Monday, November 21, 2011

shoulder clip/berim...

shoulder clip-
trap elbow across
shoulder clip- thighs together, knees in.

extend hips before passing over leg.

tip over towards head vs. resistance.

rock back and forth as you extend armlock.


1. to back
2. to leg drag
3. to mount

1. clamp leg down. catch on hook and extend.
2. toes on mat to get more momentum in spin. shin deep on x.
3. they scoot out- leg goes under and roll to mount.


vs. berimbolo counter- opposite side face and roll

berimbolo counters-
1. leg grip and shin (from sat.)
2. scoot hips and re-take back
3. keep spinning under infinitely

Saturday, November 19, 2011

2 passes from Bruno

1. over/under from reverse dlr.

underhook: shoulder deep. collar grip. ear tight to thigh.
pants grip: underneath knee.

elbows tight.

shuffle over to flatten back as you stuff knee. pinch your knees over their knee and keep walking to release the hook. hips square (don't switch hips). trapped leg kicks up and comes underneath.

finish the pass.

2. spider with lasso pass.

base low: hips low and sunk back. arms relaxed (no grips)

shuffle to center. roll wrist underneath on bicep side. grab shin.

suck elbow in tight on lasso side. shoulder pressure on shin and then back of knee to make their leg cross the center plane. switch head to opposite side of knee and smash legs down to leg drag position.

deep lasso: walk back
shallow lasso: walk to side

weave hand underneath and inch up mat to release spider grip. or switch hooks and extend leg before walking hand up to release grip.


spider grip - hook grip and then punch down (fist/knuckles down)

vs. guard pull- anticipate and quickly pass. get comfortable base or pass quickly.

vs. sitting single leg- control foot and put in hip pocket. armpit/collar control. stuff between legs and begin the pass.

vs. reverse dlr- hands on mat and switch sides. cross knee to quarter mountish position. float over, cross legs, etc.

reverse dlr vs. driving pass: ankle grip. use hooks to create space and then switch to kiss of dragon. can't just go to kiss of dragon.

vs. berimbolo- opposite pants control. hook shin and pull inward. hand on mat as you escape hip and forcefully release their dlr hook. dlr hook them back. switch grip to pants and belt. lean on side, suck hooks in, release toes to mat and leg drag. leg drag straight back, not to the side.

**focus: keep head lower when passing.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Davi workshop

from reverse dlr passing:

1. underhook leg. shoulder pressure. downward grip and then twist thumb up. they try to weave leg- catch and redirect to mat. raise hips up slightly and switch legs to leg drag position. push ankle while pulling hip. elbow tight as you finish the pass.

2. same setup as #1, but you push hook in and release the hook. step back in to trap the hook. over/under variation.

dlr passing -

1. sit to calf lock. they try to come up- spin under, release lock and take the back.
2. sit to calf lock. they stay down- reach behind head and leg drag.

kiss of dragon stuff-
1. kiss of dragon to reverse x guard. they stand- kick and standing x guard sweep.
2. they base on knee- switch grip on knee, kick leg out and sweep over to back. base up to leg drag.
3. they sit to hip and hand- sit up, cup hip, stand up and base to leg drag.

toe hold from 50/50 setup-

adjust leg to middle of chest. push lock down and turn out, briefly exposing your back and giving up calf lock. as they sit up you scoot hip back and dive for toe hold. adjust grip. one elbow comes up and the other drops as you rotate over.


opening up the underhook from reverse dlr- pin ankle to butt and then push out.