Monday, January 31, 2011

Spider pass

Always stand when they play spider guard

1. Walk back, shrug down and straighten arms, air toreando, split legs in half with knee, bottom collar grip, pass or take the back.
2. Weave arm under and grab shin. Tennis racket swing while popping hips. Smash legs to side and pass like #1.
3. Switch to underneath calves, crowd with hips and knees, slam down and to the side, pass.
4. Leg lasso counter- knee in thigh of bicep control side as you weave wrist under. Push leg to ground and force reverse dlr. Grab head as you simultaneously weave the lasso hand and switch the hips. Like Terere pass. Strip final grip to complete the pass.

Friday, January 28, 2011

7 half spider positions

1. Half spider roll over sweep
2. Half spider to X entry
3. Half spider berimbolo entry- back/ 50/50/ knee bar etc
4. Dlr to the back- bring knees to chest
5. Rafael roll to back
6. Sit up nearside sleeve roll under (knee grip)
7. Sit up far side sleeve to knee butt bump

First option- kick up to heel drop

Back take outside knee hook
Motorcycle kick

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


20 omoplata
20 toreando to KOS to instant armlock
20 spider pass to kimura

10 min rounds

Monday, January 24, 2011

Grip breaks

Collar- push in and tug downwards
Sleeve- rotate around
Knee- peel grip off
Over back- punch in arm pit

20 double legs
20 single legs- high c, sweep single
Grip break drill

Saturday, January 22, 2011

brabo/arm lock from deep half/tail clock/

1. brabo. keep knee parallel to their spine, do not angle out for the slide. if they resist, grab bottom of head, pass, mount, etc. with the choke.
2. arm lock from deep half- underhook arm (grab own lapel), hop over head, grab wrist and adjust so bend of other arm is over the wrist as well, break angled towards head, drop on shoulder and switch orientation towards leg, scoot hip and put both shoulders on the mat. finish.
3. tail clock- hand off tail, block hip with hand, head on opposite side of hip, extend arm and begin walking around. flip options.

rollover sweep-
load them on to your shins and arms. yank and put head on mat if they are larger.

Friday, January 21, 2011

spider half continued

1. basic spider sweep- extend leg and tip diagonal. sweep with bottom leg.

2. spider half to x variation- extend leg hard and force them to step. wrap the leg and sweep all at once. do in fluid motion without pausing.

3. spider half to heel drop sweep- begin #2 and they base out to block- drop heel and come up for the sweep. force 50/50 pass.

4. spider half to berimbolo A- they step leg back- base off of foot in bicep and spin underneath. take the back. choke- trap shoulder on choking arm side. use galvao back control to set up if they fall to either side.

5. spider half to berimbolo B- they don't step leg back (in same position as x-guard entry)- release bicep grip and go inside the knee. keep other sleeve until the completion of the sweep. focus on leading with the knee, not the head (for all berimbolo entries).


always begin with the basic spider half sweep. your follow-up depends how they react.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

more spider half

1. spider half tomo nage fake to x-guard (they step up and post foot to block sweep, you wrap the leg and take the x-guard sweep). point spider arm and knees away from you (like deep half), extend hook, insert foot in bend of knee and take the sweep.

1a. spider half to rollover sweep- didn't go over fully. need to ask andre.

2. spider half to heel drop sweep- make sure to forcefully kick as you insert the foot in bicep. use hook to further off-balance them and then shrug down for the sweep. come up away from them, not towards center of guard.

3. spider half recovery to footlock sweep to 50/50 pass. they release spider half by walking you back. post free foot on mat, scoot hips, forcefully scoot under them and kick them over you. go to foolock guard while retaining sleeve control. pinch down on ankle with arm holding sleeve. grab free leg and kick back. keep leg on 50/50 passing side. cross their leg and come up to 50/50 passing posture.

4. spider half to berimbolo- spin off of foot in bicep.

5. spider half to de la riva to sit up guard sweep. knee in butt defense vs. knee slide. if they don't step free leg back, you can switch to DLR.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

half spider (frazatto open guard)

1. ankle and cross collar (more if they are crouching or on knees)
a) foot on hip- extend, trip free leg
b) if they extend free leg and base out, toes on mat, shift hips,knee pressure inward
c) x-guard variation

2. ankle and spider bicep (or double sleeve with half guard hook)
a) spider tomo nage to downward spider sweep- sweep hard and suddenly switch when they react
b) trip (like 1a)
c) if they base out- inward knee pressure sweep (like 1b)
d) x-guard variation

3. ankle (weaved) and spider bicep
a) berimbolo to 50/50 or the back

4. romulo grip- spider in bicep and same side collar grip

some things-
-always keep the hook recoiled so they can't back out
-toes curled

50/50 stuff
-first option- get same side sleeve and collar grip- kick leg over, bring self up, knee on mat, double underhooks, sprawl, walk back, pass and prepare to take the back
-bottom man game tournament strategy- advantages vs. points


backside pass recovery-
-elbow on mat, come up and hip out to omoplata position
-spin underneath
-head and shoulders away

Monday, January 17, 2011


Butterfly sweep
Pants and belt grip from flat back
Switch sweep
Vs. Post out
Collar drag
Brabo details- stuff elbow in crook of arm and stuff arm and shoulder over

Backside pass recovery

1. Stiffarm and hip out to guard
2. Sit up to turtle sweep
3. Clock defense turtle sweep

-leg across on bottom of turtle
-kick up get up move

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Butterfly sweep and brabo

Top hook sucks in. Belt grip. Bottom hook active on mat. Adjust and hop if they base.

Brabo- follow up- stuff the arm across, shoulder/bicep pressure on their tricep. Head on mat, look between own legs and away from them.

Follow up- cup bottom of head or gi fabric and complete the knee slide. Tap them from side.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Overhook armlock

Extend arm ( key) and use knee pressure on elbow. Use thigh to adjust arm position. Bottom foot on opposite hip

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Andre pass counter- get up on elbow, nearside collar stiffarm, opposite hip escape

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More monoplata

Entry- be forceful with leg step

Inner knee pressure

Jump directly to omoplata entry

Monoplata- from trapped quarter guard from mounted omoplata- throw foot over, grab own knee, scoot hip.

50/50- control sleeve on same side of lock, put leg on opposite side and stand for the sweep. Smash pass.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Butterfly passes

1. Terere pass- head position opposite shoulder or head in chin. tricep grip, peel pants grip. Switch to pants grip, wheel opponent and shift hips slightly. Pressure down on bicep, head to shoulder. Switch to bottom leg grip. Patiently pass.

2. Neck tie. Bait hand post so they open up- jump to mounted omoplata. Heel tight to shoulders. Don't let them put shoulders on mat. Control opposite arm. Many attacks. Can also bounce head off mat to force the move.

3. Mounted omoplata from side control. Bounce hips off mat o bait them to come up with the underhook. Enter the omoplata.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Galvao toreando

Hand on hip and knee
Drive knee to mat
Head stays near hand
Head beneath theirs
Airplane landing

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dlr top

1. Flying toe hold- smash small toe, put heel near tailbone
2. Deep dlr to shogun kneebar
3. Loop flip
4. Rolling kimura to back to mount

-force hook, smash pass- bottom knee pressure forward
- they push away- bottom leg grip, same side cobrinha walk pass

50/50 to berimbolo- swim under both legs, far arm belt grip underneath legs. Roll under half way and then back up for the sweep

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Half guard top

Rnc toehold vs z-guard

Crossface kneeslide pass- chin on shoulder to keep head in place

Monday, January 3, 2011

Dlr passes

-point knee out
-break collar grip- short, quick tugs
-grab their collar back

1. Leg drag, they turtle, take the back
2. Big step, pick their back off mat and bring to you, hand punch mat and knee slide. Break Leite grip by weaving under and grabbing bicep, strip. Hip to mat, Cobrinha walk into hips, complete the pass.
3. Stuff to butterfly hook, smash hook off center with chest, triangle legs and sprawl. Walk into both legs to trap and sprawl hips. Strip knee grip, block shin and step over. Head on shoulder side to prevent turtle.

Also need to figure out leg on shoulder and double under series