Sunday, November 30, 2008

MMA training

got to do a bit of mma training with vince. makes a huge difference that it wasn't mike. i was able to actually work on some stuff. the game is totally different, but i can still see how i can adapt to be successful if i ever try to go that route.


otherwise, gotta heal up. trained as much as possible this week, and need to take a bit of time off to recover.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Defensive checklist

-side mount escapes- especially with the arm laced between the legs (elevate and scissor)
-guillotine defense***
-triangle defense***
-armlock defense***
-kimura defense
-americana defense
-arm triangle defense
-brabo/darce defense*
-anaconda defense*
-collar choke defense
-clock choke defense

i think that covers a lot of it

gotta work it out before purple belt. must put self in vulnerable positions and practice escaping

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

7:00 AM rolling

AM rolling

-deep half setup- from z-guard- missing part of the transition still. gotta work on it.
-darce- getting higher % lately
-n/s guillotine- must get better at this

-hand control- get double wrist control/sleeve control if they try and play elusive/fast guard passing. use to climb them like a rope and break them down
-from anthony- vs. knee through middle- sit out to side, wrap leg with inside hook, drive shoulder into knee, turn single to double leg

-practice smash passes vs. smaller people
-must practice getting guillotined and escaping

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Butterfly guard with gi/boxing fundamentals

-overhook sweep to collar choke
-they adjust and come to opposite side from #1- drive forearm in throat and sweep to other side, finish choke
-they block choke with arm. stuff head with elbow, sweep over (3/4 wrestling move)
-they try to circle arm out out of overhook. catch wrist, arm drag and take back


other tidbits-
-"coffee grinder" to open up other hook from turtle
-power half to bring over and control


-snap down and change levels, use to attack legs
-more confidence with shooting in, penetration
-persistence with takedowns


boxing stuff!
-4 blocks- left hand blocks hook and straight, right hand catches jab and hook. defensive zone!
-snap with jab- come straight with punch
-throw cross straight across, use shoulder to block

practice in the mirror

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Some wrestling tips! High-C

I learned some critical wrestling insights that greatly improved my game.

-high-c off of clinch (transition to double leg, single leg, fireman, sit out fireman)
-double leg setup from snap (still need to step up rather than flop over)
-head placement with 2 on 1- in neck/chin
-single leg outside step takedown- tie up far leg and run through them like double leg.

generally learned quite a bit from such a short session. gotta continue to train takedowns.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Dojo quest

Maybe a year ago I decided to start checking out other gyms to get a chance to roll with other people. I finally did visit another gym today, and it was okay.

I had a few rolls, but the training partners weren't ideal. They were a lot bigger than I was, and the general tone was sort of like the finals of the world championships. These dudes really wanted to tap me out.

Anyways, I don't really recommend dojo storming if you aren't in good shape and in good health. I'm only a blue belt, but I was a huge target for a lot of the people there. I actually ended up getting kind of hurt (sprained wrist?) because the huge guys were going aggro.

However, a few holes were exposed in my game. My gi game felt sloppy, and one thing that was constant was a hand in my collar breaking my posture as I tried to pass. I was unsuccessful getting the hand out with the bigger guys, and eventually got swept and whatnot. Gotta be more persistent with breaking this, as this was probably THE cause for breakdown.

I didn't do terribly, though. My defense is feeling very good. My guard recovery is very good. Aside from a black belt, my guard didn't get passed. Actually, even the black belt didn't pass- he reversed me from side control and took top position.

Gotta work on my gi game, regardless. Perhaps a few lessons can come out of this. I do need to constantly challenge myself and match up against other people that I am not familiar with. It would be much better if they were my size, however, as the risk of injury increases when I'm just rolling with randoms.

In the next few weeks, I'd like to visit a few gyms. Maybe I'll even go back to the gym for next week's open mat. Gotta expand my game and not get complacent.

The moment I am satisfied with my game is the moment I fall off! Gotta always look for areas to improve.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Butterfly series

butterfly sweep series-

-standard butterfly sweep
-head stuff from #1 when they base off leg
-anthony head pinch
-anthony head pinch to shoulder lock sweep

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cobrinha flow

lately i've been trying to figure out cobrinha's guard system.

some major features-

-starting position- de la riva/tripod guard position. from here, he does a number of things-

-wraps around leg like a standing knee bar (outside foot looped around hip)
-de la riva underneath sweep (towards back and underneath them with sleeve control)
-inside footlock guard? not sure what to call it, but he and frazzatto do it all the time to each other.
-de la riva to opposite side inside footlock guard
-de la riva/tripod with sleeve control to omoplata
-inside footlock guard to either tripod variation OR spin underneath and sweep.

very very shifty guard!

gotta work on some stuff. it's coming slowly. i'm starting to see a map of it in my mind.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Side control escapes

i worked on the hip pendulum stuff more today. the escapes were a bit better, and i was able to create more movement that allowed my hands to get in posture and begin escaping. still have some way to go, but my escapes are becoming more comfortable and a lot more solid.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hip flip counters, some side control escape fundamentals

hip flip counters-

1. lockdown, get up on elbow, hip bump
2. gi sweep variation- as they drop hip, push elbow/armpit away, underhook leg, shoulder roll over farside shoulder (was getting me every time)
3. butterfly hook variation- use free hand to lift butt, lift leg with butterfly hook, get hip out, switch to opposite leg, take back. twister is available possibly. works even if they have you in a kimura.


side control escape stuff-

-from completely flattened and dominated side control bottom- if they are overcommitting, pendulum legs away and briefly get them off balance to regain hand posture. similarly, if they are scooted back and stalling out, pendulum legs towards them to fix posture and get on side.


brabo entry-
rise up out of side control, they try and pop up on side, you shoot the brabo. they try to go back down flat, you go to n/s guillotine or shoot the no arm brabo (n/s rear naked?)


main holes- side control escapes! leg lock defense.

my game is more effective when the pace is fast. when the game is slow and they can methodically inch past my guard, i have less of an advantage, as my shiftiness is negated. gotta create scrambles and control the pace.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thursday rolling

got to roll with spencer today.

worked on some judo stuff and the regular groundwork.

trying to incorporate a flawless passing game lately- quick yet powerful (jacare).

the judo 2 on 1 series seems to work well. the grip fighting is clutch. i was able to hit an uchi mata to hip toss as well as a few other things we were working on- tani otoshi, etc.

gotta get some more rolling in!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Knee on stomach series

-over/under pass to cradle
-pass to knee on stomach, baseball choke
-they block, transition to shin in armpit, armbar
-scoop head, collar choke


it felt great to get back on the mat!

my guard passing felt great, my open guard felt great, and my transitions were solid.

generally feeling great. there's a few things i want to work on such as the open guard transitions, but i'm back on track.