Wednesday, March 30, 2011

pass to the back

lots of stuff today.

all from DLR:

1. leg drag to back. opponent lands opposite choking side- motorcycle kick to adjust opponent deeper into choke.

2. grip break, point knee, step outside. smash knee down with hand (your knee drops to mat)/swim under other leg. grab collar, pass hand behind own head and switch to leg drag finish position. take the back. remember shallow collar grip to finish.

3. DLR passing posture to double unders. pressure down, pull into lap, choose a side and adjust grip. hand behind head to leg drag finish. start setting up back take. hand fighting details. kimura grip to armlock. bicep slice grip break to armlock.


*pull opponent into lap- heavy pressure on neck. step over hook insert.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Back attacks

1. Turtle roll from harness
2. Turtle roll from body lock
3. Turtle roll from double under collars

4. Back recovery- choking side- tight to back, pop up and insert knee high on back, pull onto lap, roll to back.
5. Back recovery- escape side- hook sweep them away, stay tight, get up to knees, insert hook on choking side and finish.

6. Choke 1- open and flip lapel, shallow grip on choke, get slack out and creep up until tight. Prop up on elbow, pull elbow in and shoulder pressure on back of head.
7. Choke 2- they escape hook- pop up to knee in back recovery, insert hook over shoulder, pinch knee in and finish. Can also bow and arrow.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Mount escapes/knee slide over shin series

-foot drag
-upa with arm trapped
-upa vs. collar choke
-upa vs. hands based on mat

*kick up and over detail


1. knee slide over shin- shoulder/under knee grip. stay tight. pop up slightly and slide over shin. walk into legs and smash to one side. collar grip, head down on shoulder to prevent turtle. keep walking into legs to block hip escape.

*do quickly. must master the specific motion.
**base far from them to prevent x-guard, deep half, etc.
***knee between their legs, elbow trapping over. knee on mat. or both elbows smash legs down?

2. #1 to the back. they start to turtle. back taking position. harness. prop them up into your lap. step hook over, roll to back.

3. they block #1 by crossing hard somehow. kick ankle back and then smash legs to one side. belt grip, high collar grip. adjust shoulder. keep sprawling hips and walking into legs. crunch them up. shin over and pass back side to the back.


double guard roll-under counter-
-grab belt and pants leg. stuff leg between yours. as they go underneath, scoot/jump hip back hard and stuff leg. take back. OR grab lapel and place hook- go to leg smash passing position (need to work on this one).

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Durinho pass to back/ Davi review

Over/ under variation-
Low lapel grip, elbow tight. Chest on their hips/stomach, toes on mat, hips sprawled, knees off mat. Do not switch angle.
Sprawl, stuff leg, and pinch knees to free hook. Side shuffle and then donkey kick to pass.

Take the back-
Crossface with near arm trapped. Reposition chest on back to prop them up. Kimura grip, step up on head side and shift angle as you sit them up. Place hook over arm. Kimura grip controls free arm as you grab the lapel. Behind the neck collar choke.


Davi review-
-bring knee to chest, stuff other arm, hook sweep and roll.

-they sit- lock legs underneath, sit up for momentum, rock back, knees to chest, finish the sweep

Monday, March 21, 2011

Arm Trap guard/ Davi Ramos

Take the back/pendulum sweep/etc

1. Shoulder clip arm lock
2. Telephone armlock


1. Brabo from guard- open tail, hand off, elbow tight and centered. Shoulder clip armlock. They counter- bring elbow across, hip out, come back to center and push elbow away/crank choke,

2. Lasso spider tomo- weave lasso and then hook between legs. Straighten leg and recoil, pull arm over and Tomo. Roll to mount.

3. Clock switch- opposite grip with shoulder pressure- head down, jump to other side in sit out finish

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ed Ramos class

1. Ankle pick to leg drag finish- low head
2. Leg drag- synchronize step in and out with drag across. Low head finish.


1. Basic half guard smash pass to mount
2. #1 to escgrima. Switch head side, slide, drop hips and walk into them for finish



Leg drag
Terere pass thrown in

Monday, March 14, 2011

kiss of the dragon/arm lock from back

1. reverse dlr with opposite sleeve grip (prevent crossface) and weaved hand. roll underneath (kiss of dragon) to the back.

2. they defend- switch to armlock. grab own lapel on finish.


rep passes from last week


toledo dlr move-
-dlr to footlock-x variation- inward knee pressure to collapse their knee, switch to belt grip, take back

Monday, March 7, 2011

Guard Openers

1. Kneeling- lapel/hip to double hip, back pop. Knee up.

2. Cross grip stand, elbow in, shake off knee, pass.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Abu dhabi pro

Got silver. Happy with the outcome, but a few things could be worked on-

-do not lose dominant position
-finish from dominant positions

Thursday, March 3, 2011


1. Knee slide variation to hip smash- knee and collar grip, slide angled below knee, weave foot and walk back into them
2. Knee slide variation to elbow smash walkaround
3. Leg drag from dlr- cuff grip, switch collar to ankle, v drag
4. Terere pass from half guard- elbow and knee, hip, switch grip and run them over
5. Double under to knee smash- grab behind head
6. Lasso to Terere pass

Drills- passes to hip ride back take position

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lights out

No electricity? No problem. Rolled with camping lanterns.

-knee cross pass
-kimura, armlock defense