Tuesday, November 30, 2010

deep half to x-variation

1. leg on shoulder deep half- opponent has knee on mat next to your head. swing legs to mat, try to load waiter sweep- grab foot. bring knee in outside semicircle, kick up and insert knee underneath. retain foot grip, stretch opponent out with shin (transition from leg on shoulder to kneecap as you kick them out). switch feet and kick opponent out, stand up and base away from opponent, look up to the ceiling (keep leg secure)rotate kneecap with grip, sweep. do everything in one continuous motion.

2. pull #1 from standing- go directly to shin position, kick out immediately and stand for the sweep.


*keep posture- look up tall to secure the leg
*rotate kneecap out for more secure grip

Monday, November 29, 2010

deep half

from leg on shoulder grip-

1. enter, put arm on mat, swing knees to mat, load the waiter sweep, grab the arm/sleeve, pendulum and point knee to mat, get up, feed lapel and pass. scoot lower if they can close triangle.

2. they try to sit to mat- open tail, grab 2 tails, swing legs towards them, extend arms, get to knees and double under pass.

from 4 on 1 grip-

1. swing legs to mat, come to knees, back door and take the back.
2. they block #1- spin back underneath, rotate kneecap and come on top
(can do homer simpson move off of this)

from 4 on 1 grip- switch to celso vinicius grip- feed lapel deep to underhooking hand (almost at armpit).

1. extend arm and take back
2. drag collar down and sweep backward. better to trap the arm also. can wrap up the arm if they try to base.

other stuff-
-deep half counter- crucifix/back take counter from top
-deep half pass- grab belt and sink low

-removing the underhook- switch from leg on shoulder to 4 on 1. in transition, bump them up and sink lower. use free arm to trap sleeve momentarily and swim underhook back.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Half guard stuff

1. Side control bottom basics. Block bicep. Forearm in throat. Weave forearm to underhook. Knee bumps own elbow, pendulum up to back. Opponent rolls back to guard. Repeat.

2. Half guard to the back like #1. Insert hooks. Opponent removes one hook and goes back to half guard. Repeat drill.

3. Start to underhook and opponent overhooks and grabs collar. Pendulum up and get to elbow. Try to push opponent over or they try to uchi mata. Roll back under and post on hip, sweep. If they post hand to block sweep, take the back.

From #3- enter by catching wrist as they try to overhook. Weave elbow over and clamp down. Roll.
-or grab wrist from hand fighting and roll.
-or control sleeves, tuck elbow, roll.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

crossface removal

1. they isolate arm and you can't get forearm in throat- suck bottom arm in, grab in front of thigh, other hand grabs across back. extend arms, head and shoulders away, and sink head under the crossface. get half guard and then closed guard.

2. unable to suck arm in- elbow to mat, roll wrist in and get forearm in throat. hands on both side of arm- tricep/bicep. heels dig in to ground, lift elbows, scoot down and free head. hand comes in to block bicep. recover guard.

1+2 from half guard as well. take the back from there.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

advanced recovery

1. guard recovery from posture- can put foot in hip if they are too far. can also come to feet.
2. spin underneath- be sure to block bicep. spin only if they are almost passed your guard- do not go inverted unnecessarily.
3. double under break to triangle
4. twisting double under counter- bridge up and enter side pivot before they put you there, shrimp out and attack

gi darce- ezekiel grip
or grab ezekiel grip first and then weave around head. switch hips and put weight on head with ribs.

Monday, November 22, 2010

back taking from turtle

-harness from turtle- keep tight to back!
-chin tight- look towards opponent
-different grip- use hand to pry under chin

1. from harness- jump over turtle and spin to get the hooks. choke during the spin.
2. re-take from bottom hook removal- remember- face down, knee next to head, roll back.
3. re-take from no hooks- belly down, sit with knee next to hip, hook rolls in, other hook rolls in.
4. diving back take from them sitting butterfly (better if the arm is clear?)- clear shoulder, wrap harness, get head tight, LEAP. land and roll opponent towards head side to expose neck.

-defense from turtle- nearside hand grabs nearside leg. come to side control.
-escape from half back with choke? knee slide? have to review notes.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

recovery stuff

from pass-
1. elbow/knee connect, come up on toes like butterfly sweep, hold knee with other pant grip, shoot leg in and recover guard.

2. they go n/s from #1- spin inverted and recover

other adjustments-
-shrimp, cross leg over, gramby roll over shoulders
-side control escape- bridge, get knee to elbow- "thinking man"- and recover or spin inverted

follow-up-they go double-unders after you recover-
-walk shoulders out- brace arms, bridge up, sink hips back down and go spider guard
-kick legs down one at a time and angle to break hands apart, recover spider
-over/under and kick leg straight- triangle
-they start to come around- bridge and plant toes on the mat, push elbow and hip escape out, recover.

must drill all of these.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

north county class- sunday 11/14


mountain climbers
sit out
break fall to technical stand
hip escapes
stack left/right
butterfly to base

-20 arm bars
-20 triangles
-20 kimuras

one minute toreando
one minute head push
one minute under the leg
one minute knee on stomach switch
one minute knee on stomach around the head


1. posture fundamentals
*around the world drill

2. recovery fundamentals
*recovery drill
-half guard
-side control [partner picks any pass and does 5 times on each side]

Friday, November 12, 2010

rollover sweep

1. collar/sleeve grip. same as earlier today. load them on to your shins, stuff wrist, bring shoulder/elbow to mat, kick legs up and sweep.

2. they grab your collar- break (2 hands over the wrist- bring in to you like wristlock, shrug away). redirect hand to opposite side, grab knee, spread out their base, load on top of shins, tuck them in suddenly (like shrugging out a blanket) and kick up. gotta work on this one. still have some issues.

3. pull half guard and sweep immediately- pull reverse dlr, sweep immediately. must practice this one. stuffing the hand is key.

AG private

so many things.

1. over/under pass- opponent doesn't commit fully, but still grabs belt or draws in tightly with underhooked leg. plant foot on mat (leg in half guard) and shift hips to tip them over. grab nearside leg to prevent them from getting up. switch to farside leg, nearside loop choke. pull knee towards you, sit back, finish the choke.

2. nearside loop choke. grab near lapel, weave over head, choke.

3. back take- pin wrist to hip, bridge into them, weave instep over head, spin under, switch other leg to control opposite leg, hips heavy on their arm, take leg off of arm, grab belt and take the back.

4. from #3- take opposite leg out and go to crucifix. can finish there or roll to inverted omoplata. sweep and grab both knees. triangle legs, both knees to mat, hip away to finish.

5. rollover sweep details- both shins involved (supporting weight on bottom and top shins from z guard). knees to chest. shoulder and elbow to mat, kick up hard and finish the sweep.

6. from #5 with collar/sleeve- collar drags them on top, sleeve gets stuffed to the hip.

7. reverse kesa half guard- elbows tight, pull out tail and feed to both hands. switch leg position and weave other leg. butterfly sweep movement and come to mount (hop and bounce off foot). if they resist- take the back.

*rollover sweep possible, need to practice

8. reverse kesa half guard- first move- pinch knees tight and heels to butt, shift hips to dump them over. go to leg lock/x-guard series.

9. foot lock x-guard- 4 on 1 limb, free hand pulls ankle towards you, hips bridge up and force knee the other way. after the sweep, cross the ankle to the pocket, knee to mat, pass.

10. reverse half guard- tail grip from #7, weave instep, try to come to mount. they resist- take the back.

passing stuff-
they sit up and insist on butterfly guard- *head in chest, angle out and pass guard. if they remain sitting up, it is because of the posted arm. collapse the arm. if you can't collapse, start working the leg drag game.

head placement is key- switch head to hip/shoulder/etc depending how they resist. pin bottom leg, grab collar, head spears into them. terere pass, whatever works.

guard ambidexterity- develop both sides

weak side passing- force them to the weak side

RNC finish detail- prop up on elbow and suck in (similar to collar choke)

leg drag pass- knee always to mat

collar grip break- one hand grabs bottom part of cuff, top hand on wrist. pull wrist into body, shrug down and away quickly.

keys to progressing- specific drilling, *staying tight on top, *not losing the dominant position

Thursday, November 11, 2010

adjustments from yesterday

some points to highlight-

grip over armpit- must be very tight- this gives you more torque

leg cocked back all the way- maximum potential strength

hand blocks bicep, elbow rests on mat (use structure to support weight, not strength)

leg kicks straight, head and shoulders away, knees pinch together and swing in, other arm redirects bicep to help the move. (this motion is new, but it is the whole key to this move series)

possible crucifix if they react a certain way

they weave the head to counter the move- weave the leg over the face, shin in shoulder/bicep- go to 2 on 1 arm drag series (otherwise keep the elbow tight to prevent them from weaving the head)

verified- if they withdraw from your over/under counter- go to collar/sleeve rollover

other move- if they sit reverse kesa- elbow/opposite knee rollover. must practice and figure out.

possible counter to the arm drag series- switch over/under sides and pass again?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

over/under counters

shrimp/recovery detail- hips away, head and shoulders away, BOTTOM FOOT PLANTS IN MIDDLE OF THEIR LEGS, square up with hips.

posture with hand in bicep/forearm blocking neck. elbow on mat (do not exert energy)

1. switch arm across neck to grabbing the back of tricep/armpit in between their head and the inside of your thigh. kick leg straight and pull armpit (deep grip)- like arm drag from weeks ago. head and shoulders away, redirect bicep with other arm. pinch knees together. immediately come up and grab belt with arm that was blocking bicep. pinch elbow tight across nearside shoulder. grab leg/head (scoop head), come to knees, land in half guard.

2. from #1- after arm drag/trap, go immediately to RNC. hip out and up and insert hook while you are already choking.

3. back and forth rocking. think about the V motion. push them away, draw them in, repeat to get them moving. roll over sweep. land in deep half- crossface, sprawl leg down and tuck in close to other leg (almost like marcelo pass- nearly reverse kesa gatame). point knees away with free hand, switch crossface to belt grip (clamp over arm). get low (think about crossface on bicep almost), free leg, and pass.

think about-
-if they withdraw from over/under pass- grab collar/sleeve and force roll over sweep? it worked today, gotta tinker.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I was looking at all of Andre's gold medals and asking him about his accomplishments. He recalled how hard he had worked to be so successful- training several times a day, taking 6 hour bus rides to tournaments, competing by himself every single weekend, etc. I mentioned how it must have taken a lot of commitment and discipline. He replied, "yes, but discipline comes from love. If you love what you are doing, you will find the discipline."

An important lesson.

vieira hip clamp pass variation

entry- from opponent sitting butterfly.

over/under on same leg. get chest underneath thigh (key). use shoulder to almost crossface the leg and adjust it so that it's in position. hips crowding their hips. andre entered from the knees, but he said that you can also be on the balls of your feet. hands not joined, but both hugging knee/thigh to chest. chest puffed forward.

1. pass if they don't resist.

2. they throw leg over- puff chest out and pass.

3. they throw leg over (but have a difficult guard to pass)- withdraw slightly and bottom arm comes out and grabs top of opposite knee. backside pass to the back. look for cobra control. look to get knee up and ride the hip to take the back. RNC detail- andre uses different grip from marcelo- hands to hands so that you can pry under the chin for the finish.

4. they throw leg over- step up with leg nearest the ankle, switch grip to the ankle (pin to hip). turn hips away by walking them out and driving the knee to the mat. backside pass.

key to the position- chest on the thigh. key to escaping- hipping out and freeing the thigh (pointing knee to mat?)

*reminder from the other day- vs. reverse dlr- diagonal back to set up the pass.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Passing stuff

Bottom leg grip- start with thumb towards opponent and then twist out and try to put palm on the mat. Stiffarm and look to pass. Cobrinha walk vs knee or dope mount.

Double unders- don't scoop into lap. Get knee under back in center.

Wrist push counter- grab wrists, pin to mat, and arm under back pass.

Can't join hands- lift via pants pockets. Squat with knees under opponent's back. Prepare to deadlift and hockey shirt them.

Friday, November 5, 2010

back stuff- double chokes, n/s series

1. choke on both sides- if they defend choke, sneak other arm over shoulder and switch sides. back and forth as needed.

2. from n/s- isolate arm on near side (in between elbow/hip) and use hand near hip to pull out tail of gi. hand to crossface arm. 2 on 1 on tail, pull taunt. hoist opponent up on side, insert nearside hook, drag them to the back. options--> RNC, crucifix, crucifix armlock with legs, arm triangle, etc. many attacks.

crucifix finishes- shift hips under them and get opponent's head on the mat to expose neck. attack neck. or attack arm with legs. must switch legs depending on straight arm vs. bent arm resistance.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

guillotine/head and arm setups

1. from clinch- deep underhook and neck tie, forehead to temple- snap down and get chest over head. head and arm control from feet or to knees. guillotine option.

2. from #1- they exchange head position- snap into guillotine (ten finger).

3. from head and arm control (opp. on knees)- guillotine, head and arm choke (darce or anaconda), or take the back. to take the back- snap deeper, shoot knee across (prevents defense) and attack the back.

4. from flattened butterfly- forearm in throat, use forearm and bf hooks to load them on top of you (new detail) and then kick back. foot in hip (same side as forearm in throat). snap into guillotine (redirect them off-center- KEY), take foot off hip and tuck under you (base- weight shifts to foot on hip/guillotine side), jump up to head/arm control or guillotine. do not use hands to get up.

Monday, November 1, 2010

spider guard

*toreando recovery- bridge and push head to floor
*backside pass recovery- hand in collar and scoot hips out, square up

1. spider recovery- leg cross- keep sleeve on freed foot, post freed foot on mat, roll of shoulders and square up. replace spider.

2. omoplata off spider- hand in hip pocket, hips up, chop down and finish.

3. spider control- lasso drill. extend leg on side where they are passing and lasso the near side arm.

4. spider lasso to triangle- unwind lasso, plant freed lasso foot on hip, snatch the triangle.

5. spider control- lasso and bring knees to chest. they can't back out by standing tall- they end up carrying your weight. if you extend legs, they can easily back out by standing up.

6. spider recovery- they sit you up by backing away- keep one foot in bicep, one between legs- forcefully kick them over your head and into spider/foot lock x-guard. take foot off bicep, switch hand to collar, both feet on hips- tomo nage. if they posture up- ankle sweep.

connections- cobrinha elbow attacks. spider/dlr?

ask about later- double unders