Monday, February 28, 2011

Camp day 1

Before training-
1. Roll over sweep
2. Roll over to x guard variation
3. Roll over to waiter sweep


Things I noticed-
Vs dlr-
Leg drag or smash legs to the side

Jump into Terere pass

Collar drag from guard

Roll over sweep position- first move with knee push scissor

Top control- not suffocating pressure, but control

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Monoplata series

Monoplata from half guard- pass knee to try to mount. They hug- step up and put inward knee pressure. Push face and pass foot over. BlOck bicep. Pressure down with ankle and up with knee. Can armlock if they counter

Armlock switch- pull elbow towards you, plant hand, quickly switch

Friday, February 25, 2011


Collar grip from dlr
More attacking from guard
Collar drag

Dlr with collar/sleeve- inward knee pressure, kick other leg out, omoplata

Dlr with belt grip, underhook- back take

Thursday, February 24, 2011

X Guard

Butterfly vs under pass drill

1. Knee push butterfly sweep
2. Posted leg- double hook entry. Block knee on entry. Backwards sweep- lift ankle to sky
3. Vs. Kneel on head side- get ankle, tension in leg, sweep and stand

Kneeling entry
Standing entry

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Countering deep half

First move- don't let them get under you. Knees on mat, block shoulders and keep back flat.

1. Crossface hard, sprawl leg back and down, hook leg, forehead on mat, grab belt, scoot down so you are bicep to bicep, grab cOllar, open elbow, kick leg down and pass.

2. They get under. Step over armlock,

3. They get under and protect arm- hook leg and grab collar. Step over leglock series

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Double unders counters

1. Double lapel fists
2. Inverted vader triangle

Vs. Clasped hands
1. Hips up and then drop to triangle

Vs. Lapel grip
1. Elbow push sit up guard recovery
2. Elbow push turtle base

Vs lapel grip with tight elbow
1. Double thigh in bicep sweep to elbow pug
2. Egg beater gogoplata
3. Egg beater to triangle

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Double under counters

-legs heavy on biceps, hips up, shimmy back

1. Sit up, grab belt, hip out, trap wrist, insert hook, extend hook across.
A. Judo choke option
2. From #1- opponent goes belly down- throw shin over shoulder, grab belt, take back
3. Crucifix sweep- sit up and grab belt, weave opposite leg, pinch knees, stand up and base will bumping them with knee

Monday, February 14, 2011

Wrist pin leg on shoulder counters

Beginner class
1. KoS mount to Ezekiel
2. Bj Penn mount to cross collar choke

1. Wrist pin roll to crucifix/choke from back
2. Crucifix to shoulder roll reverse omoplata
3 wrist pin to back take


-rolling loop choke
-reverse kesa to oziel choke- tricep trap,weave arm, thumb in collar, rotate pinky down, scoot hips back and choke

Friday, February 11, 2011

Sit opponent up to back take

1. Dlr counter to the back
2. Bread cutter to the back
3. Knee on stomach to the back- near sleeve tricep and back of collar grip

Mount cross choke

-straight arms and rock back and forth
-bear grip
-lat choke
-base far with head

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Single and double leg/ closed guard

1. Double leg entry- make them take weight off feet
2. Single leg entry- collar touch and go- staple knees and ankles together
3. Single to crazy judo takedown- single to underhook double leg thing

1. Triangle from closed guard posture- tricep and cross sleeve- hip out and knee over
2. Head and arm posture break to arm lock- as they defend bs telephone arm lock- foot on hip, heel touches head, arm lock

2 mins mechanics drill
2 mins speed drill

Random questions-
1. Vs standing in guard with arm on mat-
A. Knee in front omoplata
B. Tomo nage
C. Tomo fake to triangle

2. Vs. Knee in butt guard opener- you open and hip out to create angle
-sleeve grip- push hand and 2 on 1 to back

3. Vs. Leg in shoulder omoplata roll counter- tight elbow, side cartwheel, etc

4. Vs. Durinho double unders- hands push shins, shimmy back and feet on chest or hips to spider recovery
-slam hips down as they try to enter

5. Vs. Double guard spin counter- back take
-hook in and take the back
-hook in, switch grip to far lapel, extend hook and come up to leg smash pass

6. Collar/sleeve question- tricep- stay tight and strong. Sleeve- more options

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2 passes to the back

1. Galvao toreando vs. Sleeve and collar control. You can not remove the hand in collar- sprawl into AG toreando on correct side. Drive forearm against inner thigh and make them give up the back. Switch to tight bottom collar grip. Knee next to head and other knee rides hip. Take back and roll all the way over to open neck.

2. Atos leg drag- shoulders level with their knees on entry. Grab same side ankle and cross ankle pants grip. Cross leg, get elbow and armpit deep on inside of own thigh. Collar grip. Weight centered on hips. Knee comes up near head. Take back like #1.

Berimbolo clarification- from Monday's moves-
-first move is hooks to the back. If they sit on hip, berimbolo.

Hooks to back detail- dlr sleeve cross and then belt grab. Inward knee pressure to turn knee/push knee with opposite leg/modified x instead of crazy deep dlr bridges?

Side control attacks vs underhook

1. Trap arm and mounted omoplata
2. Trap arm, let them come to knees, rolling loop choke

Monday, February 7, 2011

Rafael dlr

1. Side control armlock (both arm positions)
2. Side control bent armlocks off of #1

1. Rafael dlr- weave deep dlr and grab belt. Make them back step and sit on hip. Opposite leg across their body (becomes hook). Roll half and then switch directions and come on to opposite hip. Kick leg forward and take the back. Insert other hook (butterfly hooks to back) if they don't sit on hip and take back
2. Robson inverted omoplata sweep- go for deep dlr and weave inverted omoplata. Pull arm to you and create elbow pressure to topple. Kick legs like #1 and take back
3. Kneeling inverted omoplata sweep. Same as #2 but they take one knee. Pressure at wrist if they resist and then slice to elbow. Flare pressure out and then sweep or come on top.

Ary 50/50 footlock from top- take knee, give back, wrap ankle, take the toe hold. Kneebar option

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Spider and dlr

Spider with lasso- legs to chest, hips up. Ride on upper back.

1. Lasso unwind triangle
2. Lasso unwind omoplata
3. Lasso x guard variation

1. Dlr to back- keep ankle, grab belt with sleeve hand

Switch between spider and dlr depending on their reaction

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dlr stuff

1. Mount escape to armlock
2. Spider lasso triangle
3. Lasso pass bait to sweep
4. Lasso spin to omoplata

1. Dlr to back- 2 choke sides. Roll up to back take/ moorcycle starter
2. Dlr to reverse omoplata sweep. Armlock finish
3. Dlr to reverse omoplata sweep. Berimbolo to the back

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


1. Omoplatas
2. Tennis swing spider pass to KOS armlock
3. Leg lasso unwind to triangle

1. Tennis swing spider pass to the back
2. Terere lasso pass
3. Leg lasso triangle
4. Half spider roll over