Tuesday, June 30, 2009

group evaluation

group evaluation-

things to work on-

-creating momentum from the bottom
-leverage from the bottom
-rocking opponent back and forth- disrupting balance
-dominating positions
-overall strength

Sunday, June 28, 2009

dojo quest 2

rolled at Fit in downtown sd.

worked on some half guard stuff.

practiced open guard. gotta work on passing once i'm back from injury.

Friday, June 26, 2009

dojo quest beginnings

been frustrated lately due to injuries to the neck and ankle. it's causing me to slow down, and definitely humbling me.

visited team magnitude in the first of the summer dojo quest series.

techniques reviewed-
-baseball bat choke

-brabo grip step over choke


game seemed to work out pretty well. lately practicing transitions. gotta get the strength up, though. once i heal completely, i feel like i'll be able to ramp up to the next level.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

half guard

1. underhook to back
2. they overhook, you roll them

vs. reverse kesa
1. butterfly hook to back
2. they trap arm- grab collar/pants- butterfly hook to back
3. shoulder roll
4. lockdown hip bump

Monday, June 22, 2009

more links

from DLR spin under-
-collect leg and reverse shoulder roll to top
-they base- spin back around to the back

from deep half, they jump head-
-reverse homer simpson
-rock up to force them to base, scramble to back


super DLR to lapeloplata

Sunday, June 14, 2009

some epiphanies

some things-

-super de la riva is awesome
-connectors from super de la riva are the missing links!
-sit up guard is critical
-loop chokes are also critical
-spider guard is ridiculously good

-upside down guard recovery is critical

-need to work other side DLR and the rest of the open guard series
-need to work weak side passing

Sunday, June 7, 2009

worlds black belts

watched the black belts today. picked up some nice connectors-

-DLR grip- feed nearside collar
-DLR underhook to reverse DLR sweep
-DLR/spider to triangle
-reverse DLR rollover sweep

-upside down guard

-one side spider in bicep

-deep half stuff with head/shoulder/scoot back

-back taking off of double under pass/stack

lots of stuff to work on!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

post-worlds rolling

the game is changing.

new moves-

50/50 entry- as they pass, roll to turtle, and roll back into 50/50.

50/50 tripod

50/50 x hybrid to the back


cleaning up-

-cobrinha entries
-de la riva game
-sit up single leg guard
-reverse DLR


-brabo game

-return of armlocks?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Worlds 2008

men's pluma blue belt

first match- bye

second match- don't recall his name.

i pull guard and almost take his back off something, and he gets out. i get the sweep points. i almost pass, and then get the brabo choke going. he gets out, i get an advantage. somehow he scrambles and attacks a single leg, and winds up taking me down. i recover full guard and am attacking stuff and get another advantage somewhere and win. i paced myself this match and didn't try anything too crazy.

third match- guy from paragon

i pull, and start working de la riva. i think i take his back off the de la riva mendes move. i get 4 points for the hooks, but then he gets out. i contemplated taking the bow and arrow, but opted for the safe points. the rest of the match he tries to pass my open guard but doesn't. i attack a few sweeps but don't commit since i'm pacing myself and already feel the victory. sometime during the match the guy manages to poke me really hard in the eye, disrupting my vision. he also steps on my face and then goes aggro on my ankle. he ends up losing with 30 seconds to go with a desperation illegal twisting footlock. he would have lost anyway.

fourth match- john from renzo gracie

he ended up finishing his previous match in under 20 seconds, and i hobble onto the mat. nice. i plan to pull, but then he pulls. first mistake is engaging his guard. he is on strong side half guard and attacks a kimura, i defend, and he uses the positioning to do a rollover type sweep. from the top he starts trying to wheel pass me, and i let him get the grips (mistake 2). i recover a few times, and then on a passing attempt i belly down and he spins around for the armlock. i try to get out, but he extends and i tap.

if i would have won, i would have at least gotten a bronze! oh well, next time. i feel the way to beat the guy would have been my speed, but that was sort of taken away from me from the previous match's battle scars. i guess the cards didn't fall in my favor this time.


things to work on (serious list to develop before purple belt)

-tightness- top and bottom
-timing and commitment
-physical conditioning
-mental game

i did a few things well this tournament, but i did make some errors this time around.

i'm on the verge of the next level. gotta focus and fine tune my skills.