Monday, June 30, 2008

staying sharp

pm class


-put self in a triangle pass (could be disaster if you do it wrong)
-hip bump sweep to high mount
-mount to collar choke w/arm at back of neck off of upa



-very aggressive
-thinking progress and finish
-sweeps were clean
-passes were good- fast and tight intermixed.
-top control was suffocating
-strong from top and bottom. didn't get passed, swept, or tapped all night (all blue and white belts, though).
-knee on stomach setups
-variety of submissions- spinning arm lock, triangle, kimura, collar choke, bow and arrow, arm lock from top, arm triangle, baseball bat choke, etc.
-spider guard used to set up x-guard- if you spider, they will likely stand
-the little stand up i did. good clinch control. causing them to step. aggressive ankle pick, but didn't finish it.

to work on-
-healing foot
-stand up
-takedown defense
-continue to be aggressive

Dan Gable: Standing Position (Wrestling Essentials Series)

vid notes-

-leg attacks
-go behinds
-push/pull- snaps
-various finishes from all moves
-key move list (see bottom)

overall- lots of good ideas, but my wrestling skills aren't good enough to incorporate all the variations. gotta work on the fundamentals.


wrestling on feet

good stance and setups, form are important

wrestler must also be prepared to fend off and score off of attacks



stance, position, movement, faking

key to all offensive/defensive skills is stance
hips under, legs under them
hands down
heads fairly up
using own position to feel comfortable

european stance- more bent over at head, staggered more, hips bent over more (think cobrinha)

greco roman stance- more upright- using hips (can't attack lower body in greco)

stance in motion drill
circling, stalking, backing up, body faking
combine with knock out (sprawl on one side)
hip heist (sit through)

good stance with fake and motion opens up numerous opportunities while limiting opponent's scoring attempts

good pummeler makes scoring look easy

speed, power, and motion

hand fighting

sumo drill-move opponent out of circle or snap them to mat

ties and snaps

good tie can create snapping and go-behind opportunities
collar inside tie- strong push/pull
underhook/wrist- pushes in, reaches in, snaps, go behind
sort penetration with tie arm is important
front headlock tie-push in, snap, go behind
tight elbow important

2 on 1 tie
push in, snap, go behind
keep good angle to keep opponent off legs

double inside tie
push, snap, go-behind
most commonly used

use when opponent is pushing in hard
if they aren't pushing in, you push first, then pull and snap down

go behind circle drill
biggest mistake on go behind- only a little weight on near arm ad they can turn



common mistake in shooting- miss shot, reach up (can get whipped over)
correct way- keep arm down, circle out

sprawling and clearing hands
incorporate go-behind drill

sprawl far enough before you go-behind
common error- clear hand before go-behind
hit angle off opponent's shot- don't stop and tie up and then go-around for most part
push in and elongate opponent- snap down

counter to front headlock- 2 on 1 (especially on feet)
also can do quick duck before they get tight
commiting hips to back arch is important to duck under
once front headlock is tight- grab elbow and bend knees to release pressure

need to learn to clear front headlocks from knees
drive into them, slide head out
short drag action is used here
duck from knees also
don't let opponent solidify tie up position

body lock duck drill

double leg attacks
requires penetration and driving
cutting corners
driving leg tackle

1. body faking - get opponent to react
2. elbow post- clears opponent's arms
3. collar and inside tie snap- clear opponent's head out of position
4. underhook and elbow post- opens up legs

-head to one side, leg on other
-lift opponent into air, circle down- get swing in action
-twist to butt with shoulder in, cover hips
-slide by when opponent sprawls

double jolt drill- when opponent reaches for shoulders- come in and jolt every time
gives opportunity to know we are penetrating

use landing pad for safety

single leg attacks

high single finishes-
-head drive finish
-far knee barzigar finish
-low ankle lift finish
-far knee behind finish
-lift finish

in-out drill
back and forth

knee positions determine where you take opponent

corner cutting drills
pick ankle up as you come around

can also be done from feet

sweep single finishes
-far knee finish- pivot all the way behind
-lift and finish- lift opponent's leg off head
-head drive finish- get caught, come across and leg drive
-limp arm- out of whizzer

lift drill

head to outside shot
finish- cutting corner

lift finish

low single attacks (john smith)
cut across finish
low single lift
catching heel is a must

go-behind drill when they go low single
hand peel

near arm-far leg - from inside control

also sweep single
fake at knee, head snap


backstep drill-seionage
opponent must push into partner

hip toss- o goshi

headlock hip toss

more key moves

deep penetration and back arch- duck under

duck under
arm drag- swivel at hips
fireman's carry
ankle pick

Sunday, June 29, 2008


sh am class




-arm drag reps
-rock up to take back
-overhook bf sweep
-overhook bf sweep to overhook arm lock
-overhook bf sweep to head kimura to sweep



-overall defense vs. mike. still got worked, but not as bad as normal. put up some counters to kimura, guillotine, and other things that normally wreck me.
-guard recovery vs. mike

to work on-
-take downs. feel much better than a few months ago, but have to continue to get better.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Arm drag and RNC day

been out of training since monday because of a sprained ankle. strangely enough, i felt way better after the break. the increased stand up and clinch knowledge worked very well for butterfly guard, which is sort of a sitting clinch position.

pm no gi

-arm drag to taking the back from bf guard
-bf sweep from collar tie and wrist control- bring on top, kick out post, sweep over
-brabo from half guard- (finishing detail- sprawl leg close to head)
-brabo counter- trap arm, underhook leg, pendulum legs and sweep over



-bf guard passing
-general top game base

-bf guard control
-x-guard sweep
-side control game
-choke combo- n/s guillotine/brabo/etc

-hand fighting and inside clinch fighting!
-defense from arm triangle
-passing posture from standing/top game base

-arm drags to taking the back
-back control
-rnc series
-10+ RNC finishes during sparring today
-strong bf sweep

-overall aggressiveness is up
-taking control of matches well and applying pressure (mental and literal)

to work on-

-different paths to the back. practice the back again.
-stand up (when foot is better)
-continue to stay aggressive and execute moves when in position
-work on timing and sensitivity on techniques already comfortable with.
-work on bad sides on people you can dominate
-work on escapes with people who don't pose a threat? maybe after the aggressive streak naturally changes to something else.

Randy Couture: Closing the Distance

vid notes

key ideas
-controlling distance- using footwork
-level changes- head up, hips in
-duck under, slide by, arm drag
-cooperative state of mind


basic pummeling
drills to establish dominant positions

establish the underhook
control opponent's arms and lines of defense
set up attacks

swimming drill
chest to chest
close proximity
use legs and hips

drill- as they re-pummel, change levels and duck head under arm
redirect elbow, create space for head, change levels with knees (slide down from elbow to wrist)
exaggerate head movement- go through them, not around them
not a real position, just a drill for timing
change levels
be able to attack opponent's body
you can predict what opponent will do
knowledge of how they react in a certain situation

duck under
level change
bending the knees
keeping head up, hips in
moving through opponent's body

slide by
as they re-pummel, redirect arm and trap it to slide
slide head by and trap arm with head
drive ear/head through body
grab behind knee
drive through!

arm drag
as they re-pummel, redirect hand and arm drag
drag and step through opponent

cooperative partners
develop timing, sensitivity, and technique
3 techniques in a row generally

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Randy Couture- Clinch Takedowns: dominant positions

vid notes

main ideas
-clinch takedowns
-dominant positions
-establish inside control and manipulate opponent
-make opponent move, step

key things to integrate-

-inside control
-strong underhooks
-double underhooks- high or low
-using dominant control to make them step
-foot sweep as you make them step
-counter tension- push and pull with upper body


dominant positions

establish inside control-
eliminate lines of defense that opponent has to prevent you from attacking hips and body
eliminate elbow and hand- opponent can use to control you and prevent takedowns
control head- can also prevent you

single underhook
can work and set up opponent from here

not shallow underhook- isolate upper arm
come all the way up and grab with palm on front deltoid (handle)
pull elbow down and into you
eliminates some torquing
can pull them and steer them where you want or create tension in body so they resist-
you use this to open up your techniques

important- your hips and their hips
control that space between you- between hips and leg- danger zone
less important to control if you're pulling, but CRITICAL if you're pushing

once you close the range, hold on to that position

double underhook
want to be either high or low- at neck so they can't bring arms down and lock- stretch them out
or low- capture hips
lock arms on upper back or lower back, avoid the middle back- you will get overhooked

head position becomes important depending on which technique
for most part, you want head close to hand on underhook side
remember to control danger zone
block wrist or inside control- block bicep
counter pressure- pushing on bicep and pulling on underhook

far side duck under
opponent will be trying to free arm- use that energy to duck under
drive head through body, as you come around corner- attack hip
don't pick up LEG, pick up HIPS- their center
level change with knees, not bending at waist
explode and pull with underhook- pull with shoulder and rotate back to floor
come to cross side
can possibly slam the crap out of them

near side duck under-
raise elbow and create space on underhook side
level change- bend at knees
rotate head through hole you've created
drive up and in to opponent- go THROUGH them, not around them
grab shoulder and pull

slide by (double leg setup)
create tension- jack underhook up and lean them over
most people- when you push in to them, they will push back
use momentum to execute this technique
head away from underhook- like bf sweep
steer them up- as they resist and steer back upright, release pressure
time slide by with release of pressure
put ear where hand was
underhook hand drops to far knee
drive head laterally though body- not straight back
-create tension, release, level change, drive head laterally through body, straighten bottom arm and drive shoulder into stomach

simple techniques- if you miss it, you're not in a lot of danger
low risk techniques!

foot sweep
low risk is the key
pulling and circling opponent
make them step how you want them to step, react how you want them to react
circle away, they step to keep you in front of them
as you see the leg step, foot sweep at the ankle
timing is key
catch foot BEFORE it's planted

high single leg
make them step towards you
level change, shrug shoulder up over head (like shot put)
change levels and squat
pick up hip, not leg
head up, hips in
lift, head drives into chest, back leg cuts back of thigh
they topple over backwards- counter pressure of head and knee
shrug backwards

inside trip (one of basic judo trips)
make them step towards underhook
take head towards foot
make triangle with thigh, lower leg, and underhook hand

knee block
make them step with far leg (not underhook side)
force step, level change, block knee, drive arm laterally
as you knee block, toriani to the ground
may take you a few tries
explosive- drive through

body lock
capture hips and body lock them to mat
foot comes around on underhook side- knee digs into back of knee- push them over
rotate back leg around (like uchi mata step)
establishing position and executing technique before they do

over under twist
pull with underhook and push on side with overhook hand
coordinate off-balance with hips
step into danger zone for power
twist- rotate them 180 degrees
explode and pop

double underhook twist
lock high
use hips to twist them
step into danger zone, twist and load them onto hips, spin

inside trip can be done from double or single underhook

clinch takedowns
dominant positions

establish inside control and manipulate opponent
make opponent move, step

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Randy Couture- Clinch Fighting

vid notes

main ideas-
-collar tie and underhook is one of best control positions
-always stay in their face- don't let them recover or get balance back

key ideas to integrate-
-dynamic control- move and off-balance opponent at all times
-switching sides
-hendo knee bump
-underhook snap down

important concepts-
-dominant positions
-single underhook
-double underhook
-single collar tie

collar tie + underhook is good

stay in their face, don't give them chance to breathe- they are constantly on defense

collar tie-
try to create angles
forward pressure- elbow down and in, pull head in, move hip towards his hip- create an angle
keep opponent off-balance
the more they try to resist, the more tired they get
more unpredictable
changing sides as they adjust and try to square up
short, intense bursts, get back to control (more striking based tip)
move opponent, keep them off-balance

wrestlers bring a lot of intensity

modify the underhook-
underhook and lock the face
counter pressure from collar tie
pull body into you, push face away from you
cover nose and mouth (not sure if legal in bjj/grappling)
they go to peel hand off- bump and shrug- get to back- ride them to ground

off-balance move
hips in
control danger zone
plant foot right inside his foot
knee against thigh
bump the leg out at an angle (like hendo move)
as you bump the leg out, take a half a step back and snap them down with underhook
bump leg out and pound upper body forward, take half a step back
can do from overhook/outside control as well
they push to get underhook- bump knee out, snap down move
don't wait until they get underhook deep at shoulder

also bump and pound opposite leg
once you get timing and feel of it, it happens pretty frequently

countering double collar tie-
bump elbow block to underhook- come across and bump, shrug shoulder and get under
keep head up, hips in
move in to close space
turtle your neck, bring hips in, stand up straight

also, can grab and pinch elbows together, crowd them

grab neck and force hips into body
reach around and grab far ear, pop hip into their hip, pop hand off

shoulder punch
bring shoulder back and forward (is this legal?)
don't use as strike in grappling- use to off-balance and move them

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dan Henderson: The Clinch

vid notes

main ideas-

-strong clinch is a good position to dominate and take down opponent
-familiarity with positioning will put you at a great advantage

key ideas to integrate-
-strong underhook
-hips in, chest to chest
-controlling mid zone, circling to off-balance opponent
-knee bump move

closing the gap-
grab wrist into underhook
stay tight, hips in

pummeling drill
work to get guy off balance

don't have hips out
keep them in
control underhook and wrist

establish good underhook-
reach all the way over and grab shoulder from top
keep arm in bend of your arm
suck it in tight
pinch ear over or chin to trap arm

good overhook

clearing the underhook-
take other hand and pop in chest
swim arm over- up by ear and under

leg positioning-
control the middle zone
foot inside instep

knee bumps- knee next to knee
bend knee and bump- use underhook to snap them down
from overhook- bring out and bump shoulder

step to the outside to make him move
get him off balance

double underhook
keep hips tight to opponent
control middle area
step outside leg to make him off-balance
don't just push on them
if they get double over hooks- knee bump and take out one underhook

takedowns from the clinch
double underhook twist
step one leg in heel to heel, hips tight, chest to chest
explode and twist
step and explode off step
unlock hands and grab back- pull them into you

under and overhook twist
get used to where weight is
move them a bit
step and pull towards underhook
key to move- chest to chest
step out to finish

body lock- drop to knee
circle them to you on overhook side
big step around leg on overhook side
turn foot at angle
put all weight on that leg
take other leg and step behind- like uchi mata step
take knee with outside leg
common mistake- not putting weight on stepping leg
move body and get him off balance
make him carry your weight

can do move to either side- but better to overhook- you land in better position
good to combo- if they step away from overhook side, go to underhook side
add explosive hip pop for added effect
almost like a throw

pinch head lock
get their head on side of underhook
palm up- free hand clasps underhook hand
pinch everything tight- use head to help
pull head down- steering wheel
outside knee pivot out (knee slide pass in air as you land)
if you don't pivot foot correctly, you end up in half or full guard

if head on other side-
keep foot stepped in
deep underhook
reach over head and touch ear on other side
pull head tight to chest- turns them towards you- keep tight!
throw shoulder over head
lock headlock/arm triangle
finish like previous move

cross knee pick
circle opponent over and pick knee, run them down
change levels a bit as they step
hop step back with rear leg
grab leg right behind knee
run through body and block leg so they don't step
walk around like toriani
keep hand on knee until you pass to side control

outside duck
on underhook side-
knee bump
slide arm down to tricep, walk backwards- your elbow pointing straight to mat
neck on arm- circle around
insert head through armpit
control wrist
pop shoulder and transition to back
they often try and pull guard as you get behind them
keep ahold of far hip and walk legs around

regular duck under
on underhook side
get them to push into you a bit
step back, change levels, elevate arm, duck under
reach above neck if you want to trap head- arm triangle
otherwise grab around and control wrist

can also go towards wrist control side

stay tight- control and get opponent off-balance

John Smith- set ups and tie ups: being effective from your feet

video notes-

main ideas-
-elbow control and inside control can be used both offensively and defensively for setups
-set up before takedown
-don't penetrate unless you feel comfortable
-you will get controlled by a good opponent at some time during the match. the key is getting out and being able to develop setups from there

key ideas to integrate-
-strong elbow control, manipulations
-shoulder roll/thumb break
-alternative ways to get out of neck tie and 2 on 1 (hip to hip)
-alternative underhook re-pummel
-head control- always move the head- no stagnant neck tie

John Smith- Set ups and Tie ups: Being effective from your feet

Elbow control-
Opponent grabs your head
Use tie up to set up shots and attacks

Control above elbow- really low tricep
Roll wrist under and grip
- takes away penetration
- your elbow takes arm in- wrist over top of shoulder

on opposite side- control inside bicep

if opponent snaps you down, come inside and crowd them

develop power- lat pulls and dumbbell rows- elbow inside (remember Demian Maia)

Two elbow control
Same as one

Vs. inside bicep post- can prevent you from shooting
“break the thumb” – roll shoulder and pop thumb off by pulling arm in
Switching head to opposite side gives you more space to clear thumb off

Set ups-
Come off the elbow
Make sure you post on opposite side
Pull elbow and roll- Penetrate and rotate underneath half turn- high-c or double leg

Drop and pass the elbow-
Change levels and pass elbow over head
Opens up the shot
Often there when people are heavy on the head

Elbow hyperextension-
Drive it in- they pull it back out
You react and set up the takedown
Can go to duck under- but change other side to thumb over tricep

Back and pass the elbow- from arm post
Small step back and extend arm across (like arm drag)- drive elbow across

Vs. over the top- from arm post to tricep control over top
Pull elbow to you- roll shoulder and break thumb

Head control-
Go to when opponent on inside control
Always go wrist deep- move head and pull down- don’t just sit there
Come down and roll wrist over top of head- they need to re-route out other side-
Penetrate and shoot

All set ups should be quick!

Steering wheel-
Club and pinch his head to own elbow
They pull back up- you penetrate and shoot- duck under is good here

Duck under- pull up and roll elbow- other side goes monkey grip over tricep and pulls down

When you go to the head, always move it!

Vs. inside control-
Slap down drag
Switch quickly to forearm over wrist- slap wrist down and arm drag

Inside control-
Thumb inside or rotating thumb over top
Usually thumb inside- block position
Thumb outside- monkey grip- more pulling

Work the head-
Pull the arm across and pass- like snap down on arm
Circle towards side you’re penetrating
Can also steering wheel from here

Vs. an inside post- bump up with elbow and penetrate high-c or double

Two inside control-
Hard to penetrate from here
Pull and penetrate to single
Or pull, pass, and double

From two inside- switch to wrist
Watch arm drag! React right away
Roll under and drive wrist past leg- snatch single
Can also switch to snap down- like basketball pivot step

Counter defense

A good opponent will take control at some point

Vs. and underhook-
Do not get stood up- unless you are good at throws

Put pressure on underhook- pinch elbow to body
Get inside control on opposite side
Bury head in- jam to shoulder/jaw
Jam hand in to leg-karate chop- back hips away, pummel back inside and get underhook

Don’t penetrate unless you feel comfortable
Build setups and confidence
If you don’t have that, you don’t shoot

Vs. 2 on 1
Don’t try and run and circle
Close the gap, Control far elbow and hyperextend out, drive wrist to chest and down

Digging inside- close gap and dig inside- pry arm off

Have to clear dominant positions and get back into position to score

Monday, June 23, 2008

stepping up the intensity

pm class

-high kos arm lock from overhook (sitting mount?)
-gimmicky kimura bicep slicer
-arm drag to butterfly sweep; follow up to leg post counter
-arm drag to underneath butterfly sweep on either side (ricardo special)


-higher intensity rolls today. nothing lazy at all. looking to sweep, pass, control, finish. no more lazy rolling.
-gotta start running over people.
-guillotine from half guard is good- they will often leave the neck out
-x-guard was generally good
-knee slide to over/under variation
-almost got arm-in guillotine on a high level person

to work on-
-footlock defense
-sweeps from arm-in guillotine
-getting underneath crossface from x-guard and footlock x-guard

Sunday, June 22, 2008

sh butterfly, taking the back

sh training

-arm drag to the back
-butterfly guard sweep
-butterfly rock up to take the back
-rnc entry


-practice perfect rnc entry

-x-guard generally good

-reminder- kimura, americana, arm triangle escapes
-sweeps- pendulum, scissor, hip bump

Friday, June 20, 2008

brabo from side control

pm no gi


-from side control- clear arm, use hip to pin to head. insert arm like n/s guillotine, rotate around and cup elbow to prevent from coming out. adjust and lock the triangle, finish from side control on opposite side.



-attacks from butterfly guard
-arm-in guillotine
-rubber guard to omoplata
-overall guard control

-passing series to some extent
-marcelo pass to half guard
-kimura from half guard- palm grip
-sweep prevention?

-back control

to work on-
-more control when passing
-more pressure when passing
-finishing RNCs on larger and stronger opponents
-aggressiveness? sort of just waiting and reacting. gotta have killer instinct and consistently finish people.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

roll day

pm class


-guard recovery
-tripod to de la riva to either deep half or x-guard, depending how they react

-rani passing posture- if you get swept from half guard, you land in x-guard pretty much.
-knee slide to over/under variation

to work on-
-passing pressure
-from passing posture- getting the leg on shoulder pass when they go to z-guard
-flattening them in butterfly- pulling up the legs before trying to pass

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

reminder to rest

too often i'll end up overtraining and burning out.

i made a deliberate decision to rest today. no conditioning, no rolling.

since it's the middle of the week, it falls nicely as a midway point to break up the intensive training.

gotta remember to rest and take breaks, otherwise training may be counterproductive.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

kimura tricks (gimmicky)

pm class


-kimura to bicep slicer
-kimura to guard bicep slicer



-x-guard entries were nice
-x-guard sweeps were nice as well
-top game was decent part of the time
-knee slide pass on left side is one of my best passes

to work on-
-shutting down open guard- pick a side and shut down right away
-don't allow them to dominate grips
-sweep awareness- dump one way or switch to something else
-find ways to secure underhooks from butterfly guard

stand up

-2 on 1 to single leg
-driving head pressure in temple
-snap down pressure was better
-attempted arm drag to single leg
-outside sweeping single leg
-hit a double leg from my knees!
-foot sweeps are good to help setups

to work on-
-more pressure on crown of head
-more physical with neck tie
-work clinch in somehow
-work on off-balancing opponent and getting them to load weight
-work on ankle pick

am conditioning

10 laps in pool

Monday, June 16, 2008

conditioning this morning


kb swings
pull ups

10 laps swimming

nice way to ease into it. gotta do some conditioning each morning this summer.

GB butterfly sweeps/some good stand up tips

coincidentally the same thing at SH

pm class


-bf sweep- lapel and overhook- pull opponent on top and kick out knee
-overhead bf sweep
-overhead bf sweep- switch to kick out sweep in air

-bf pass- like jacare- drive knee down on underhooked side, kick far leg out, switch hips, and pass

keys- flare out opponent's elbows

reminder- duck under from rock up bf from sim



-no more mental lapses
-"finish" mantra in head as soon as passed to side control. constantly repeating "finish," which is helping me focus on getting the sub vs. just positionally jacking them
-aggressiveness is up

-sweep defense is okay
-guard passing defense is good

to work on-
-aggressiveness with control
-pressure and breakdowns
-more finishes from side control

-combo attacks with guard pass defense- guillotines, kimuras, arm drags, sweeps, etc.

-arm lock defense- push up on leg over face to ease pressure, and then pendulum legs and technical stand to stack.


stand up-

-foot sweeps are working in nicely to keep it unpredictable


2 on 1-
-hold at opposite ends of arm- at wrist and at armpit for more pressure
-sometimes just control wrist and duck head out instead of always shrug away to 2 on 1- less chances for singles
-as before- if they pull out of 2 on 1, shoot the single

neck tie-

-snap down pressure, but also look for them to step
-low sweeping single leg away from neck tie hand
-make them step with neck tie and ankle pick towards neck tie hand

-vs. high collar grab-
-collar grab underneath and flare out elbow
-high c? must get good to do them

-it's all angles with a lot of these things

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Butterfly sweeps

sh training

butterfly sweeps

-arm drag
-butterfly elevator (note difference in underhook- deep and pinching over hand with chin)
-butterfly elevator 2- they counter by posting with foot- you bring knee to chest and trip basing food with free leg
-butterfly crucifix- they counter elevator and have head next to your arm- take arm off wrist and guillotine crucifix over neck, driving head through and finish the sweep
-shoulder crank elevator- from underhook position- pinch elbows together and torque shoulder- get bicep to bicep



-butterfly sweeps are coming better after the drills and reps
-finding a place for deep half


stand up-

-starting to attack combos off the 2 on 1
-utilizing lots of foot sweeps in setups

-need to dominate opponent more in clinch
-more snap downs
-driving crown of head into temple
-must drive opponent off-balance before attempting takedowns- otherwise they have 100% of defense available

Saturday, June 14, 2008

start of conditioning

beginning of conditioning

-relay race w/ 25 lb plate
-5-5-5-5-5 squats with 95 lbs

Friday, June 13, 2008

Butterfly guard, darce

pm no gi


-bf guard sweep
diagonal theory, double underhook breakdown

from turtle and then side control finish. extra- sit out brabo; roll over to side control


-flowing very nicely and winning scrambles
-x-guard to de la riva to knee bar
-foot sweep attempts from standing
-deep half flow incorporated into the open guard game at a point

to work on-
-seemed to give up lots of space today. sort of playful, but need to shut it down when the time comes.
-more arm drags from butterfly
-higher percentage finish for x-guard sweeps. gotta control them all the way to their back.


-sprawl defense
-guillotine off the double leg- high % tonight
-single leg defense was okay

to work on-
-hand fighting and elbow control
-better single leg defense
-work on sprawl/crossface
-more setups and attacks off of opponent's mistakes

final seminar day

am class

-hip bump counter to take the back
-bow and arrow choke
-guillotine counter- overhead sweep
-guillotine counter- standing crossface, walk around and buckle knee with own leg


got to practice my attacks vs. newbies, and learned a few things.

-double leg hole- i'm not chopping the opposite leg well enough as i try to finish the double. gotta work on it.
-arm lock from side control- need to seize it and take it when it's there- at least be able to if i want. lately just letting it sit there.

did a few kb exercises this morning. gotta get back on track.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sluggish roll day

pm class

-patience when passing?
-recognized manny's half guard sweep- roll over shoulder as weight comes down in half guard and about to pass

to work on-
-aggressiveness was down
-seizing the underhook on the leg before beginning the knee slide
-knee slide to over/under
-pinning the leg when passing
-triangle escapes
-arm lock escapes

overall, didn't do too great. perhaps a reflection of my energy level the whole day- i mainly slept, took naps, watched movies, etc.

i need to get back on track with conditioning.

gotta roll more assertively.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mount refreshers. Also some mini stand up break throughs

pm class

-mounting from kos
-mounting from reverse kesa

mount drill

-decent base
-flow between positions
-starting to attack arms and get out of posture, but need to bring to the next level
-deep half and x-guard setups
-deep half- club back of far leg with arm to rock base and then readjust

to work on-
-grab lapel/forearm in throat


-defense vs. toriani, x-guard setups
-top pressure

-open guard control and recovery
-open guard sweep at the right time

-getting deeper into the armlock counter (RNC grip is coming auto)
-deep half- switching over when they try to sweep

to work on-
-passing vs. de la riva (sitting)
-arm lock escape- propping up back, maintaining stack and preventing them from getting out from underneath
-more pressure and patience when passing
-work on rani 3 pass series
-work on marcelo pass


-trying setups- 2 on 1 to single
-more aggressive with openings
-single leg to snap down to guillotine
-attempted snap down to double leg, and it actually worked
-shooting at single leg more often when i see windows
-attempting to circle, but need to work on it

to work on-
-sprawl and crossface
-gi grips and breaking
-arm drags! hard to do when they always try to break out and don't let you grab.
-need to better hand/elbow control
-use foot sweeps more effectively
-use double unders more effectively

generally feeling much better on feet. for some reason feel more secure with no gi standing vs. gi standing (wrestling vs. judo, i guess?). gotta keep practicing after class, and in a few months hopefully i'll at least have a basic level game to defend well and threaten takedowns if i need points.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Putting it together slowly

pm class


same as yesterday

-scissor variation- push knee with foot
-self reminder- saulo's guard opener- from staggered hands on lapel and belt line- circle leg out, pop back to open.



-passing was good- trying to lean more weight and destroy legs
-comboing between marcelo pass and knee slide/leg on shoulder/over-under pass. also insert scissor pass where necessary, and add toriani for good measure if needed.
-knee to butt move
-side control was decent. must attack more assertively.
-butterfly passing was better. trying more stuff since i've been working on the series.
-from butterfly- loop choke- shoulder roll to side of trapped arm. easy pass and escape from choke.
-okay pressure and patience with passing- better than yesterday at least
-x-guard sweep- stand up
-overhook to prevent the half guard sweep at times
-overhoook, sprawl to get out of the shot. next time follow up with attack right away.
-scissor pass to knee slide- take out weaved arm and place on hip for the low underhook, switch to penetrating knee

to work on-
-seize and keep underhook when passing. i was able to pass often, but left the underhook behind and couldn't finish or got reversed
-arm posture in guard- vs. huge and overpowering opponents- don't let them cross your arms, and especially trap one across neck.
-more pressure when passing
-more patience when passing
-more pressure from side control
-attacks from side control.
-attacking posture with shoulders/head while passing
-do something with deep half guard!

generally did well vs. same size opponents. did decent vs. larger and more powerful opponents- managed to survive and not get passed at least. need to be more aggressive vs. them, but don't want to get injured. did decent vs. larger and more experienced opponent, but need to work on seizing the underhook to finish the passes.

major areas of focus-
-passing the guard- marcelo pass, rani pass series, scissor pass.
-deep half guard entries and sweeps
-x-guard, as always.

gameplan- submit opponent from guard, or sweep if available. sweep opponent from open guards. pass guard, grind down opponent and finish in either half guard or side control. take back if available. use mount to set up taking the back- or to set up other attacks. mobile (yet tight) top game with lots of knee on stomach. still have to work out the standing part. look to guillotine, arm triangle, kimura from many positions to finish the fight at all times. use these to sweep if necessary.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Ground fighting seminar

am class

part of ground fighting seminar


-guard basics- 3 control points
-scissor sweep
-arm bar from guard
-pin arm and stand up guard pass


guard drill

-my jiu jitsu works against clueless but bigger people. good to know, i suppose.
-guard posture was good

to work on-
-winning scrambles?

did a fine job.


rolling with tony

-3 pass series is very effective
-more insistence with passes instead of abandoning right away
-passing is generally good
-x-guard sweeps are good, just have to destroy base better

to work on-
-countering z-guard/cross guard back and forth sweep
-finishing from side control when i have it
-escaping the back

Sunday, June 8, 2008

SH after-yoga class

SH am class


bf passing

-kick one leg out, 2 on 1 shin, step up and pinch leg between legs, crossface, switch hips, pass

-thread arm through and grab foot, they turn into you, you club the back of head and bring head to knees, pass.

-shoulder roll and chop leg down

-rise up, club leg to side, roll over at angle with torso

drill notes-
-combo moves for maximum effectiveness


other tidbits-
-from bf passing stance- lift opponent slightly, put fist under back just above hip
-de la riva- enter from tripod sweep control
-de la riva- kick away leg, switch to leg kicking away torso, stand up and single leg. must time so you single as they step away, not when they are squared up and ready to sprawl on you
-RNC-remember baseball bat breaker
-twisting kimura- low, towards wrist

Friday, June 6, 2008

Refreshers from Mike


-2 on 1- if they rip out, go to single leg
-neck tie- change levels, lean weight on crown of head


-rani yahya combo- knee slide, leg on shoulder, over/under. repeat as needed.
-marcelo pass- head across on other side, sprawl out hips and force half guard
-patience- some good passes take up to 2 mins to complete. don't abandon so quickly.

defending the pass-

-x-guard- if they base next to head- grab ankle and go shin in bend of knee. if they stand, lock up x-guard
-deep half- sweep to single leg- get head on inside
-to stop deep half- first attack arm. then possibly attack guillotine.
-z guard series- pin wrist to hip, prepare to replace


-triangle- to prevent forearm in throat- own arm across neck
-rnc- head on opposite side of back arm
-bf pummeling killer- straight arm/shoulder lock, stand up and pass.

Butterfly pass series

am class

(i taught)


-bf pass #1- hand on belt line, elbow parallel to femur, kick leg out and collapse hook, transfer to 2 on 1 on other shin, step over and pinch leg, switch hips and complete the pass

-bf pass #2- grab foot underneath hook, club over head, bring head to knees, switch hips and pass- use wrestler's cradle, guillotine, etc. if desired

-bf pass #3- switch head to opposite passing side, drive shoulder to ground and shoulder roll over.

-bf pass #4- rise up, club legs together, rotate torso over and collapse legs. replace hand in bend of knees, come around and complete the pass.

open guard drill

-good passing generally
-good use of speed

need to work on-
-pressure when passing
-comboing passes together
-on bottom- finishing x-guard- stand right away
-bf posture- underhooks, driving forward, etc.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

More rolling

pm class

guard drill-

-crisp combos
-stuffed kimura to hip bump (re-kimura or guillotine option)
-arm bar to omoplata to gogoplata
-clean pendulum sweep
-triangle to arm lock

to work on-
-collar chokes?
-arm bar finish? get higher % finish


-passing- beginning to use over/under pass again

-x-guard sweep
-beginning to re-integrate x-guard, tripod into game. should look to submit in closed guard, look to sweep from open guards, look to recover closed guard from half guard.
-pass defense vs. over/under and leg on shoulder combos

-getting past arm frame- leaning on weak parts, anchoring on shoulder, drawing self in
-arm triangle setup, just didn't finish fully
-side control pressure was decent today.
-getting back more often. although it hasn't been a focus lately, i need to always stay sharp with it.

to work on-
-over/under pass. must master it.
-passing both sides, switching around
-stay tighter with passes
-destroy legs better
-return of the jacare hip switch passing?
-from toriani/kos style passing- destroying the arm frame, establishing side control

-finishing strong from side control

-side mount escapes! especially against heavy, dominating opponents

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Roll day

pm class

lots of rolling

guard drill

-generally okay base
-scissor pass posture- club head, crown in chin

to work on-
-pinning bottom leg in guard pass trigger position- knee over leg, underhook other leg
-standing out of guard when they grab collar from scissor setup
-pinning arm and standing straight up- pause creating openings for them
-must be able to arm lock every single time on lesser opponents
-sweep/submission combos and timing
-return to toriani passing eventually. lately i'm doing inside passes. gotta work on both.


-triangle setups from guard
-general guard control- didn't get passed and always threatening sweep or submission
-x-guard entries and sweeps
-de la riva sweep (often off of x-guard)- hyperextend knee and take back
-brabo from anaconda setup

to work on-
-return to spider setups
-combining closed guard with open guard. lately it's either/or. gotta find a good balance.
-2 on 1 control
-no real openings for deep half guard today- they need to be passing at an angle rather than squared up. vs. toriani- x-guard, de la riva, tripod. vs. knee slide- deep half.

stand up

-neck tie control was better today
-driving head with neck tie
-attempted to shoot
-snatched some single legs, but didn't finish how i wanted
-started breaking grips and re-engaging

to work on-
-more snap downs
-more foot sweeps
-finishing the shot (easier said than done)
-single leg- finish with high leg as opposed to running the pipe
-arm drags- non existent lately!
-2 on 1 control

generally getting more comfortable on the feet. gotta establish good defense and base, and then i'll start off-balancing opponent and attacking.

Monday, June 2, 2008

New Gracie Barra building!

first night at gracie barra's new location. much more mat space, and a much nicer school.

pm class

-staggered hands to open guard, kick back pass
-control one arm and stand up, open guard and go leg on shoulder pass


pm class

-hip escape to replace guard from side control
-running man escape from side control- hand next to hip and crossface on jaw


-deep half guard setups
-one deep half guard sweep from back door
-arm bars from closed guard
-mobile top game- side control, kos, mount, side control, etc.

to work on-
-x-guard entries from deep half guard
-x-guard sweeps
-deep half guard sweeps
-pressure when passing
-pressure from top
-passing vs. de la riva (on mark mainly)
-completing the pass

trained twice today after a long day of work. not at my physical best, but it's one of those nights wehre i had to just push through.