Monday, April 28, 2008

Standup from this weekend

hand fighting

-2 on 1 from everywhere
-armdrag from everywhere

-2 on 1 to reverse kimura

-work from 2 on 1 russian armbar to single leg
-arm drag to single leg

-break grip and regrip to try to dominate

-vs. muay thai clinch- duck head out from under

-vs. mirror stance- double leg
-vs. opposite stance- single leg

-single leg- high single leg much better than running the pipe (guillotine bait)

-grip fighting reminder- rotate wrist, forearm strike

Scarfhold/headlock escapes

1. hook opponent's leg, drive free arm to ground and turn to knees
2. bridge and roll
3. frame opponent's neck, walk legs away, throw legs over face

keys to maintaining-

-move to counter each escape. against hook, walk legs away. against bridge and roll, shift base. against frame on neck, keep head low- switch to side control (check to see if there are better counters).
-don't let opponent get arm free/get on side
-mobile base

keys to escaping-

-move the head
-switch the angle of your legs to change opponent's base
-get elbow to mat

Toriani variations

revisiting because of knee on stomach focus-

-standard toriani to knee on stomach

-toriani to reverse knee on stomach (especially if they continue to hip away and try to replace guard)

-push in legs, opponent pushes back, use momentum to pull out legs and toriani

-plant feet on ground, full body weight driven to opponent's feet- walk around

-driving knee on shin of side you want to pass, opponent pushes back, straighten leg and pass to knee on stomach


-over/under variation

-hip switch toriani to reverse kesa gatame(like reverse knee on stomach kind of)

-switch to inside control- driving knees and elbow together



-combination of speed/pressure/angles/mobility/surprise
-feed off opponent's reactions
-transition between the various passes
-elbows tight to body until you're ready to go
-maintain both pants grips at inside knee
-step across first- you can pause here. must break plane of hip with foot.
-keep control of legs until fully passed


defense keys-

-free at least one leg (or don't let them control in the first place)
-sit up, get off back
-get feet in contact with opponent's body- pushing hips, hooking behind knees, hooking ankles, etc. or spider guard variations. active limbs.
-knees and elbows together- "no one comes in my zone or my home"

common reactions-

-pull elbows to break grip
-2 on 1 to break grip
-grip break to arm drag
-grip break to tripod

-de la riva
-butterfly guard

-hip escape
-wrestler's switch


gotta dissect this further!

Knee on stomach-escapes; attacks; transitions

pm class

kos escape 1- push leg away with nearside arm, farside arm stiff arms belt. hip out, come to knees, ankle pick to side control.

kos escape 2 (best one)- nearside arm scoops knee (not farside arm!). farside elbow stays glued to side (achieve underhook if possible). hip out and scoop knee to ground. opponent goes to side control.

kos escape 3- heavy pressure on abdomen with knee, but foot is light. flatten close leg, push foot to quarter guard, replace half guard, replace guard. warning- triangle bait if they know what's up.




mounted triangle- from opponent pushing foot to half guard

kimura- from any time opponent exposes farside elbow, especially when they push on knee with hand.

brabo- from any time opponent tries to underhook. works when they get knee off stomach and try to come to knees- shoot the arm in and choke!

collar chokes- if opponent just sits there. baseball bat is fastest to set up. also works to bait for transition to mount.

straight arm lock- if opponent hips away and underhooks. lots of the same setups as the kimura, but the kimura is safer.


movement transitions-

1. pyramid down to side control, pinching elbow and knee together on opposite sides of opponent's hips

2. move to mount

3. switch to opposite side when opponent hips away

4. spin around to back/side control

Guillotine from double leg/counter

pm class

guillotine as opponent shoots in for double leg- snap down back of head and go for ten finger.

counter- pry lock with hand, shoot other arm above shoulder, walk around to opposite side, trip and fall to side control.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Side Control basics

positions 1-4

-weight centered on opponent's torso
-hip or shoulder driving in face
-something next to hip
-constant pulling with arms

mobility is key. control opponent before trying to submit them.

position 1
-escapes- underhook and come to knees, forearm in throat, bridge and replace guard

position 2 has most pulling power.
-escapes- (slightly free head) bridge with forearm in throat to replace guard, bridge and roll combos, maybe underhook and come to knees if you can get your head free

position 3 is best for preventing guard replacement. can be used to set up n/s.
-escapes- far arm duck under and push off body (pendulum legs)- spinning past n/s and into open guard, underhook and come to knees

position 4
-escapes- nearside arm pushes off opponent's shoulder- pendulum legs and spin past n/s and to open guard (or to knees), or underhook and come to knees, or reverse sit out

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Butterfly Pass (Jacare style)

pm class

-pass #1- sprawl back leg, push down knee on underhook side, drive and pass guard
-pass #2- grab overhook w/lapel, post leg, ankle pick and pass
-hook sweep detail- control fabric at wrist (rather than deep overhook- prevent pass 1 &2)


-worked on standup. need to be more aggressive with grip breaking. forearm strike must make a comeback.

-defense is good.

-need to work on setups rather than just doing random things

-left handed opponent tries to control lapel on same side as me (awkward)- perfect for a seionage on that side. need to get more ambidextrous with the judo.

-osoto gari can combo with some other things once you penetrate that deep but opponent steps back. must figure it out.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Next Stage- Side Mount Escapes

today's techniques-

-o goshi from opponent double underhook control
-escape from headlock #1- hook leg and palm to floor
-escape from headlock #2- frame and push head, walk legs out, hook legs over face


-need to work on side mount escapes exclusively for the next few weeks. must have discipline to do situational rolling rather than regular rolling.

-must recall all major side mount escapes.

opponent's posture-
escapes from positions 1, 2, 3, and 4.
escapes from kesa gatame
escapes from reverse kesa gatame
escapes from headlock
escapes from north/south
escapes from knee on stomach

your posture (from standard side control)-

frame elbow/forearm in opponent's neck-
1. bridge/hip escape to guard replace

shallow underhook with elbow, forearm across throat
1. bridge/hip escape to guard replace
2. bridge/hip escape to come to knees

deep underhook
1. bridge/hip escape to come to knees

double deep underhooks
1. bridge opponent over head

opponent underhooking you (about to get armlocked position!)
1. bridge, club top of head and chop legs
2. escape #1 fails, roll in circle the other way
3. bridge, club head, hip out, push head to ground

nearside arm underneath opponent's body
1. push off and spin underneath

need to focus on this.

Monday, April 21, 2008


pm class


-guillotine from guard off of the hip bump sweep
-guillotine counter #1- crossface
-guillotine counter #2- re-guillotine from top


-x-guard setups are getting more solid. must work in more of marcelo's entry variations, especially the pendulum get up.

-need to up assertiveness with sweeps and submissions

-generally feeling very good, though

Sunday, April 20, 2008


yesterday- Bikram Yoga

got really loosened up and relaxed, but still need to work on my flexibility and balance.



spinning armlocks from top

tip- angle towards head for more leverage



-need to work on strength more. technique is good for now, timing and execution can be worked on. strength, cardio, and endurance will take me to the next level

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Terrible, No Good, Very Bad, Horrible Day!

today was the strangest session i've ever had.

1. i was rolling with someone and got hit in the nose during a guard choke attempt. bloody nose. sat out for a bit.

2. i stop the bloody nose and do a warm up roll with someone else. as i pass, i base on my right foot and feel an awkward pressure come through my ankle. i can't base on that foot for the rest of the night. i keep rolling.

3. i roll with a third person and am playing half butterfly/x-guard. he sprawls and tries to pass, and i feel my knee joint get pressured in the wrong way. i immediately feel injured, but i keep rolling.

4. at the end of the night, someone accidentally stole my shoes. i drive home barefoot.

5. at the gas station my cards don't work in the machine, so i had to go pay the attendant inside. luckily i found some shoes in my trunk to slip on, otherwise i would have walked barefoot from the pump to the register.

i was going to go get dinner after this, but i figure i should just go home before something else happened to me today. not gonna push my lock! lol.


aside from these compound strange occurances-

-x-guard setups going well. my training partners are aware of what i'm doing now, but i'm able to combo stuff together and work more setups and see reactions.

-sit out brabo worked well today vs. the underhook/turtle recovery. gotta practice some more.

-sit out brabo to triangle choke would have worked well in a few situations.

-overhook to arm-in guillotine seems to be a good setup (see rani yahya's adcc 2007 tear)

-scissor pass and variations are getting better. gotta work on it some more.

-on scissor passing- need to get deeper and switch to crossface control. they were able to sit up and push my elbow away often, leading to escapes. penetrate far knee to hip as soon as you clear legs, control elbow and flatten opponent (switch other hand to point away from you as well), and then switch to crossface.

-escapes from the bottom worked decently. can't do them right away on everyone, but i can eventually find a way to recover half guard at least.

quick workout

quick am workout


kb swings (35 lb)
(jumping) pullups (after the first 10)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


took a break from training today- work has been tiring me out.

watched some tape- marc laimon's tournament tested techniques dvd.

lots of leo vieira, bj penn, shaolin.

gotta watch more tape and study how they do it.

some reminders-

vieira- alliance scissor pass- head stand to cartwheel on opposite side

bj penn- shut down passing style

shaolin- ridiculous transitions- switching sides, spinning around as opponent bridges/turtles/etc.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


last night's techniques-

-collar choke from mount- low lapel feed
-arm lock from #1 if opponent bridges
-collar choke from #1

tonight's techniques-

-from turtle, opponent behind- grab knee, post, spin to butterfly guard
-from same position- grab hand, open arm up, spin around, arm drag
-from back- escape out over opponent's shoulder, prepare for them to mount (which they will do unless you're way better than them) and bring in butterfly hook- use hands/knee to stop mount and recover a butterfly guard

-marcelo arm drag- opponent posts leg to counter and base back. shoot underneath, guillotine around thigh, get into butterfly/x-guard underneath opponent (review marcelo's book, review robson moura's dvd) and sweep opponent over your shoulder.


I hurt my radius/ulna yesterday but didn't really notice until I got home. Probably just a mild sprain, but it does bring me back to reality and remind me of one key thing- staying healthy is the most important thing.

I've been focusing on getting better while even putting my body in danger, but with a few recent setbacks (illness, knee sprain, tender ears, and now the wrist) I've realized that I won't even be able to train at all if I get hurt.

Gotta heal up and keep a clear head.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Short Term Memory

Ok, gotta forget about it and let it pass.



Frustration again

I'm really frustrated with myself because I got caught in an Ezekiel choke that I shouldn't have gotten caught in.

First, it was from someone who I don't think should have been able to catch me.

Second, I was taking it easy because he was coming back from an injury.

Third, I saw it coming the whole time but still got caught in it, and even though I managed to recover guard I got finished from MY guard. So frustrating.

Lastly, he ducked out when I asked him to roll again. No chance for vindication.

Obviously there were a number of things that happened, but I was rolling lightly and got reversed from half guard top. From there, I felt the Ezekiel creeping in. I recovered to guard and got finished.

A big part of my frustration is my ego. I think Ezekiels are sort of scrub moves, but I guess I still got caught.

Now I guess I have a personal vendetta to completely dominate this guy whenever I roll with him.

Not the best attitude, but that's a pretty accurate picture of my current frame of mind.

I'm trying to develop that killer instinct and push myself to the next level, but things like this sort of humble me and show me that I have lots to work on.

I can't take people lightly at all anymore.

After GQ, it's going to be time to practice escapes from the bottom and from submissions.

Gotta let it go for now, it's all part of training.

Better that this happened during training and not during a tournament.

Learn the lesson, let go of the frustration. Gotta clean it up.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Omoplatas and counters

am class


-armbar to omoplata combo
-omoplata footlock counter #1 and #2
-omoplata standing escape


-armbar to omoplata- circle outside arm to place opponent's arm in proper position
-footlock counters- grab on toes for toeholds
-omoplata escape- grab belt, post hand, knee on stomach, bring shoulder back, lift opponent by pants or lower back, straighten arm and stand up


-from yesterday- reminder- spinning armlock to triangle

-de la riva guard- vulnerable to toehold on free leg. keep protected or keep low. high and free= potential rolling toe hold

-reminder- from head and arm control- peruvian necktie!

-reminder- armbar from back- roll over shoulder, not neck. control pants and flip opponent

-side control and switching game worked well

-reminder- attack armlocks from the top.

-guillotine chin strap- if opponent manages to pass, use chin strap to yank opponent and hip out before they settle weight. re-attack guillotine.

-triangle escape- posture, sprawl, and stack. prepare for opponent to switch to the armlock.

generally did very well this week. my guard recovery and pass countering is going well. my passing is getting better as well. top control is decent, needs to be worked on. need to work on sweeps next week. x-guard, butterfly. gotta fine tune everything.

Friday, April 11, 2008

No gi butterfly, guillotines, arm drags, etc.

pm no gi


-spinning arm lock
-omoplata stand up escape
-omoplata footlock counter 1 + 2


-butterfly worked well. arm drag off butterfly is great.

-back attacks were great.

-guillotines need to be worked on. need a higher finishing percentage- or at least some more transitions to other moves.

-arm in guillotine to brabo if opponent doesn't come down into half guard.


half guard lockdown options-

prevent the crossface first. threaten kimura. if that fails-

-hip bump sweep (opponent in reverse kesa gatame)
-rock up (opponent smashing)

Vulnerability training

AM class


-upa mount escape
-scissor sweep
-guard opener to alternate leg on shoulder pass
-triangle from guard

-guard opener- scoot knee next to hip, pull elbow in tight, locking one side of hip. hand in bend of knee, scoot leg in circle (a la saulo) and arch back, opening guard. suck hand in tight, load leg on shoulder, leg on shoulder pass around waist instead of at shoulder.


did some vulnerability training. let some people pass my guard and practiced getting out. need to work more on that.

did some good guard recovery. worked in attacks. gotta work sweeps in as well.

need to practice triangle escapes. that's probably my most often finished position in recent weeks.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday night rolling

Thursday roll day is usually a pretty tough night. Rolled against some very good opponents today. Wasn't feeling my best, but had a fairly successful night.

Tried to roll loose and technical (a la Terere), didn't try to tap people all over the place- mainly tried to improve position and flow.

For the first few rolls I was able to hit the x-guard and butterfly sweeps pretty accurately. My opponents weren't too familiar with what I was doing, but I was able to test out some entries and defenses that worked pretty well. Once I swept, I was able to pass with either the scissor pass or leg on shoulder (trying a lot lately). Trying to have a very fluid game. Gotta have a fluid pressure game, though. Right now I'm alternating between one of the two- fluid or pressure. Gotta blend them both.

Hit a stumbling block vs. this massive purple belt. Tried to pull butterfly and x-guard, but he controlled my pant knees and started to smash pass on me. I was on the defensive for most of the fight- he didn't want to fight from his back. When I did get him on his back, I passed but got put in some wack reverse triangle. Tapped a few times, and I felt my conditioning not as strong as it usually is. Defending a smashing pass style took a toll on me. Next time should probably just try to take the back vs. larger/more powerful/somewhat aggro opponents. An x-guard counter I noticed was the driving knee on chest. I countered it by kicking out his base on the far leg, which worked well. Need to use that to sweep.

After that, rolled with a blue belt that I get matched up against often. Did well with the sweeps and passes, but did get caught in a triangle at one point. Had my knee up and didn't drive it through- just wasn't defending well. Was worn down at this point, but next time I need to defend the triangle more efficiently.

Rolled with a beastly purple belt after that, and did decent. Managed to get past certain points I was stuck on before- de la riva guard while passing. Managed to get to half guard and somewhat flatten him, but he escaped and foiled my attempts. From my guard I was able to hit some footlock x-guard entries and x-guard entries, defending his torianis decently. Tried the spider guard vs. the toriani. Gotta use that and quickly move to something else. Gotta be more aggressive vs. him, but he is a lot better than me. I feel like I am gaining ground from where I was, though.

Rolled again with the blue belt from before, and sort of had an ego moment where I decided to pass quickly and tap him as many times as possible. I got him a few times during the session and felt like I vindicated the earlier triangle. Kind of stupid, but I got caught up in the moment. Gotta lay the ego to rest. Nevertheless, felt very strong and felt a second wind come through.

Rolled with a blue belt that is back after some time off. Hit some clean butterfly sweeps and locked up some nice x-guard sweeps. Passed nicely from top. Transitioned well. Tried to open my game up and see how he would react.

Last roll was vs. an older purple belt. Hit some spider guard sweeps and played a mobile knee on stomach top game. Found a combo in kimura from n/s, arm bar from side control, and bow and arrow choke. Stayed fluid and worked my game.

Had some bad moments today, but overall feel like I'm improving. I suppose it's good that some people were actually able to endanger me from my guard, as it doesn't happen as often lately now that my guard is getting better. I'm starting to get used to running over people, so when it doesn't go that way I get annoyed. Probably not the best attitude to carry.


-butterfly guard is getting better. need to remember to start with the forward lean (sim seminar) should try to arm drag right away if they try to engage and control my legs/knees. otherwise should try to either butterfly sweep or x-guard. otherwise, the guillotine and kimuras could be worked in somehow once i figure out the sweep game. footlock x-guard should be thrown in as well.

-half guard is really becoming a stopping point before i try to get to butterfly/half butterfly/x-guard. i'm getting better at blocking the crossface, which is preventing a lot of problems i used to have.

-spider guard- the mobile spider guard is the way to go. combo with de la riva, tripod, butterfly, x-guard, etc. should be hitting omoplatas and triangles from here once i get more adept.

-passing is getting better. the knee up and knee/elbow together is stopping a lot of problems i used to have. gotta continue to work on it. mobile pressure is the key. destroy the legs.

-half guard top is getting better as well. gotta recognize sweep setups and stop them. the kimura is critical from here. need to figure out when to crossface and when to kimura. two separate half guard games, but i need to find a way to blend them. the brabo/darce needs to make a comeback.

-side control is getting better. combo with knee on stomach is working out for me, as i'm able to set up more transitions and attacks. gotta figure out my pressure game more- the floating ribs are key.

-knee on stomach is coming back in the mix. gotta continue to develop it. baseball bat choke must be perfected.

-mount is not as good as i'd like it, but it's improving. i'm actually able to attack here to some degree, but i need to work on it more. need to prepare to s-mount and go knee on stomach when i recognize escape attempts.

-back mount is getting good. control is good, escape prevention is good, attacks are good. probably one of my strongest positions. gotta continue to master it.

-escapes are okay if i catch them in transition (wrestler's switch is becoming clutch), but once i am locked down i have lots of trouble. must put myself in danger vs. lower belts, but that's probably for another time (post tournament season?)

-standup needs to be practiced, period.

-tendency is to sweep from guard and then finish from top. submissions from the guard are not coming as often, as i'm electing to not play closed guard during training as much.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Log splitter to knee slide, take back from side control, inverted armbar

PM class


-intverted armbar from side control
-take back from side control to north south transition
-log splitter guard opener to knee slide pass

-inverted armbar- cup elbow and rotate for increased effectiveness
-taking back- squat up or just pull them directly (faster)
-knee slide- after opening- elbow inside thigh


-x-guard entries are good- patience and get under the hips
-double lapel attack- get over shoulder on both sides- hard to defend
-knee up and together with elbow- stops lots of attacks in guard

-protect crossface from half guard!
-wrestler's switch is good vs. lots of guard passes
-early hook vs. leg on shoulder is good (prepare for follow ups though)

-prepare to switch between mount/kos/side control if needed

-spider guard- stay mobile and switch it up

-twister- can get your back taken if you don't block the hip

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Opening the guard from the knees

PM class

-head lockdown counter from guard
-guard opener- lapel and hip grip- from knees
-knee on shoulder pass


-x-guard entries are good. must get underneath hips
-spider guard is still strong
-reminder- brabo chokes from half guard top

Monday, April 7, 2008

Floating ribs

Gotta figure out where these ribs are so that I can put heavy pressure on my opponents from side control. Too high= weight is distributed along ribcage/cartilage (still good control, but not high pressure). Too low- they can maybe sit up or stiff arm you.

More of the same from this morning

PM classes

-collar tripod from standing
-triangle from tripod collar
-turtle roll

-knee tuck back escape
-knee through butterfly pass
-pants clamp to shut down half guard underhook


-de la riva guard to tripod sweep
-de la riva guard to shin guard to x-guard
-de la riva to back (cobrinha)

-figure out floating rib pressure

-florinopolos passing- hips forward pressure, collapse on one side, knee through

-x-guard- set up and go quickly
-butterfly ankle pick is good

-got smashed by big larry's clock choke. he has 100 lbs on me, so maybe that has a lot to do with it. gotta roll out of turtle quickly and create chaos. i'll win the scramble, gotta have faith in it.

-half guard passing to kimura is excellent

-half guard bottom- protect crossface at all costs

-half guard bottom- learn entry to deep half guard on both sides

Back escapes, turtle roll

AM class


-back escape- before opponent places hooks, roll back and over legs, taking side control
-switch over legs to other side

-turtle roll to side control

-knee through butterfly pass (like leo viera sweep counter)


-feeling very strong, technical, and fluid
-x-guard sweeps, butterfly sweeps are hitting strong
-ankle pick from butterfly is great
-grip fighting is essential

-opponent tries to collar choke from half guard bottom- possible bent arm lock

Friday, April 4, 2008

Standup, butterfly

SH training


-pummeling- shoulder shrug bump to insert underhook (don't back away)
-lower stance- i'm too high most of the time
-double arm drag- stop circling by blocking across opponent's body with arm- use to drop for a single leg


-z-guard to butterfly transition- as opponent tries to flatten you (get underhook first)- foot flat (ready to become hook) as you pinch opponent's thigh with your legs and drive to outside. they must base or get swept, and when they put the knee down your outside leg becomes the butterfly hook.

-2 on 1 and pull opponent across to make them base- get underhook on that side. switch back and forth

-passing- pressure with hips all on one hook. switching hips is critical.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Standing passes

SH training

standing passes

-toriani pass
-knee slide pass
-knee slide pass/underhook counter
-knee slide pass- hip sprawl


-x-guard entry- double hands on bend of knees, scoot underneath them (baret)
-footlock sweep details- heel on hip
-reminder- guillotine counter

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Back stuff

pm class

warm ups-
pummel drill
grip fight drill

back attacks- straight collar choke, collar with arm, bow and arrow, RNC
back escape

back drill

-pressure and passing is feeling good
-x-guard entries getting clean and sweeps getting better
-top passing is good- keeping guard open and avoiding sweeps nicely
-defense is strong

generally feeling good. gotta keep with it and continue to refine moves.


am class

-pendulum sweep
-spinning arm bar
-tripod sweep variant

-tripod- use both feet in hips to make room and push opponent back as you grab ankle. variation uses lapel instead of cross sleeve grip

-reminder- grip breaking


-felt strong and technical today. able to start to implement the butterfly passes from SH last week.

-rolled vs. person i had trouble with x-guard and deep half guard last week. was able to get a step further. need to have back on mat for deep half guard, i believe. can't let them get under me.

-starting to like the cross choke from mount.

-counter to over/under pass- push head and hip out.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


pm class

-drop seionage
-drop seionage on other side (step, circle back and throw with lapel)

-collar choke
-upa from collar choke
-collar choke from s-mount


-seionage- need to penetrate hip as deep as possible for the cleanest throw. otherwise opponent goes over side of shoulder rather than over back. also need to suck arm in as tight as possible.

guard drill-

-got caught in a reverse triangle due to laziness. gotta avoid that. main defense- backwards stack backfired today, got swept.

-reminder- grip fighting

-gotta shake this cold and i'll be back with a vengeance!