Monday, September 28, 2009

training changing

been changing my schedule because of work, and i feel like i hit a plateau. got a bit sick last week and am not at my physical best right now.

things to work on-

-getting strength back
-getting assertiveness back

-plan b once they sit back from dlr- probably should just single leg them
-passing series again
-reverse dlr!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

reverse x-guard from turtle

way too complicated to type out-

-from turtle and them behind you with one leg stuffed- weave foot over, control both knees, roll underneath to reverse x

-use homer simpson sweep to set up deep half if their knee is on the mat.

Monday, September 7, 2009

2 on 1 back taking

-break grip, arm drag, take back
-they posture out of the back take; knee sweep
-they sprawl on knee; kick other leg out, take back

-americana option
-collar choke option
-also armlock option

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ramon Lemos Seminar

great seminar today.

-passing 50/50-
nearside sleeve grip, trapped foot in armpit. sit on instep, control other sleeve, kick foot to other side. hips forward pinch knees, double unders, sprawl/pass.
*lean getting up, straight spider in bicep, double sleeve control (possible spider/50 counter)

-#2 pass
from footlock control- double sleeve grip- stand up, pop hips, open lock, angle out, push leg open (2 hands), control pants sleeve, backstep, pass leg low and pass.

choke defense- block choke with 2 hands, trap arm, pendulum sweep and throw leg over. armlock with opponents arm resting on their own leg. (seems low %, use to sweep and regroup)

sub 2-
from opponent grabbing collar- telephone armlock. foot over face for more leverage.

hand on hip pass-
flat=dead. sit up immediately. track with upper body.
1. arm drag (arm gets stuck often. could use to create chaos and recenter).
2. crossface arm spin under/chinstrap/arm drag/kimura-ish move. control wrist and tricep like arm drag, use their momentum to spin underneath and come out on top. if they base, use to recenter. also similar sweep from half guard.

over/under pass counter.
push shoulder, pull tricep, kick leg through--> drive opponent sideways with shoulder/tricep and hip out. take back. should be one fluid move.

if they base or put weight down on you, counter by rolling them the other way. use momentum against them.

half guard-
never let them hug your head

block shoulder, heels to butt, bridge (pendulum hip bump)

if they base, back door (leite series)

must scoot up to put in hook- you will end up too low.

50/50 sweep if they are using saulo pass- exaggerated lean.
with free leg- push on own ankle through to their hip. topple base and re-sweep.