Monday, July 9, 2012

Guard recovery

-butterfly guard -half guard -leg lace with collar- break grip, hook at hip, spin under. Closed guard option. -folding pass- collar frame to big hip escape. Enterrada. -combine leg lace and folding pass escapes. -undertook- elbow open, come up on elbow, and big hip escape. -double unders- choose side and force legs to side. Frame elbow and open up with big hip escape.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

omoplata options

a) frazzatto guard option b) lasso kick through c) collar sleeve/kick out option d) collar sleeve/knee collapse option e) double sleeve grip - knee through the triangle to kick through f) rolling lasso to sweep option g) reverse dlr to leg across to opposite side omoplata h) double sleeve/shin hook/spider option i) closed guard to shins inside

mount stuff

overhook/high knee. start with ezekiel grip on overhook side. a) triangle b) step up to monoplata/pull elbow up to opposite side armlock c) rolling omoplata d) monoplata option

dlr drills

1. deep overhook/collar grip to hips on mat. a) berimbolo to leg drag b) berimbolo to back c) deep dlr to kick over/leg drag 2. double collar grip/under leg d) they underhook leg - kick under to sing leg x. kick leg out. they step back. cuff grip. 1. foot lock 2. #1 to sweep *hook/knee pressure ---- option - collar/sleeve - foot plant to kick over.


1. deep overhook/collar or belt grip. also sleeve option. plant foot and circle to back. extend hook. jump hips between legs, suck legs in, and kick hooks out. 2. #1 spin to waiter. a) far sweep b) roll back c) knees in to foot grab sweep d) lift leg to x hook. spin out to back.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

camp stuff

guard stuff-

toreando pass to double shin guard recovery
a) omoplata option

dlr to reverse dlr back to dlr drill

dlr to reverse dlr to opposite side dlr
a) omoplata option during reverse dlr transition
b) scissor variation during reverse dlr transition



double pant cuff grip to punch/shoulder drive toreando
a) leandro lo option?

double unders to leg drag
a) near side collar and arm control/flatten/smash
b) walk around head to opposite side leg drag

new dlr game/ reverse x

foot lock with opposite pants grip sweep series


double guard to leg drag series

Thursday, April 5, 2012

lasso stuff

lasso spider spin under

1. omoplata
2. between legs- pendulum sweep to top
3. between legs- they put hip on mat- leg drag to top
4. between legs- they base- kiss of dragon back take

day 2

1. they stand up- inverted dlr sweep
a) foot lock/knee bar/toe hold/etc
b) come up for the sweep
c) arm lock option
d) 50/50 option
e) back take option

cross grip

1. omoplata
2. inverted dlr sweep
a) leg attacks
b) sweep to leg drag


spin under all the way and switch to reverse x


dlr with tail

near side tail dlr grip (no underhook with arm. collar feed under knee). cross collar grip.

hand off tail to other hand. force hip to mat. switch hook to outside.

many options.

a) back take (they try to get up and flee)
b) kick leg through and go reverse x (they try to leg fight you or keep hip on mat)
c) they come up- suck in knees and break balance with grips. reverse x sweep to leg drag.
d) bruno leg drag stand up if they just lay there.

Friday, March 23, 2012

dlr passes

leg weave with lapel grip.

1. strips-

bottom tail strip

own lapel/wrist strip

2. GM underpass-

lunge out to side, use hand to free hook, dive to double unders on single side. grab arm/lapel. knee to mat. collar/ back of pants grip. forward pressure - throw legs to other side and sprawl for the pass.

3. RM variation-

can't stack

lift shoulder off mat with arm, post hand, hips on mat below arm, come to n/s triangle.

4. AG continuation-

flow to other side for crucifix.

5. CC variation

opposite lapel grip- feed to pistol grip with cross arm. pants grip to super stack. hand on mat, thread leg, pull on top of you, kick hook out and take the back.

can also hit leg drag off of this.


50 passes

they pull- push knee- put hooks and extend to leg drag.

footlock grip
lapel grip


connectors- berimbolo / 50 leg positioning


AG toreando-

walk back into hips and smash knees down if they have the sleeve grip. leg drag position.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


50 pass

stand and swim under leg
pin toes to mat
knee down and forward
shin over leg
slide knee out to leg drag


dlr omoplata

inward knee pressure
knee and shin inside
kick through for omoplata

Monday, March 19, 2012



-double pant grip toreando leg drag
-r. dlr knee slice to leg drag
-r dlr long step
-r dlr long step to back side pass leg drag
-belt leg windshield wipe
-dlr windshield wipe
-dlr windshield wipe to ezekiel finish


-collar break to sprawl reset. double leg control.
-change position and create chaos for them. backside pass or frontside pass.

-put legs in lap vs. sleeve grip pass counter

-leandro lo toreando walk around to opposite side shuck vs. hip escape reaction