guys in the whole 78 man bracket, but I'm proud of myself for what I accomplished.

A great experience. My gameplan is coming together and I'm focused on what I need to look into.

Pre-Pan Ams

I'm competing in the featherweight blue belt division (154 w/gi) this afternoon.

The division is very big (78 people), and I have 6 fights to gold.

I feel good. Depending on the draw, I think i can do very well. I feel like I will be one of the best in the entire bracket. Definitely a threat to win it.

There are no guarantees, however. I'm going to go out and execute my gameplan and hopefully do well. I found that if I focus more on being relaxed and performing well, I do much better.

One match at a time. I've prepared well. This will be a challenge, but I will enjoy it.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Grappler's Quest Del Mar

competed at 139 in men's intermediate and men's blue belt. won both divisions for two gold medals!

first match- clint from a gracie academy up north. i pull guard and try to sweep, eventually sweeping after some positioning. i work to pass with the knee slide and get to side control. he recovers, i pass again on the other side and lock a darce. i move to mounted darce, but my grip is slipping and i see i'm up a bunch of points. i am content to mount and ride it out, as the time is expiring soon. i think i score again.

second match- forgot his name from some place in the inland empire. i jump guard, he tried to double under pass me and i rip his arm out directly into triangle. i sit up and lock it up and cinch it for the finish.

one thing is key- the gameplan and mentality going into today was top notch. i felt relaxed, at ease, and confident in my abilities. i knew there was a good chance of winning, but i didn't put the pressure on myself to win it all from the start.



forgot his name from pinnacle- i jump guard after some grip fighting, and he works to pass. i catch him in a few triangles that he gets out of, and i replace guard nicely. i eventually sweep him from standing guard to double unders leg trip power move, and am up 2-0. i eventually sweep again with a tripod and get on top, working ot pass. i think i may have scored again somehow? anyways, really strong guy and a good match.


sweeps are critical in the game. gotta get completely dominating at sweeps!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

guard passing

1. pressure toriani- seems to work very well. gotta implement this into my game.
2. "paul pass"
3. knee slide
4. double unders


cobrinha stuff is working very well. gotta continue to develop it.

deep half seems stronger. gotta continue to work it. tidbit- trap the arm if possible and use to sweep over. also transition to reverse de la riva.

guard brabo works very well. if they resist the gi choke, look for triangle.

gi brabo from half guard is also coming together better. if they flatten self to escape brabo, mount them and choke from there.

options from saulo passing posture- knee slide, over/under, leg on shoulder, x-pass, pressure toriani, terere falling pass, star pass?

from back- they protect the bow and arrow- spin around underhook choke variation.

Friday, March 13, 2009

leg lasso/helicopter sweep

more details-

-de la riva- leg lasso omoplata sweep- insert leg lasso as deep as possible before sweep?
-leg lasso to omoplata sub- switch grips, open elbow, switch to omoplata
-helicopter sweep- hand goes to same side as bottom leg as you spin underneath
-helicopter sweep off guard pass
-helicopter sweep to knee bar
-spin drill

-deep half- front instep sweep- rock and sweep immediately. no more hanging out

-braulio de la riva sweep; helicopter armbar

-inverted de la riva entry/sweep


Thursday, March 12, 2009

drills/cobrinha tinkering

drill day. good cardio workout, and good opportunity to work on cobrinha stuff.

sticking points-

-de la riva to omoplata sweep
-helicopter sweep from half guard- lapel control, sleeve control
-brabo guard
-leg lasso to omoplata! aka the most common sense yet amazing combo ever.
-tripod to upside down kneebar position/sweep
-de la riva to spin under x-guard
-reverse de la riva
-monoplata from lots of places

the game is getting WIDE open.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

more kimuras

1. tripod to knee slide to kimura
2. goes sweep to knee slide to kimura
3. kimura vs. forearm in throat- rotate underneath, spin n/s, take the arm
4. leg scissor option from kimura

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

rough cobrinha notes

the new tape is amazing. i'll go in greater detail later.

-jumping guard
-overhook guard
-inside overhook guard
-brabo guard
-butterfly guard

something interesting- "helicopter" sweep. i saw this also later in the 2008 pan ams from half guard: spin underneath and use bottom leg to rock opponent up, controlling pants with hands. gotta work on this!


1. kimura from side control- rip arm straight up and then rotate over
2. if they grab- snatch away from grip and then rip up and rotate over
3. if you can't break grip- "dan henderson" step over and separate shoulder
4. belt/lapel trap- you can't break grip- weave belt or lapel to trap arm, circle around back and collar choke.


tricks and tips-

-starting to integrate a few things learned from the tapes i've been watching. lots of lapel skirt trickery.

from guard- take out lapel, trap over arm for armbar, switch to gi brabo over back if open. also lapel spider guard.

from side/half- gi brabo

from deep half- felipe costa deep half grip variation to cross choke back control

from mount- robson moura lapel ezekiel

Sunday, March 8, 2009

demian maia- half guard attacks

video notes

look for finishes- arm, neck, leg
prevent guard recovery, prevent sweeps


control- flatten opponent- if they can't move hips, they can't escape: drive pressure with shoulder, crossface, walk legs back, connect hips

trap knee outside, pinch to elbow

sideways posture- reverse kesa- keep hips connected- walk opponent to flat back with legs-

stop hip escape- confuse them by switching between postures

gi brabos- (w/ or w/o arm) as they hip escape, open and feed lapel to other hand. use reaction to set up sub. bottom hand choking/cutting, top hand stable


look for kimura from reverse kesa/marcelo control

taking the back- they bridge into you, backstep, control leg, pop over and take back

monoplata- from half- drive knee to floor, step other knee into armpit, post leg, push face, step over, pinch elbow, pull knee to finish

inverted half- put head to floor- backstep. hips high, not connected. transfer weight onto them- chest to chest. toe hold or knee bar. break lock with maia's elbow push on opposite side lock.

taking back from inverted half- from marcelo posture- lazy pressure- they bridge, wedge elbow, grab knee, transition to back

lockdown counters- hug legs, close elbows, sprawl leg back. work incrementally

vs. stiff arm- deflect power- roll over or under

lockdown counter- scorpion death lock- drop back, pull knee up, post foot, stand up, push knees to ground

more tinkering

talked over some deep half stuff with mike.

worked on robson's stuff and connected it to galvao's stuff.

key insights-

-back door- 2 on 1, not hand on hip

-leglocks- inside leg is the real target. other leg is just distraction.

-imanari toehold details

-leglock control- trap knee, pinch tight

-new combo- from de la riva- underhook spin around (similar to cobrinha) directly into robson/galvao deep half ankle position

the game is coming together!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

robson moura half guard bottom

lots of underhook half guard


deep half (he calls it "outside half"

1. trap arm, pass off to underhook arm, pull down collar, sweep over
2. leg scissor- come up like x-guard
3. back door- 2 on 1 on leg, back hook, swivel under and take back
4. galvao sweep variation- grab ankle, rock up, put knee in bend, underhook ankle, pendulum up, stand up and finish like x-guard
5. knee push- they block the sweep above by leaning forward- switch to spider guard in leg, shoulder roll and sweep over

one key concept for setup- swing knees from back- use outside leg to "sweep" their leg forward

robson moura half guard top

lots of fancy gi chokes

main sticking points-

gi brabo/variations

deep half pass- grab outside knee, bring them back on side, underhook, free leg, back to regular half guard

deep half pass 2- grab close knee, jump head, wedge elbow between your body and theirs, use free leg to push and pass.


deep half/half guard passing stuff works well. gotta implement it into my whole game.

footlock note- attack inside leg.

Galvao half guard

video notes

1. transitions into half guard top-

various entries- open guard, spider guard (toriani style), butterfly guard, etc.

most entries like marcelo's "walrus" sprawl

2. concepts

stiff arm
kick stand with toes (more pressure)
arm attacks
head position!
fighting the forearm in throat
strong crossface
collar crossface
head high in armpit to get arm out of posture
don't lock legs!
opposite side underhook to double unders

3. reverse kesa underhook/crossface leg sprawl

similar to marcelo pass, but with crossface. feed lapel to arm underhooking leg (deep). pop lock open by sprawling back trapped leg, walk back and trap like kneebar.

4. deep half- 2 on 1 same side leg

jump head
option 1- block out/wedge elbow for kimura
option 2- they underhook- wrestler's switch to back

5. deep half to leg locks

jump head
attack knee bar
adjust hips, straight ankle lock other leg
attack knee bar again
toe hold or ankle lock other leg

endless gauntlet

6. deep half- switch around pass

turn them to side- jump head
opposite side- push leg down
get hips out
sit out, turn hips down
walk and sprawl- heavy hips, arm switch to top leg
hips wipe/slow walk out
hips into them tight!

7. deep half vs. underhook

they seize underhook

weight back- push on hops w/overhook hand
nearside underhook, flatten tehm
knee to mount (drive to mat), double underhooks
pass to mount or knee slide opposite side

8. bottom concepts

use elbows to block
elbows to knees
block crossface/bicep/neck posture
to dive- bridge, frame, push, dive head
to dive under- left knee inside (shin spider guard?) to elbow, kick through

9. half guard sweep- back door to electric chair

back door to electric chair
elbow/knee kick through
switch to grip posted leg knee, take over, get hips out and roll them

10. knee slide counter- belly down sweep

from #9- they knee slide
switch grip from knee to underneath bend of knee to opposite leg
belly down sweep

11. deep half to back

grab ankle, kick up leg- drive with thigh, insert knee (knee to chest), switch to reverse bf guard, kick out and take back

entry from half or butterfly

Thursday, March 5, 2009


rolled with spencer in carlsbad.

things to look into-

-terere "falling" pass
-x-pass/negative x-pass
-freeing head/lapel control while passing (posture)
-pendulum legs more from deep half/hit hip with shoulder
-felipe costa deep half with coat tails
-sprawling mount
-instant armbar from mount to extended arms
-more effective cross choke from mount

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

loop choke

1. basic loop choke
2. they jump to same side- switch to dj throw- finish by sprawling on top from side control
3. they jump cross side- n/s chin strap roll
4. they don't let you stuff head- opposite side head tuck, grab belt, drive down with lat, finish.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

low single


from clinch- snap down, shoot, head inside, finish with shoulder pressure driving into knee. grab other ankle if necessary

from hand fighting- lead hands up (program) and shoot at opening.

from anticipated low single- re-shoot and go to opposite leg.


change levels, shoot, suck knees back in. stand up and finish from there if necessary.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

2 on 1/pummelling


wrist control- various breaks/controls
bicep pummelling
double underhooks


2 on 1 entries

-opponent grabs same side wrist
-opponent grabs opposite side wrist
-opponent collar ties you
-opponent touches shoulder or does weak collar tie


general stuff for me to practice-

-wrestling stance must be lower
-head positioning
-inside hand fighting- palms up
-2 on 1 to ankle attacks immediately
-2 on 1 to circle around back
-2 on 1- lean weight on them

must practice with Andrew

Saturday, February 21, 2009

grappling x

woke up this morning and got convinced to do a tournament. did two divisions- 145 mens blue belt, and 145 mens intermediate.

blue belt-

first match- otto at undisputed
i probably pulled guard to start off. i eventually swept a few times and passed. i won on points, but i'm not sure by how much. at one point i almost had a clock choke. he was very strong and i got tired out!

second match- renato from city boxing
i pull guard again and get some sort of open guard sweep. i start passing and get pulled into a triangle. i have the knee in initially, but he clears it and eventually sweeps me over to mount. game over.


men's intermediate-

first match- johnny from throwdown

we start out and i try to flying guillotine him. he does some crazy judo throw and i land on my head. i get up and jump guard and throw on the tight armlock immediately. his arm pops and then he taps.

second match- chris from fight lab

he pulls butterfly and i start trying to slide the knee. i nearly pass a few times, and he recovers nicely. i put the pressure from half guard and pass to side control with like a minute left. scramble to feet, i pull guard and just hold for the win.

finals- sergio from undisputed

i try a different strategy this time and try for the flying guillotine. at one point in regulation i nearly take his back but don't have the harness grip and he gets out. no score by regulation, overtime. OT- he tries for a takedown, i counter the single leg. somehow i hit him with the omoplata but he does a weird upside down donkey guard and i am sitting in reverse mount with my torso trapped. i sit there for a bit, but leave an arm behind me and get kimuraed. no good.


two main things went wrong-

1- conditioning! i was quite tired the whole time. if i would have been at full speed, i could have won.
2- gameplan- i need to work from full/half/open guard. i can easily sweep from here. less tiring than passing. or i just need to work on my top game. bottom feels much better in tournaments. less tiring as well.

oh well. putting it behind me.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

creating momentum

from bottom of half guard- pinch knees and swing slightly. use arms to push away/hip out, etc. must keep moving, even if in small increments.

remember- arm control- control sleeve.

this is the missing piece to the puzzle.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

guard pass week

guard passing-

-free head and overhook, hands in hips, hand in bend of knee, switch base, break open guard, switch hand, weave leg with elbow.

1- leg on shoulder pass- cup head, drive forward
2- hip wiggle
3- knee step over, knee step under
4- switch sides to over/under

Saturday, February 14, 2009

leg locks

entry- from half guard bottom- reverse kesa gatame

bridge into opponent, they adjust. push armpit away (like x-guard), go to leglock attacks. transition right away to heelhook, kneebar, etc.

need to figure out sequence of attacks.

never ending gauntlet.


counter from back- opponent baseball bat grips arm and puts on other side of head- fall into arm triangle guillotine. very nice.

Friday, February 13, 2009

half guard


-posture- hand placement
-stay on side

passing variations

side control simliarities

Thursday, February 12, 2009

combo position drills

combinations of

-mount escape, sweep, finish from mount.

seems to be bringing the newbs along nicely.


cross collar choke from mount- thumb in, yank slack out, manhandle/shake them, elbow to mat, opposite elbow over cranking head, cheese grater face, thumb in, finish.

the cross collar choke is coming along nicely. feels great to put on a gi again.

cobrinha guard stuff was working decently, but need to throw in more sweeps/off balancing. mike said sometimes i was just spinning around all randomly and he'd just wait for me to stop. must threaten sweeps more. footlocks, heelhooks, kneebars, toeholds would work into this perfectly.

Monday, February 9, 2009

more mount

-americana to armlock
-arm triangle
-arm triangle to armlock


must practice creating momentum from the bottom.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

mount attacks

-fist in throat
-arm triangle


worked on some takedowns. gotta refresh and get the fitness up.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


a few days back- mount, mount escapes w/ andrew

open mat.

starting to gain a grasp on the balance between being fluid and controlling at the same time.

glad to get some rolling in despite the busy schedule.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

sweep unit

first day back after the flu. not training for 10 days was no fun. glad to be back.

1. scissor sweep
2. scissor sweep option- push knee, pull elbow
3. knee sweep
4. hip bump sweep
5. ankle sweep

Monday, January 19, 2009

one hole

defending turtle from head and arm control.

must work on it.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


grueling training session today.

lots of situational drills.

main points of focus for my personal game-

-attack, attack, attack
-be indiscriminate. attack a black belt with the same intensity you attack a white belt. be fearless.
-create momentum from the bottom. i end up static from half guard sometimes, which leads to a pass if they're good.

deadlift- 205 (or 215? yesterday)
squat- 195 today

Monday, January 12, 2009

Marvel vs. Capcom drill (jiu jitsu gauntlet)


number trainees off #1 to whatever

#1 rolls with everyone for one minute. after a person stops, pause, keep the same position, and continue. for example, if you left off with the person in a triangle, you restart with the new person in that same position.

continue with each person until every person has gone through the gauntlet.

very excellent drill for increasing the pace and getting in an "attack" frame of mind.

i was able to throw up plenty of RNCs, guillotines, darces, triangles, and other attacks tonight.

Friday, January 9, 2009

my biggest hole, and the key to my future success

....creating momentum.

always making my opponent feel off-balance. always threatening sweeps, causing opponent to readjust- never settled and with good base.

gotta figure this one out!

Dojo quest part 3

trained at an mma gym this morning. a pro fighter was teaching class. mainly some mma ground and pound stuff.

overall, probably not the best gym to learn jiu jitsu. not really geared towards that game.

-disconnected moves
-mma moves worked into jiu jitsu
-little attention to detail
-very little (if any) one on one instruction or checking to see if students were practicing the moves correctly

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dojo quest part 2

rolled up north at spencer's gym. got a chance to roll with his instructor, sam.

-harness control to back hooks
-harness control to marcello roll and walk up to hooks (if you miss bottom hook)
-harness control to pivot switch
-back escape- trap arm and roll
-back escape- turn into them

as far as rolling with the instructor, i found out a few areas of detail that need attention with my game-

-arm bar defense! i got armbarred from the top while trying to escape/scramble out several times. gotta work on this for sure!
-for some reason, i froze up for a split second and got toriani passed a few times. gotta react without hesitation.
-must GO with sweeps once they are in my grasp.
-(maybe most key insight)- must drop hips and shut down hip escapes/recovery after the pass. i would almost fully pass, but he would get out at the last second due to shifty hips/an extra step. fast/loose plus tight/controlling. gotta find the key.
-side control defense is decent. escapes could be better, though. much improved from previous times, however.
-fluid when practicing. must work on the transitions in order to get to the next level.

overall a good experience.

escape routes

note to self- escapes are much easier and effective if you anticipate the attack and react in the initial stages

1. preparation
2. execution?
3. finish

by the time the move is already done, the escapes get much more difficult. must create scrambles off of bad situations and be the first to react.

triangle armbar detail

switching from triangle to armbar- cross legs with far leg over near leg, locking the position up. close leg over far leg is easier to escape.

Monday, January 5, 2009

building from the ground up

phase II of andrew's training-

-butterfly guard fundamentals- butterfly hook sweep
-darce choke

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Missing pieces

-deep half from sprawled hip/crossface- swing legs and skip hips to get underneath them

-3 pass series- to get leg on shoulder, shuck up, sink down, or if they are persistent, switch to over/under pass

-z-guard from them knee sliding- directly into deep half

-finishing touch from the back (half back)- hip out to create angle to sink choke?



-spinning armbar
-spinning armbar to triangle
-triangle to armbar

Saturday, January 3, 2009


1. must be more wary of neck attacks
2. must react instantly when in "go" positions- sit out from head and arm (turtle) control, guillotine from half guard
3. must commit to sweeps- need to go for sweeps 100% when i have them


4. must get better at wrestling
5. must get stronger!