Monday, July 28, 2008


pm class

-seionage to arm bar
-arm bar escape- control own lapel, control opponent's knee, scoot out underneath, get on top, bridge into them and get up, pass
-arm bar escape- post hand on ground, wrap legs around head, do awkward somersalt and land in arm bar?



-flowed fluidly and quickly. sick transitions
-top game solid
-bottom game also solid
-escape worked when i tried it

to work on-
-continue to flow like terere/cobrinha style on some days. open it up and test balance, get creative.
-develop good arm bar defense


been eating extremely clean.

jogged to the gym, did deadlifts, squats, and pullups. swam 10 laps, walked home.

was at weight after the workout. doing good!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

knee on stomach

am class


-kos entry- hip pocket and high collar from side control- hips forward like deadlift for maximum pressure
-kos entry- spider sweep from magid hage
-kimura finish- they push on knee- slam arm to ground and control wedge elbow next to ribs (so they can't grab gi). control should be right at wrist and right under elbow. pull elbow as high as possible and then rotate.



-open guard control until i got caught in a triangle setup
-triangle escape (fully locked almost)
-bow and arrow escape
-back defense until i got collar and arm choked
-side control defense/escapes

to work on-
-leg stamina (weak lately due to excessive workouts)
-back escapes



-good with grip breaks
-active with the collar yanking
-some judo throw attempts initially
-active with foot sweep attempts
-single leg defense

to work on-
-more collar punching


made weight after class according to my scale!

Friday, July 25, 2008

single leg details

pm no gi


-single leg setup- shoot like double, move head to ribs, drive into them, (arms rnc grip), step forward with outside leg, clear heel to outside, raise up heel and sweep other foot (foward). if they bounce around, sweep as they land (timing).

-single leg alternate finish- same as before, but step outside, change heel grip to underneath (like x-guard almost), trip heel, grab shoulder, trip backwards.

-first line of defense- push head away (maybe crossface?), get strong overhook, grab own thigh (or possibly their wrist like kimura grip), heavy on their shoulder, foot outside, step down hard and drive foot to ground while sprawling hip forward and bringing whizzer up.

-alternate defense- you can't get leg out- get parallel to them, use free hand to grab heel. drop to butt. possible kneebar. also possible to end up on bottom. maybe go with uchi mata defense instead?



-strong guard from all angles
-top game coming together very nicely
-arm drag much better, back attacks much better
-rnc hand fighting much better
-guillotine much better

to work on-
-bottom game- give up side control voluntarily and work escapes more often.
-control explosive people better
-timing, sensitivity, precision, details



-inside control
-head control
-setups were attempted at least
-tried ankle pick
-tried single leg
-shot mechanics better- dropping levels before shooting
-attempting snaps now
-attempting to make them step
-duck under guillotine defense?

-defense to double and single leg

to work on-
-finishing takedowns
-continue to work on defense
-more arm drags, more 2 on 1


after class- weighed myself with no clothes- at least in range of 135. about 137 (down from solid 140 this morning) or so, depending on my shoddy scale's accuracy. went jogging after class for good measure.


for the longest time, i was walking around at 135 solid. i recently gained 5 lbs of muscle, so now i'm at 140. i need to make 135 before next week if i want to compete at the tournament, so i decided to use this as a log as well as a training journal for the time being.

i've been eating clean (for the most part) for the past week, and managed to drop about 1 lb of excess. this is addition to doing a cleanse, which likely helped my progress.

if i'm close to 135 by next wednesday, i'll register and compete.

going to work out now.

deadlifts, pullups, swimming.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

steve and paul's blue belt test

went to harris international to help out with steve's blue belt test.

trying to stay as motivated as possible and involve myself in as many bjj related things as possible.

some notes-

1. concept
2. technique
3. details

focus on DETAILS. details are how you will eventually be setting people up. ploy (don't know reaction, trying to feel them out), and bait (you KNOW reaction- setting them up).

focus on precision. then timing, sensitivity, spacing. attributes are the last piece of the puzzle. speed used in short bursts at key moments to be most effective.

escapes- stay on SIDE, never flat. push with elbows, not hands.


gotta ponder these things for a bit.

must continue to develop my attributes, but also build bulletproof FOUNDATION.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gracie Barra tv commercial day- 5 black belts on the mat!

pm class

gracie barra temecula commercial film shoot!

lots of hoopla- full mat- from the window to the wall.

5 black belts- ricardo, nelson montiero, rafael ramos, magid hage, dominic.

-spider guard shin across belly variation- arm heavy on elbow (half loaded leg on shoulder)- swing over head, swing back and hit in neck, dump over. transition to arm bar.
-taking back from guard stack.



rafael ramos-
-guard drill- i fake break with saulo opener, control sleeve as he reaches, open, and go to passing posture. he puts in de la riva hook on right side, i rotate knee out and force it out. i try and pass to the right side, and he hip escapes. he sweep attempts, i base. i try and pass again. eventually he turtles, i try and attack something, and he spins back to guard. i think he de la riva sweeps to single leg, which forces me to bounce around and eventually go to my knees. we stop here. mostly flowing and not trying to go too crazy.
-session #2- i open, he puts in de la riva hook on left side, elevates me and sweeps me. i try and base with my face, which fails. lol.

nelson montiero-
-guard drill- i break with saulo opener and begin passing series on left side with driving knee. i get underhook and nearly pass with knee slide (or perhaps the scissor pass at one point), and he loop chokes me. almost passed, but am losing consciousness to loop choke. i flop over and he gets on top.
-guard drill #2- aware of the loop choke, i try the same thing but keep my head high. i break again with the same opener and try to go marcelo pass to half guard. doesn't pan out as well as i'd like, and we're back to passing posture. he tries to z-guard, and i break the lock and try to scissor pass. i get the underhook and try to knee slide, keeping my head high this time to avoid loop choke. he recovers to butterfly guard, and i try and flatten him, but get elevator swept as he capitalizes on my half second of being off-balance.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

quick training

pm beginner's class


-rapist choke escape
-pull open guard
-tripod sweep



-top base
-direction switching
-guard game
-generally great vs. newbies
-insight affirmed- if you stand up with someone and dominate them with grip fighting, they will eventually just sit down if they don't know what they're doing

to work on-
-defense vs. shutdown passes (ricardo)
-shutdown passes with no space
-clean up arm bar finish.

Monday, July 21, 2008

scissor pass sequence, arm bar detail from side control

pm class


-saulo guard opener (bait) to grab sleeve- stand up, shake, circle step back and open. scissor pass, grab collar, drive with head in chest. alternate- grab sleeve and lift, switch to collar or crossface. also use arm weave in legs to flatten legs (remember sim seminar)

-off of #1- opponent hooks with top leg. sit through, control sleeve, step leg up and place knee next to head. transition to mount.

-from side control- control arm on nearside shoulder (arm triangle setup). get deep for best effect. switch to n/s, rotate underneath and bite into armpit, tripod up and put more pressure. nearside knee comes over opposite arm, other knee comes into armpit. transition to the clean armlock.

-from above- from n/s- insert thumb in collar for possible choke.


guard drill from before-

-clean sweeps and submissions
-control and transitions good
-spider guard w/shins- best to go toriani with planted feet. get inside control asap.

to work on-
-timing, sensitivity
-dexterity on BOTH sides. not just the good side. work bad side vs. lower belts.



-passing posture/patience. opening holes and taking advantage, transitioning to different passes.
-top pressure at times
-top mobility at times (knee on stomach sequence)
-arm-in guillotine getting better
-head placement- driving in chin. can possibly crossface with head if needed.

to work on-
-maintaining side control, finishing the pass. not allowing them to power out.
-attacking and breaking arm posture right away from side control
-remember guillotine option from half guard top. combo with pass series- kimura, etc.

generally felt okay today. eating clean, enthusiasm slowly returning.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

guard openers

sh training-

guard openers-
-standard saulo opener
-donkey kick opener
-standing saulo opener
-log splitter


-top game
-guard control

to work on-
-even better top game
-submission finishes



-comfort level
-pulling setups off of collar tie
-ankle pick
-uchi mata single leg counter

to work on-

Friday, July 18, 2008

butterfly passes, triangle and arm triangle

pm no gi


-arm triangle from side control- knee slide across with far side knee first
-triangle from side control
-bf guard pass #1- sprawl, pin leg, step up and switch hips
-bf guard pass #2- clasp over/under and clamp at ankle- sprawl and pass opposite clamp side



-top base
-general top composure
-sweep defense
-guillotine from top half guard

-sweeps on bottom

to work on-
-finishing submissions aggressively. not being so passive when i have them.
-rolling assertively again. was lazy today, but still did okay.

-overall drive. lately haven't been in the mood to go to class, but gotta get back on track.



-head control
-inside control
-imposing will on opponent to some degree
-aggressive and physical

-sit out vs. head and arm control- no longer getting stuck where i used to

-uchi mata counter- single leg setup?

to work on-
-arm control/elbow control
-arm drag to single leg

worked vs. a 60 lb weight difference and did pretty well. gotta continue to work on it.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

uchi mata

pm class

-cross step, back step (hip to hip)
-elbow down and fist drives up like uppercut, other arm drags elbow across body
-kick up high, head down

alternate finishes-
1. diagonal hop towards posted foot
2. switch from leg reap to block foot for ankle pick

possible combo off of #2-
-jacare's ko uchi gari. they bounce around with ankle pick- run over them with no mercy.


other techniques-
-2 on 1 to take the back from the guard
-sweep to mount from half back turtle (reach to posted arm and hip bump in circle)



-speed and strength are finding good medium
-attacking aggressively still
-sweeps from open guard
-guard recovery/defense

-guard passing pressure
-base on top/sweep defense
-starting to combo guard passes better- setup for leg on shoulder is better.

-to pass stolin's half guard footlock attempts- sprawl and drive knee to ground, crossface.
-other option (great move!)- get underhook on same side and knee slide across

to work on-

-getting stuck at point of side control domination. must begin finishing people every time
-get dominant at attacking turtle
-roll at full capacity (no more easy rolls) to develop maximum stamina

-specific guard passes- the trio- knee slide, leg on shoulder, over/under.

-revelation- x-pass is really an over/under pass mixed with toriani. combo into trio pass series when rest is solid.

-continue to work on marcelo pass to half guard


gotta get back in fighting form.



handstand pushups (against a wall)

timer malfunction!

didn't get accurate time read

Sunday, July 13, 2008


sh training


-brabo from side mount
-brabo from sprawled shot- head and arm control with pinched elbows (keep tight)- snap them down and switch to darce, finish choke on side.
-brabo setup on same side arm- use hip on ground- leg move pin to face to set up.



-passing, half guard top
-defense vs. open guard sweeps

-attack combos

-stand up comfort

-controlling and dominating larger opponent
-sweeps in general

to work on-
-more pressure and control at all times
-finishing off of control positions. more aggressiveness with submissions.
-snap down from front head and arm control. remember to do this- very disorienting

feeling very good lately!

Friday, July 11, 2008

omoplatas, takedowns coming together more

pm no gi


-omoplata setup from guard
-omoplata- perpendicular variation
-omoplata footlock counter
-omoplata footlock counter #2

other entries- rubber guard, shawn williams guard, overhooks



-sweep prevention/base
-getting to back from turtle roll
-open guard recovery

to work on-

-aggressiveness when submission is in grasp
-taking the back from rolling turtle'

-not adapting to my opponent's gameplan. smashing and destroying at all times.
-guillotine escapes from all the way locked in



-getting dominant in clinch. slamming the crap out of opponents and dominating the head
-setups from dominant clinch are starting to reveal themselves
-outside footsweep from underhooked opponent- uchimata?!
-sit out from sprawled shot/body lock or anaconda

-sprawl is better since takedown tips from thursday
-guillotine off of sprawl
-combos off of takedowns- sweeping single, arm drag, single, take the back, etc. lots of stuff to flow with.

to work on-
-sit out finish
-specific throws- judo step in stuff- uchimata, seinoage, o goshi, etc.
-hand fighting domination
-elbow control
-recognizing windows of opportunity and executing on time
-off-balancing opponent more
-making opponent step- push/pull setups
-foot sweeps

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Takedown class- double leg, sprawl, counters, and reversals

Am takedown class


-double leg from wrist control- rotate wrists and open elbows, squat, penetrate, drop knee, head in ribs, chop far leg, drive to side. Other setups- from collar tie/snap, head touch. Shoot with mirror stance.

-sprawl- crossface and grab tricep, circle to back

-3/4 half- from sprawl- plant face into ground with hand on back of neck, thread arm under tricep and over neck (like kimura on head). Circle them and take them over.

-from referee’s position- reversal- sit out- hand on lock, post leg, sit out, switch hands and grab inside thigh, leg drag them past you and take referee’s position.

-roll reversal- from sit out- reach to pick own pocket (nearside arm), bridge over shoulder, roll and face them

-stand up- from referee’s position- stand up, hands on lock, break lock, turn and face them. Not as good for no gi.

-from sit out- they suck you up and get back on mat- bridge into them and push off head, ducking other elbow inside. Face them.

-dj throw- from front head lock (head and arm guillotine)- switch to underhook, weave through and grab lat on opposite side, step up, circle and take them over


-sit out drill

-sprawl drill- from ear to hip, about to take them down- fight for sprawl and takedown

-circle drill- from turtle- circle around without hands- push head down each time you circle

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

de la riva sweeps

pm class

-self defense- seionage from standing rnc
-self defense- outside reaping throw from arching rnc

-de la riva sweep- cross sleeve w/ ankle control- arch towards back (like bj penn sweep), come back and take them towards trapped arm
-sitting de la riva elevator- sit up all the way, rock them, sweep over diagonally from posted foot in hip

gotta work on some de la riva setups and concepts

reminders- 1. single leg from de la riva, 2. take the back from de la riva



-top game control was good once guard was passed
-pressure seemed decent from top
-sweeps were effective when needed
-combo attacks were good

-passing with pressure was decent
-base was okay
-z-guard passing- must suddenly square up and get hip to hip, passing by shin. also uncross legs

-speed was good
-pace was relentless, but must also be precise and fast. vs. a black belt, that's the main advantage i feel i have- speed.

to work on-
-not adapting to the game of my opponents. imposing will on them
-x-guard sweeps- secure leg, don't allow them to get it back. stand up right away and run them down if they do running man escape.

-leg stamina/endurance
-leg on shoulder defense- roll if it gets to point of no return

-must work on de la riva setups. natural evolution of x-guard, tripod, deep half, de la riva, reverse de la riva, butterfly, half butterfly, etc.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

bag of tricks

random moves

-hip bump counter (late)- recover half guard as they sweep, hip out and take back. choke.
-hip bump counter- hips up- take back- collar choke to arm lock
-rolling arm collar choke- from clock choke setup- insert hook, knee on back, roll
-butterfly counter choke- grab around head to lapel, roll, keep rolling to belly, insert arm over arm and under head.



-passing series- using knee slide in conjunction with leg on shoulder. need to set up over/under as well.
-turtle roll to guard

-guard control- high guard, rubber guard, shawn williams guard, etc. work something out from there.
-defense from near-mount- deep half guard- watch for ezekiels, though

-bf guard sweeps
-open guard sweep/control- x-guard, de la riva, tripod, heel hook, etc.
-top control/base
-top pressure

to work on-

-deep half bottom
-guillotine series from the other day
-guard passing series
-marcelo pass to half guard
-arm trap shoulder to wrist from top



-head control much better- moving the head and using to set things up
-hand control okay
-starting to see openings for shots
-double leg defense okay
-single leg defense better
-double leg switch to opposite side!
-getting to clinch

to work on-
-more push/pull off-balancing
-more foot sweeps, ankle picks, sweeping singles
-more arm drags, 2 on 1, etc
-more snap downs
-develop dominating single leg
-work on moves in clinch. have to get there first and recognize openings/setups
-hip to hip on underhook side, head on underhook side
-sprawling/crossfacing- double leg counters

overall, wrestling getting much better. must continue to develop and study.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

guillotine series

sh class

yoga in am



-guillotine from guard- all the way over, down, and around
-100 percent crucifix sweep off of them grabbing at wrist
-leg up finish from them going to wrong side
-chin strap sweep from them jumping over cross side



-speed and technique
-taking the back

to work on-
-more taking the back
-power, leverage

Thursday, July 3, 2008

SH rolling

sh training


-pressure on jonathan
-finally got butterfly to half guard pass

to work on-
-open guard setups- push with elbow, not arm (leaving arm open to underhooks)
-keep arm tight vs. underhooks/kimuras in open guard (x-guard mainly)


stand up-

-head control better
-defense decent

to work on-
-single leg control/finish
-more arm drags

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

saulo guard opener/leg on shoulder pass

pm class


-saulo guard opener to leg on shoulder pass
-leg on shoulder defense- stiff leg to shoulder roll- follow up w/ butterfly sweep



-killer instinct remains
-continue to be aggressive
-sweeps are good
-guard recovery is good
-passing is good

to work on-
-stand up


stand up

-overall awareness is better
-inside control
-moving the head w/ collar tie
-starting to work on making them step w/ collar tie and clinch
-sprawl is okay

to work on-
-defending vs. double leg- turning the corner
-set ups
-dominating the clinch
-elbow control
-hand fighting- when they break away, go for setups

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

neglected (but solid) half guard moves

pm class


-half guard crossface/bridge- when opponent has hip on ground and is crossfacing you
-half guard lift/replace- when opponent is chest to chest (grab over back to belt, control knee, insert hook, lift, replace)
-half guard bridge/hip escape to bf guard sweep- insert forearm in throat, hand on hip, proceed with replacement, and move into bf guard sweep.
-bf guard farside bridge- when opponent is crossfacing and underhooking- trap elbow, switch legs, point hips towards direction bridging, bridge and go.



-leverage from top
-overall base/balance

to work on-
-healing foot
-stand up