Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Half Guard and open guard with Andrew

addressing some holes in Andrew's game before the tournament.

half guard-
2 sweeps- head chop bridge towards them, underhook trap arm and roll over shoulder

principle- stay on side, get posture back, use leg as either z-guard or half butterfly

open guard-
tripod sweep details
transition to de la riva
de la riva positions- 1. at knee 2. upper thigh 3. opposite thigh
de la riva sweeps- push off to single leg, stretch leg out to take back


things to work on with Andrew-
arm drags, back control, RNC

defense for major submissions

point awareness

Sunday, September 28, 2008

X-guard review

been out for a week due to a cold!



-x-guard from them standing- pull self in, shooting one leg in, to footlock position. adjust and sweep.
-x-guard from one knee up- shoot in, set it up, sweep
-x-guard from butterfly- rock up, kick leg straight, push armpit, adjust, sweep.

sticking point- knee control. transition from footlock to x-must control knee and keep it tight.


cobrina guard-
from de la riva, spin underneath and attack other leg! the next evolution.
to think about- de la riva with sleeve- spin underneath, stuff their arm between legs?

gotta work on it.

deep half guard- working out a lot better. haven't tried it on high level people, though.

reminder- spider guard stuff- steering wheel, stand up sweep, interlaced arm

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Headlock escapes

headlock escapes-

swing legs and get elbow on ground, get on side

1. hook leg, come to s-mount, break lock
2. you can't hook leg- walk away from legs, pull shoulder down
3. you can't pull shoulder down- walk towards legs, jump over, break lock

finish all with an armlock


deep half guard is starting to work out for me. gotta get it set and go right away with the sweep- no hesitation.

arm-in guillotine is clutch. back attacks and RNC has been good lately.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Deep half guard


1. from knee slide
2. from mount escape- foot drag



they base hands in front-
-back door

they base on top of you-
-butterfly sweep directly to double under pass
-homer simpson sweep- walk away, torque knee and switch over, pass right away

-nearside hand in bend of knee (forearm), far hand on ankle. pop leg up, spin underneath to x-guard


-off-balance them and destroy base
-pinch knees together
-inside or outside hook depending on what they're doing
-arm inside to prevent underhook/kimura
-best escape- jump over their head. if you feel them going for it, pin leg tighter with shoulder/ear.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

return after a week off- collar chokes, takedowns

pm class-

-pu/pd cross choke from guard
-loop choke from butterfly guard
-loop choke follow up if they place head to other side (grab belt, lean weigh on head and rip)
-loop choke follow up if they jump to cross side- dive hand underneath and walk n/s, finish. roll them if necessary.


takedowns with andrew-

fundamentals- stance, circling, duck walk, shot, hand fighting, pummelling, inside control, collar tie.

things to work on-
rnc finish from back, deep half guard!, takedown setups and general movement

Sunday, September 7, 2008

spinning arm lock counters

spinning arm lock counters

-last ditch effort- they throw leg over your face and begin to extend- grab head with both hands, stack up and prop lower back with posted leg. knee comes next to head, sandwiching between knee and hand. pull arm out, sprawl chest. counter- flower sweep; spin underneath

-block the leg- as they try to swing the leg- block with forearm. rnc grip. counter- flower sweep; omoplata

-elbow to floor- drop elbow to floor, pinch elbow to knee. counter- bump hip up, get elbow across


to drill-

stand up pummeling- inside control, double underhooks, thai clinch

Friday, September 5, 2008

concepts with andrew

guard control-
-posture breaking
-staying at an angle, getting hips out
-shawn williams guard

-4 on 2
-shoulders on ground
-infinite hip escaping

-knee slide details

-cross side arm attacks- americana, arm triangle

Thursday, September 4, 2008

de la riva evolutions

some tidbits

de la riva options-

-control arm, sit up, spin underneath and hand off arm to other hand (like deep half guard)
-push away, stand up to single leg
-cobrina outside and under sweep

-sit up, elevator sweep (opponent kneeling)
-switch to reverse butterfly, take back

-transition to tripod
-transition to shin and then x-guard

-switch hands, post off hip with left foot, thread right foot around and underneath to heelhook position/sweep

de la riva is the next evolution to the open guard game