Saturday, April 30, 2011

spider half

1. opponent standing- sweep fake to x-guard variation. use bottom hook to open up leg and insert other leg.

2. from #1- opponent bases on knee near head. waiter sweep towards feet or dump backwards.

3. sleeve/ankle- opponent standing with free leg back- toes on mat, knee pressure/heel drop.

4. sleeve/ankle- opponent with knee down. lasso. push knee out to open up and bring heel towards you.

5. inside berimbolo. a) extend spider hook and use to spin. b) step on spider bicep to elevate hip and use to spin.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Spider half and berimbolo

1. Spider half wheel
2. Wheel to heel drop
3. Lasso with ankle trap. Push knee out and open up. Get on top.

Inside berimbolo-
Toes on mat. Elevate leg with back of thigh. Hook behind knee and then switch to back.

Dlr berimbolo-
Switch hook to bottom leg to block 50/50. Grab collar before coming up.

Gui dlr- super dlr to belt grab to deep dlr. Torque knee and dump over with knee point. Come up to back.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

spider half with one knee up

1. tension in bicep. pop up on elbow. lay back,extend hook, sweep.

2. opponent anchors to ground and you can't do #1. underhook leg like x-guard, extend spider hook and insert knee underneath and point towards sweep. get up for the sweep.

3. opponent steps with leg to block #2. waiter sweep. trap both arms. sweep towards legs or dump back if you can't get far arm. shake them to make them base hands out so you can trap them.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

DLR single leg stuff

collar/sleeve to double sleeve grip

1. dlr to single leg.
2. insert hook. fake sweep and they base. extend hook and take the back.
3. #2 to triangle.

Monday, April 25, 2011

collar/sleeve attacks

collar grip spider drill


collar/sleeve grip

opponent crouching with one knee up

knee outside-
1. spider bicep. opponent grabs knee. release collar and move to elbow. strip grip and pull in. hips up, block face. armlock

2. same as #1 but go to triangle

knee inside-
3. hip out slightly and insert lasso. quickly switch sleeve grip to elbow and kick straight for the omoplata. retain collar. open lapel and feed to pistol grip. grab leg and scoot out.


berimbolo drills

*foot goes below belt grip on hip
*take back if they don't try to face you

Friday, April 22, 2011

DLR passes

Toes out
Small step
Grab collar with hand being controlled
Elbow tight inside knee
Low base

1. Break sleeve grip. Foot drag.
2. Knee dives over knee as you underhook leg. Feed lapel to palm up grip. Knee on mat. Posture up and grab foot behind head. Foot drag down hard.
3. Break sleeve grip. Grab cuff of other leg. Hand slides down pocket and grabs wrist controlling ankle. Step over and stuff foot. Flip hips and drive forehead into center of chest. Switch grip to knee with palm away. Walk into hips and pass.


Inside berimbolo-
If they sit, hook instep on knee and control foot. Come up for sweep but bait them to stand. Kick legs out and take back again.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Collar/sleeve dlr and berimbolo

Pull towards and kick out hip
1. Hip out, hook ankle, and omoplata
2. Dlr is open- insert hook, kick out knee, inward thigh pressure to omoplata


1. Belt grip. Tripod on hip to sit them down. Roll under, tuck knee, grab hip, switch hook, come up on top and grab collar. End in leg drag position.
2. #1 to knee tuck and hip grab. Chuck them to sitting and take back.

Monday, April 18, 2011


Single leg drill
Double leg drill

Double from hand fight
Duck under variation to suplex from side (pinch knees and load weight up)
Body lock to Vieira inside leg trip to back (hook leg and control like Judo throw)

Friday, April 15, 2011


collar/sleeve open guard-
-active hook vs. inside pants grip

1. tripod variation
2. dlr tip over sweep


1. x-guard pull to immediate sweep
2. failed single leg to Leite half. *post hand, insert knee in front, bring other leg on top

**underhook hand grabbing your knee and smash with bicep. flip hips and pass.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

more Leite half guard

old school grip
1. take them down
2. bridge and roll

feed the lapel
1. take them down
2. dive underneath and take them over

(they come to knees)
3. uchimata counter roll
4. demian maia single leg

from anywhere-
-whizzer limp arm air guitar
-always look to take the back if they release the overhook

-double leg smash fold pass
a) smash pass
b) back step
c) pass to mount
d) they posture with arms and push away- bottom leg grip (specific knee grip), shift bicep, trap top leg and walk. step over, walk back into hips.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Leite half guard series

from collar/sleeve grip in half guard with elbow inside knee-
-wing elbow inside and turn to underhook. sit up and grab around thigh. switch feet positioning and grab knee. bridge into knee.

1. get up to knees and pull knee out. walk to one side and fold them in half. belt grip- adjust shoulder. smash both legs and grab collar. switch to knee grip and step over. pull them into lap. double unders and then pass.

2. they resist #1 by basing out. get them to push back into you and then bridge and roll underneath. maintain bridge as you roll them- lower back doesn't touch mat.

3. they stand to prevent #1 and #2. if they uchimata- roll under and sweep. if they just stand- torque knee and single leg.


possible to dive for deep half instead of #2. might be more realistic vs. good opponents.

Friday, April 8, 2011

more roll over

kick them over to bait them

**jump shoulder near their knee and then sweep.

2. try to sweep but they don't take a step- plant heel on ground and forward shrimp underneath them. footlock x-guard.


50/50 pass-
-if they lock the triangle- drag opposite leg across and stiff arm. scoot out and take your leg out.

x-guard pass-
-sprinter stance with hands on mat above head. donkey kick up and pass.

if you can't get to the position- stuff front hook down hard and donkey kick.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

roll over sweep series

from half guard with shin

-break grip with sleeve/thumb peel
-stuff arm to hip
-deep grip on collar for max control
-elbow inside knee (possible to underhook and go to the back)
-bottom leg active- knee involved in sweep

1. pull weight on top of you, (flick wrists?), and explode up with hips as you roll over your shoulder

2. they base- grab based foot like x-guard. face hips in same direction opponent is looking. knee supports weight like modified x. kick out knee with free foot and get to knees. keep collar and plant their face on mat. get up to half guard.

3. you can't sweep them over from #2- (lift hips and bring knees to chest?), underhook ankle on far leg and then trap arm. take knee out and close triangle. sweep to either side.

other possibilities- go to back

first move- opponent bases back hard- stuff arm and get up on knee like hook sweep. start to take them over as you extend hip on come on top. they react- go back to roll over sweep.

also possible to bring head towards mat and then over. like and L.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

footlock x sweep


1. butterfly with underhooks- rock up, kick leg straight and bring knee back to chest, push ribs and armpit away.

2. collar/ankle tripod (other leg hooking far knee)- heel comes on mat, hips scoot underneath, footlock x position.

3. extended tripod- knee weaves in.


-extend hook to make them step, hook comes to trapped leg, opposite arm comes across and traps ankle, bridge up and open knee up. pop hips and leg drag on mat. hand plants as you stand and shuffle over to leg drag pass.

foolock- from leg switch over- knee opens, secure grip quickly, grab collar and adjust footlock positioning. both knees turn to mat, forehead down. finish.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

x continued

from foot on hip butterfly-

1. hook sweep to x-entry. snatch arm and topple over. come to KoS and take the arm.
2. hook sweep to x-entry. their hands are on mat. scoot back and bring them towards you. take the top position.
3. from x- ankle sweep to double unders or leg on shoulder.
4. from x- ankle pick (kick out hooks before they hit the mat) to double unders or leg on shoulder.


things to think about-
-kiss of dragon from reverse dlr
-need to perfect roll over sweep
-waiter sweep
-brabo cross choke/brabo/baseball choke game

Monday, April 4, 2011

more x-guard

1. opponent standing but basing on hands- grab far sleeve (lift to pick sleeve) and extend hips as you drop them on their shoulder. knee on stomach to armlock.

2. scoot out to stand. keep knee pointed to ceiling.

from standing-
1. ankle trip to double unders
2. ankle pick to double unders

from them kneeling-
1. leg switch to pendulum (same as this morning)

X guard variations

They sit-
1. Cross leg, grab sleeve, pendulum and plant, hook sweep to leg drag position
2. They base hard- belt grab to back of turtle
2b. Pull on top, hook to chest, #1 sweep

They stand-
1. X-guard ankle grab sweep

Double under variation- weight forward, switch grip (hand down like karate chop), head up, leg cross