Monday, November 21, 2011

shoulder clip/berim...

shoulder clip-
trap elbow across
shoulder clip- thighs together, knees in.

extend hips before passing over leg.

tip over towards head vs. resistance.

rock back and forth as you extend armlock.


1. to back
2. to leg drag
3. to mount

1. clamp leg down. catch on hook and extend.
2. toes on mat to get more momentum in spin. shin deep on x.
3. they scoot out- leg goes under and roll to mount.


vs. berimbolo counter- opposite side face and roll

berimbolo counters-
1. leg grip and shin (from sat.)
2. scoot hips and re-take back
3. keep spinning under infinitely

Saturday, November 19, 2011

2 passes from Bruno

1. over/under from reverse dlr.

underhook: shoulder deep. collar grip. ear tight to thigh.
pants grip: underneath knee.

elbows tight.

shuffle over to flatten back as you stuff knee. pinch your knees over their knee and keep walking to release the hook. hips square (don't switch hips). trapped leg kicks up and comes underneath.

finish the pass.

2. spider with lasso pass.

base low: hips low and sunk back. arms relaxed (no grips)

shuffle to center. roll wrist underneath on bicep side. grab shin.

suck elbow in tight on lasso side. shoulder pressure on shin and then back of knee to make their leg cross the center plane. switch head to opposite side of knee and smash legs down to leg drag position.

deep lasso: walk back
shallow lasso: walk to side

weave hand underneath and inch up mat to release spider grip. or switch hooks and extend leg before walking hand up to release grip.


spider grip - hook grip and then punch down (fist/knuckles down)

vs. guard pull- anticipate and quickly pass. get comfortable base or pass quickly.

vs. sitting single leg- control foot and put in hip pocket. armpit/collar control. stuff between legs and begin the pass.

vs. reverse dlr- hands on mat and switch sides. cross knee to quarter mountish position. float over, cross legs, etc.

reverse dlr vs. driving pass: ankle grip. use hooks to create space and then switch to kiss of dragon. can't just go to kiss of dragon.

vs. berimbolo- opposite pants control. hook shin and pull inward. hand on mat as you escape hip and forcefully release their dlr hook. dlr hook them back. switch grip to pants and belt. lean on side, suck hooks in, release toes to mat and leg drag. leg drag straight back, not to the side.

**focus: keep head lower when passing.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Davi workshop

from reverse dlr passing:

1. underhook leg. shoulder pressure. downward grip and then twist thumb up. they try to weave leg- catch and redirect to mat. raise hips up slightly and switch legs to leg drag position. push ankle while pulling hip. elbow tight as you finish the pass.

2. same setup as #1, but you push hook in and release the hook. step back in to trap the hook. over/under variation.

dlr passing -

1. sit to calf lock. they try to come up- spin under, release lock and take the back.
2. sit to calf lock. they stay down- reach behind head and leg drag.

kiss of dragon stuff-
1. kiss of dragon to reverse x guard. they stand- kick and standing x guard sweep.
2. they base on knee- switch grip on knee, kick leg out and sweep over to back. base up to leg drag.
3. they sit to hip and hand- sit up, cup hip, stand up and base to leg drag.

toe hold from 50/50 setup-

adjust leg to middle of chest. push lock down and turn out, briefly exposing your back and giving up calf lock. as they sit up you scoot hip back and dive for toe hold. adjust grip. one elbow comes up and the other drops as you rotate over.


opening up the underhook from reverse dlr- pin ankle to butt and then push out.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Bruno leg drag

squat stance
break collar and then clear dlr hook (standing: quick pop out. or quick kneel to other arm helps to disarm)
lean weight on knee and open the angle your knee
sole of foot stays in contact with ground (whole sole- do not lean on toes)
heel of palm collar grip to pin them to ground
outside pants grip

a) they do not put pressure on your hip- pop hip and drag

b) they put pressure on your hip- slight back step (not too much) and drag across
*drag straight across, not crescent like before

-->either drop straight to knees or inward knee pressure/toes point towards opponent's hip

keep pants grip
transfer to collar grip
open your knee and plant on mat
hook instep to prevent 50/50 recovery
*best with both knees on mat- adjust to sink lower to plant second knee
smash their knees down
belt grip or horse collar grip
pressure on hips/leg, not high on head/shoulders

head position: either spearing them in the chin or on far shoulder (think about the end of the pass)

1) high knee in armpit. grab crossface over the arm and pressure with shoulder. switch grip to smash the legs down and complete the pass.

2) keep horse collar and use shoulder to prop them up. get head on other side of arm. chin tight on other side of shoulder. seatbelt grip. hip ride/back take position. either insert bottom hook as they turtle or insert top hook and roll them the other way.


leg drag counters-
-elbow on mat, shrimp out
-50/50 if the leg is loose
-tripod up and weave top leg back into play
-weave bottom leg over into spider play before they settle the knee and smash you down


passing stuff-
-never leave the knee open when passing half guard positions.
-pinch knees, knee in hip (with hip switch), or knee in armpit
-work on shoulder crossface with lapel tail

vs. deep half
-walk foot to butt. inward knee pressure. either crossface/sprawl underhooked leg back or jump head. open knee slightly to create space before jumping head.

vs. deep half with lapel grip
-grab own lapel end with two hands and yank up to strip

vs. bernardo faria sweep
-break grip on leg side first and then head side next

vs. faria sweep when you can't break the grips
-something to do with jumping your hip to the other side as they come up. switch your base?

vs. deep half to shins in bend of knee with ankle grip
-strip ankle, windshield wiper the leg back and hook over the shins with your instep. come to side or jump to mount


vs. reverse dlr-
-did not go over, but i guarantee that i need to position my free leg better

Friday, August 19, 2011

kiss of the dragon/single leg

from reverse dlr- push off hip to create space, underhook leg, touch opposite leg, spin underneath.

1. take back- belt grab, *open hook towards bend of knee, kick hook out and angle towards hook side. take back.

2. they grab collar and stuff your spin- switch to arm handoff to single leg. stand up and base. two steps to misdirect and then run the pipe.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

reverse dlr passing (no gi)

knee up, knee on mat. thumb up wrist grip (pin to mat). ankle grip.

1. clear hook and hand off. reverse kesa pass.
2. #1, they turn. take the back.
3. #1, but they are holding ankle. switch to leg on shoulder.


*driving pressure with knee
**hook disarm works with gi also
***guillotine head grip

Monday, August 15, 2011

omoplata and monoplata

1. reverse half guard step to monoplata
2. #1 and they come to knees- pressure with knees and roll them to monoplata again.

3. they roll out of an omoplata- cup elbow and re-roll. underhook (put elbow inside), grab wrist, hip away and get the tap.


rodolfo passing stuff- smash dlr with knee, underhook that knee and drive forward to the leg drag position.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ronaldo guillotine

Arm in. Keep neck trapped. Elbow downing crunch in.

1. Raise them up and jump closed guard
2. Knee in and block back
3. They roll- control with hook and then anaconda or roll to mounted guillotine
4. Half guard top- wrap the sub, post head and use instep to free legs. Mount or let them come to shin in guillotine as they rise up
5. Guillotine from closed guard with them standing- hooks in front and rise up to adjust grip.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

New side control escapes

1. They have collar/bottom leg- slightly face away from them and hip escape in. Brace upper body and move upwards to create space. Roll knee in semi circle away and then inside to create wedge. Top hook comes inside as you square up. Can hip out slightly for top hook space. Block bicep. Head away.

2. Same positioning, but you have hand inside bicep. Grab collar with fingers in. Pop up on elbow, angle, and escape hips out.

3. X block, redirect arm, push elbow as you sit up on your elbow and escape hips.


Roll over sweep detail- bring their shoulder to your chest to get the roll going.

Half spider stuff-

Vs standing- try to make them step above head. X or kiss of dragon. Don't lift back off mat if they are standing.

Vs. Crouch or knees- can work the wheel/heel drop stuff.


Turtle vs bodylock

1. Hip out, hook in, x.
2. Sideways shoulder roll
3. Base to Judo throw. Shin step over and then come to other side.

Monday, July 25, 2011

2 on 1 butterfly

Thumb up wrist control
C grip on elbow
Load weight on top

1. Sweep to side of trapped arm
2. They post- kick out leg
3. They post with arm- club over and sweep
4. They post with arm- arm triangle sweep
5. They scoot back out of arm triangle- guillotine series
6. They only let you get wrists- fake lift to hand plant- 10 finger guillotine

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sitting butterfly to X

2 on 1 grip. Pull them to get reaction.

Scoot in and spread hooks at ankles as you push knees/shins. Come up.

Follow up- single leg or footlock x entry depending on leg they give.

Footlock x sweep to follow up- make them step forward and sweep again.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Denilson reverse dlr

1. Enterrada-scoot out, prop up in elbow then hand, foot on knee, escape and collar drag. Single leg or take the back.

2. Kiss of the dragon- weave ankle, come underneath, grab belt with free hand. Pull to you. Collapse knee on weaved grip, extend opposite hook and take the back. Hand to hand.

Also can grab cross hand to prevent block.


Terere pass adjustments- open elbow more on landing. Switch grip and walk in to hips. Hips on mat and then crossface. Or keep leg and pass to the other side as they resist.


Dlr to back- belt grip and ankle weave- take back, grab ankle. Extend and keep hooks. One at a time.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kimura to the back

Half guard to kimura roll.

1. Arm lock
2. Take the back
3. Scissor choke
4. Get back up and kimura

Also from side control, passing, etc.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Bruno F. Reverse dlr

Transition to dlr
Foot push on shoulder to open up hip if necessary

1. Sit up to arm trap. They break: go to far lapel. Grab far knee and return to reverse dlr with hook and instep push. Keep knee grip. Hip out and insert hook below shin. Sweep up and come to knees (head in hip). Stand and go head in shoulder. Step up and circle for the takedown.

2. You can't get hook in. Plant free leg on mat and extend hook as you spin underneath. They will base on hands. Use free leg to sweep out based hand. Come up.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

back escapes/spider guard

back escapes- AM

vs. half back-
1. hips up, hook instep and scoot over. prepare for:
2. they re-take your back on the opposite side- block hook and scoot out. free head and circle towards head. end north/south.


guard recovery stuff.

omoplata/quick arm lock
1. vs. arm inside spider guard. strip grip. both hands go to wrist. hips up and knee/thigh pressure on elbow and wrist pressure out.

vs. collar grip-

1. grab tricep on extended arm. grab cross collar and pull guard with foot on opposite hip. switch collar grip to wrist grip. hips up and thigh comes down on elbow as wrist pushes out. can be done from knees or feet.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Half spider vs. Knee cross pass

Collar/sleeve spider to knee cross entry

1. Grip switch- elbow inside knee(frame), sleeve grip frames leg on bottom. Active hook and foot on instep to control distance.
2. Extend hooks and bottom leg goes on hip. Arm inside. Spider in bicep. Strip grip. Omoplata entry. Pinch knee in! Everything tight.

More spider

Armlock/triangle/omoplata entries

-never 2 feet in biceps if they are standing
-cleared dlr hook can hook other side of leg or go to reverse dlr on other side
-foot in bicep/foot plant/hip scoot to spider footlock x

Waiter counter- inward knee pressure. Grab pants on waist- 4 fingers inside. Jump head. Scoot knee out, lay on side, extend hook and take back.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bruno spider essentials

am class- no gi

1. over/under pass
2. double under to leg drag over neck

1. kimura
2. darce
3. n/s guillotine


-always maintain distance
-never let them put your legs on the floor or in between half guard. never let them underhook legs.
-over/underwith spider- never both over or both under.


1. collar grip- leg plant to hip out, switch grip and foot in bicep
2. collar/sleeve with foot in hip and other foot in bicep- opponent underhooks leg- hip out slightly, weave foot, and put foot in bicep or shoulder. square up and strip grip. start attacking.
3. you can't break grip on pants- lasso leg around, grab elbow and attack omoplata.

other drills-
1. knee passes to leg weave.
2. collar grip with opponent standing (can't break grips)
3. collar/sleeve with all passes and grip breaks.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Lasso Removal

Squat. Knee vs. Foot to angle out. Grab pants. Chest/head theory to clear leg.

Head torpedo.


Toreando knee split
Leg drag
Hip escape knee in counter

Friday, June 24, 2011

Kesa counters

1. Collar feed to leg wrap to mount.
2. Reverse half guard- same move, but switch to back If they counter

Thursday, June 23, 2011


1. Roll over
2. Roll over. They post leg- x variation
3. From #3- they take knee- waiter sweep
4. From them standing- roll over to back take. Keep arm.

1. Half spider sweep- roll over (second variation)
2. Half spider to ankle drop
3. Half spider to x variation

All half spider sweeps can work the same as roll over combos.

Over/under counter

1. Counter to single leg. Brabo finish.
2. Counter to single. They underhook. Elbow in to anaconda finish.
3. Counter to Rnc. Hip out and then shoulder scoot out.
4. Counter and they post leg to block single. Grab hip, scoot out, entangle arm and take back.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ronaldo single leg

Ronaldo C. Class

1. Z guard to lapel feed. Grab cuff. Tight shoulder. Stand to single leg.
2. They post leg- grab knee and hook shin. Butterfly sweep and duck head out. Come to back or pass if they defend the back.
3. They sprawl on you- grab knee, bury head. Tight shoulder. Stand to deadlift position and take them down.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

leg drag/toreando to the back

1. toreando with knee in the middle - exaggerated step. split legs. crossed leg in hip pocket.

2. leg drag - grip, pop hips, drag, collar/belt grip smash.

3. leg drag to the back - parallel shin to spine/hip ride. tight hands to hands grip with neck pressure (in lap). flip collar. kickstand finish. cross feet and extend legs.

4. nearside underhook to bicep smash to the back.

Monday, June 13, 2011


Ramon Lemos class.

1. they keep tight grip and you can't break them down - far hand grabs belt, close hand grabs leg/knee. scoot hip out as you pull the belt and push the knee. finish.

2. they begin to stand - switch lock to over neck for added weight. two hands push arm up opposite the elbow. finish.

3. switch to armlock grip - knee drops to mat, leg weaves over and inside. arch and finish. can weave foot in between legs to trap leg and block the roll. if they roll, finish from the top. leg triangle pressure prevents them from coming up.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

dlr spider omoplata and triangle

from opponent crouching with one knee up-

double sleeve grip
spider in bicep
dlr hook

1. extend hook slightly (knee still bent) to shift opponent's weight
hip out and insert shin to shin hook (flare knee out)
extend hook and open their base

foot to hip - bite down omoplata position
stuff hand to hip
sit up to belt grab
*outside knee below elbow for increased pressure

2. you can't stuff hand to hip-

extend hook, pull sleeve and put foot on hip for the triangle.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

half guard pass to the back

collar and pants cuff grip from crouched half guard pass. (terere pass position)

extend arm and plant foot on mat. knee cross below their knee line and start to walk around. they react- jump to other side, lift leg into lap and smash down with elbow. prepare to take back.


double collar attack- both grips over the shoulder for ambi-choking.

elbow post and skip to finish.


? - if they lock triangle- switch to smash pass?

Monday, May 30, 2011

triangles and armlocks

ramon lemos class-

1. reverse kimura grip triangle
2. side control triangle
3. mounted triangle

4. closed guard armlock - fake choke, load weight towards head
5. side control armlock - elbow inside, grab belt for finish
6. mounted armlock - grab head underneath


side control elbow/knee position - lapel trap, etc.

monoplata from half/quarter guard and from mount recovery - monoplata, armlock, triangle, omoplata, take the back.

Friday, May 20, 2011

mini 50/50 seminar

points vs. advantages
bottom game

1. half spider to inside berimbolo entry - arm inside, sweep
2. deep dlr entry- grab opposite leg, enter and sweep

leg lean posture
1. foot cross (sleeve/lapel grip) to leg drag position

2. from feet- shin down
2a. ary toe hold roll
2b. scoot leg down to bend of knee and lean weight. use elbow to open lock. underhook leg. stay low.

?: vs. stalling leg cross- specific foot work

-push lock down (barely works)
-inside knee pressure
-high 50/50 lock at hips, not below knee

x variation

1. lapel/sleeve grip to knee push sweep
2. they post foot- double hook x-guard entry- pendulum and extend bottom hook (at bend of knee) and come up
3. they stand- x-guard

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spider pass to bicycle kick armlock

Grab wrist of extended leg side.
Walk out
Squat to hook as you sit into an armlock
Pull in as you pass the leg over

Friday, May 6, 2011

durinho double unders

belt grab double unders vs. opponent with toes on mat (langhi guard)

force back take

knees in
chest on hips

switch knee position to side of hip
hand grips on cross knee
shrug down to leg drag
pass to back


think about-
rep atos knee slide variation

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

hand in hip toreando/double unders

grab pants at knee and force to side (strong/weak side theory)
hand in hip
drive forearm into thigh
back take setup

opponent resists hard/hips out/etc-
switch to underhook--> hop to double underhook
pass and force back take


triangle defense-
elbow opens up sideways and blocks hip
chin to chest
other hand grabs pants and shrugs hips down
back out of triangle
set up the pass

leg drag reminder-
-outside grip, POP HIP, and drag across

body style theory

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

double unders

collar/sleeve (collar blocks shoulder)
step opposite sleeve side
elbow tight- keep sleeve
collar hand goes to knee as you stand
double unders
scoop hips towards you (deadlift)- also good with double belt grip to powerbomb position
grab thumb inside towards middle (take slack out of collar)
grab bottom of pants
knee props up under spine
step over arm with shin

armlock finish
triangle finish

Monday, May 2, 2011

tozi pass

from closed guard-

underhook. push down shoulder. shuffle to side. knee in hip. drop hips over calf (make knee/foot touch mat). switch shoulder push down to elbow on opposite side of head. pressure down and donkey kick. sink hips and windshield wipe leg. finish pass.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Random stuff

Lapel shake from collar/sleeve

Foot in shoulder from spider half knee open sweep

Caio counter from knee drive- pinch knees and straighten. Get bottom leg back in play.

Mendes knee drive counter- push hip away with foot and immediately sit to single leg

Roll over sweep to tip over to grip switch to roll over variation.

Andre pass to backside pass- pull leg up and leg drag position

Saturday, April 30, 2011

spider half

1. opponent standing- sweep fake to x-guard variation. use bottom hook to open up leg and insert other leg.

2. from #1- opponent bases on knee near head. waiter sweep towards feet or dump backwards.

3. sleeve/ankle- opponent standing with free leg back- toes on mat, knee pressure/heel drop.

4. sleeve/ankle- opponent with knee down. lasso. push knee out to open up and bring heel towards you.

5. inside berimbolo. a) extend spider hook and use to spin. b) step on spider bicep to elevate hip and use to spin.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Spider half and berimbolo

1. Spider half wheel
2. Wheel to heel drop
3. Lasso with ankle trap. Push knee out and open up. Get on top.

Inside berimbolo-
Toes on mat. Elevate leg with back of thigh. Hook behind knee and then switch to back.

Dlr berimbolo-
Switch hook to bottom leg to block 50/50. Grab collar before coming up.

Gui dlr- super dlr to belt grab to deep dlr. Torque knee and dump over with knee point. Come up to back.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

spider half with one knee up

1. tension in bicep. pop up on elbow. lay back,extend hook, sweep.

2. opponent anchors to ground and you can't do #1. underhook leg like x-guard, extend spider hook and insert knee underneath and point towards sweep. get up for the sweep.

3. opponent steps with leg to block #2. waiter sweep. trap both arms. sweep towards legs or dump back if you can't get far arm. shake them to make them base hands out so you can trap them.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

DLR single leg stuff

collar/sleeve to double sleeve grip

1. dlr to single leg.
2. insert hook. fake sweep and they base. extend hook and take the back.
3. #2 to triangle.

Monday, April 25, 2011

collar/sleeve attacks

collar grip spider drill


collar/sleeve grip

opponent crouching with one knee up

knee outside-
1. spider bicep. opponent grabs knee. release collar and move to elbow. strip grip and pull in. hips up, block face. armlock

2. same as #1 but go to triangle

knee inside-
3. hip out slightly and insert lasso. quickly switch sleeve grip to elbow and kick straight for the omoplata. retain collar. open lapel and feed to pistol grip. grab leg and scoot out.


berimbolo drills

*foot goes below belt grip on hip
*take back if they don't try to face you

Friday, April 22, 2011

DLR passes

Toes out
Small step
Grab collar with hand being controlled
Elbow tight inside knee
Low base

1. Break sleeve grip. Foot drag.
2. Knee dives over knee as you underhook leg. Feed lapel to palm up grip. Knee on mat. Posture up and grab foot behind head. Foot drag down hard.
3. Break sleeve grip. Grab cuff of other leg. Hand slides down pocket and grabs wrist controlling ankle. Step over and stuff foot. Flip hips and drive forehead into center of chest. Switch grip to knee with palm away. Walk into hips and pass.


Inside berimbolo-
If they sit, hook instep on knee and control foot. Come up for sweep but bait them to stand. Kick legs out and take back again.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Collar/sleeve dlr and berimbolo

Pull towards and kick out hip
1. Hip out, hook ankle, and omoplata
2. Dlr is open- insert hook, kick out knee, inward thigh pressure to omoplata


1. Belt grip. Tripod on hip to sit them down. Roll under, tuck knee, grab hip, switch hook, come up on top and grab collar. End in leg drag position.
2. #1 to knee tuck and hip grab. Chuck them to sitting and take back.

Monday, April 18, 2011


Single leg drill
Double leg drill

Double from hand fight
Duck under variation to suplex from side (pinch knees and load weight up)
Body lock to Vieira inside leg trip to back (hook leg and control like Judo throw)

Friday, April 15, 2011


collar/sleeve open guard-
-active hook vs. inside pants grip

1. tripod variation
2. dlr tip over sweep


1. x-guard pull to immediate sweep
2. failed single leg to Leite half. *post hand, insert knee in front, bring other leg on top

**underhook hand grabbing your knee and smash with bicep. flip hips and pass.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

more Leite half guard

old school grip
1. take them down
2. bridge and roll

feed the lapel
1. take them down
2. dive underneath and take them over

(they come to knees)
3. uchimata counter roll
4. demian maia single leg

from anywhere-
-whizzer limp arm air guitar
-always look to take the back if they release the overhook

-double leg smash fold pass
a) smash pass
b) back step
c) pass to mount
d) they posture with arms and push away- bottom leg grip (specific knee grip), shift bicep, trap top leg and walk. step over, walk back into hips.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Leite half guard series

from collar/sleeve grip in half guard with elbow inside knee-
-wing elbow inside and turn to underhook. sit up and grab around thigh. switch feet positioning and grab knee. bridge into knee.

1. get up to knees and pull knee out. walk to one side and fold them in half. belt grip- adjust shoulder. smash both legs and grab collar. switch to knee grip and step over. pull them into lap. double unders and then pass.

2. they resist #1 by basing out. get them to push back into you and then bridge and roll underneath. maintain bridge as you roll them- lower back doesn't touch mat.

3. they stand to prevent #1 and #2. if they uchimata- roll under and sweep. if they just stand- torque knee and single leg.


possible to dive for deep half instead of #2. might be more realistic vs. good opponents.

Friday, April 8, 2011

more roll over

kick them over to bait them

**jump shoulder near their knee and then sweep.

2. try to sweep but they don't take a step- plant heel on ground and forward shrimp underneath them. footlock x-guard.


50/50 pass-
-if they lock the triangle- drag opposite leg across and stiff arm. scoot out and take your leg out.

x-guard pass-
-sprinter stance with hands on mat above head. donkey kick up and pass.

if you can't get to the position- stuff front hook down hard and donkey kick.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

roll over sweep series

from half guard with shin

-break grip with sleeve/thumb peel
-stuff arm to hip
-deep grip on collar for max control
-elbow inside knee (possible to underhook and go to the back)
-bottom leg active- knee involved in sweep

1. pull weight on top of you, (flick wrists?), and explode up with hips as you roll over your shoulder

2. they base- grab based foot like x-guard. face hips in same direction opponent is looking. knee supports weight like modified x. kick out knee with free foot and get to knees. keep collar and plant their face on mat. get up to half guard.

3. you can't sweep them over from #2- (lift hips and bring knees to chest?), underhook ankle on far leg and then trap arm. take knee out and close triangle. sweep to either side.

other possibilities- go to back

first move- opponent bases back hard- stuff arm and get up on knee like hook sweep. start to take them over as you extend hip on come on top. they react- go back to roll over sweep.

also possible to bring head towards mat and then over. like and L.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

footlock x sweep


1. butterfly with underhooks- rock up, kick leg straight and bring knee back to chest, push ribs and armpit away.

2. collar/ankle tripod (other leg hooking far knee)- heel comes on mat, hips scoot underneath, footlock x position.

3. extended tripod- knee weaves in.


-extend hook to make them step, hook comes to trapped leg, opposite arm comes across and traps ankle, bridge up and open knee up. pop hips and leg drag on mat. hand plants as you stand and shuffle over to leg drag pass.

foolock- from leg switch over- knee opens, secure grip quickly, grab collar and adjust footlock positioning. both knees turn to mat, forehead down. finish.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

x continued

from foot on hip butterfly-

1. hook sweep to x-entry. snatch arm and topple over. come to KoS and take the arm.
2. hook sweep to x-entry. their hands are on mat. scoot back and bring them towards you. take the top position.
3. from x- ankle sweep to double unders or leg on shoulder.
4. from x- ankle pick (kick out hooks before they hit the mat) to double unders or leg on shoulder.


things to think about-
-kiss of dragon from reverse dlr
-need to perfect roll over sweep
-waiter sweep
-brabo cross choke/brabo/baseball choke game

Monday, April 4, 2011

more x-guard

1. opponent standing but basing on hands- grab far sleeve (lift to pick sleeve) and extend hips as you drop them on their shoulder. knee on stomach to armlock.

2. scoot out to stand. keep knee pointed to ceiling.

from standing-
1. ankle trip to double unders
2. ankle pick to double unders

from them kneeling-
1. leg switch to pendulum (same as this morning)

X guard variations

They sit-
1. Cross leg, grab sleeve, pendulum and plant, hook sweep to leg drag position
2. They base hard- belt grab to back of turtle
2b. Pull on top, hook to chest, #1 sweep

They stand-
1. X-guard ankle grab sweep

Double under variation- weight forward, switch grip (hand down like karate chop), head up, leg cross

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

pass to the back

lots of stuff today.

all from DLR:

1. leg drag to back. opponent lands opposite choking side- motorcycle kick to adjust opponent deeper into choke.

2. grip break, point knee, step outside. smash knee down with hand (your knee drops to mat)/swim under other leg. grab collar, pass hand behind own head and switch to leg drag finish position. take the back. remember shallow collar grip to finish.

3. DLR passing posture to double unders. pressure down, pull into lap, choose a side and adjust grip. hand behind head to leg drag finish. start setting up back take. hand fighting details. kimura grip to armlock. bicep slice grip break to armlock.


*pull opponent into lap- heavy pressure on neck. step over hook insert.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Back attacks

1. Turtle roll from harness
2. Turtle roll from body lock
3. Turtle roll from double under collars

4. Back recovery- choking side- tight to back, pop up and insert knee high on back, pull onto lap, roll to back.
5. Back recovery- escape side- hook sweep them away, stay tight, get up to knees, insert hook on choking side and finish.

6. Choke 1- open and flip lapel, shallow grip on choke, get slack out and creep up until tight. Prop up on elbow, pull elbow in and shoulder pressure on back of head.
7. Choke 2- they escape hook- pop up to knee in back recovery, insert hook over shoulder, pinch knee in and finish. Can also bow and arrow.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Mount escapes/knee slide over shin series

-foot drag
-upa with arm trapped
-upa vs. collar choke
-upa vs. hands based on mat

*kick up and over detail


1. knee slide over shin- shoulder/under knee grip. stay tight. pop up slightly and slide over shin. walk into legs and smash to one side. collar grip, head down on shoulder to prevent turtle. keep walking into legs to block hip escape.

*do quickly. must master the specific motion.
**base far from them to prevent x-guard, deep half, etc.
***knee between their legs, elbow trapping over. knee on mat. or both elbows smash legs down?

2. #1 to the back. they start to turtle. back taking position. harness. prop them up into your lap. step hook over, roll to back.

3. they block #1 by crossing hard somehow. kick ankle back and then smash legs to one side. belt grip, high collar grip. adjust shoulder. keep sprawling hips and walking into legs. crunch them up. shin over and pass back side to the back.


double guard roll-under counter-
-grab belt and pants leg. stuff leg between yours. as they go underneath, scoot/jump hip back hard and stuff leg. take back. OR grab lapel and place hook- go to leg smash passing position (need to work on this one).

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Durinho pass to back/ Davi review

Over/ under variation-
Low lapel grip, elbow tight. Chest on their hips/stomach, toes on mat, hips sprawled, knees off mat. Do not switch angle.
Sprawl, stuff leg, and pinch knees to free hook. Side shuffle and then donkey kick to pass.

Take the back-
Crossface with near arm trapped. Reposition chest on back to prop them up. Kimura grip, step up on head side and shift angle as you sit them up. Place hook over arm. Kimura grip controls free arm as you grab the lapel. Behind the neck collar choke.


Davi review-
-bring knee to chest, stuff other arm, hook sweep and roll.

-they sit- lock legs underneath, sit up for momentum, rock back, knees to chest, finish the sweep

Monday, March 21, 2011

Arm Trap guard/ Davi Ramos

Take the back/pendulum sweep/etc

1. Shoulder clip arm lock
2. Telephone armlock


1. Brabo from guard- open tail, hand off, elbow tight and centered. Shoulder clip armlock. They counter- bring elbow across, hip out, come back to center and push elbow away/crank choke,

2. Lasso spider tomo- weave lasso and then hook between legs. Straighten leg and recoil, pull arm over and Tomo. Roll to mount.

3. Clock switch- opposite grip with shoulder pressure- head down, jump to other side in sit out finish

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ed Ramos class

1. Ankle pick to leg drag finish- low head
2. Leg drag- synchronize step in and out with drag across. Low head finish.


1. Basic half guard smash pass to mount
2. #1 to escgrima. Switch head side, slide, drop hips and walk into them for finish



Leg drag
Terere pass thrown in

Monday, March 14, 2011

kiss of the dragon/arm lock from back

1. reverse dlr with opposite sleeve grip (prevent crossface) and weaved hand. roll underneath (kiss of dragon) to the back.

2. they defend- switch to armlock. grab own lapel on finish.


rep passes from last week


toledo dlr move-
-dlr to footlock-x variation- inward knee pressure to collapse their knee, switch to belt grip, take back

Monday, March 7, 2011

Guard Openers

1. Kneeling- lapel/hip to double hip, back pop. Knee up.

2. Cross grip stand, elbow in, shake off knee, pass.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Abu dhabi pro

Got silver. Happy with the outcome, but a few things could be worked on-

-do not lose dominant position
-finish from dominant positions

Thursday, March 3, 2011


1. Knee slide variation to hip smash- knee and collar grip, slide angled below knee, weave foot and walk back into them
2. Knee slide variation to elbow smash walkaround
3. Leg drag from dlr- cuff grip, switch collar to ankle, v drag
4. Terere pass from half guard- elbow and knee, hip, switch grip and run them over
5. Double under to knee smash- grab behind head
6. Lasso to Terere pass

Drills- passes to hip ride back take position

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lights out

No electricity? No problem. Rolled with camping lanterns.

-knee cross pass
-kimura, armlock defense

Monday, February 28, 2011

Camp day 1

Before training-
1. Roll over sweep
2. Roll over to x guard variation
3. Roll over to waiter sweep


Things I noticed-
Vs dlr-
Leg drag or smash legs to the side

Jump into Terere pass

Collar drag from guard

Roll over sweep position- first move with knee push scissor

Top control- not suffocating pressure, but control

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Monoplata series

Monoplata from half guard- pass knee to try to mount. They hug- step up and put inward knee pressure. Push face and pass foot over. BlOck bicep. Pressure down with ankle and up with knee. Can armlock if they counter

Armlock switch- pull elbow towards you, plant hand, quickly switch

Friday, February 25, 2011


Collar grip from dlr
More attacking from guard
Collar drag

Dlr with collar/sleeve- inward knee pressure, kick other leg out, omoplata

Dlr with belt grip, underhook- back take

Thursday, February 24, 2011

X Guard

Butterfly vs under pass drill

1. Knee push butterfly sweep
2. Posted leg- double hook entry. Block knee on entry. Backwards sweep- lift ankle to sky
3. Vs. Kneel on head side- get ankle, tension in leg, sweep and stand

Kneeling entry
Standing entry

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Countering deep half

First move- don't let them get under you. Knees on mat, block shoulders and keep back flat.

1. Crossface hard, sprawl leg back and down, hook leg, forehead on mat, grab belt, scoot down so you are bicep to bicep, grab cOllar, open elbow, kick leg down and pass.

2. They get under. Step over armlock,

3. They get under and protect arm- hook leg and grab collar. Step over leglock series

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Double unders counters

1. Double lapel fists
2. Inverted vader triangle

Vs. Clasped hands
1. Hips up and then drop to triangle

Vs. Lapel grip
1. Elbow push sit up guard recovery
2. Elbow push turtle base

Vs lapel grip with tight elbow
1. Double thigh in bicep sweep to elbow pug
2. Egg beater gogoplata
3. Egg beater to triangle

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Double under counters

-legs heavy on biceps, hips up, shimmy back

1. Sit up, grab belt, hip out, trap wrist, insert hook, extend hook across.
A. Judo choke option
2. From #1- opponent goes belly down- throw shin over shoulder, grab belt, take back
3. Crucifix sweep- sit up and grab belt, weave opposite leg, pinch knees, stand up and base will bumping them with knee

Monday, February 14, 2011

Wrist pin leg on shoulder counters

Beginner class
1. KoS mount to Ezekiel
2. Bj Penn mount to cross collar choke

1. Wrist pin roll to crucifix/choke from back
2. Crucifix to shoulder roll reverse omoplata
3 wrist pin to back take


-rolling loop choke
-reverse kesa to oziel choke- tricep trap,weave arm, thumb in collar, rotate pinky down, scoot hips back and choke

Friday, February 11, 2011

Sit opponent up to back take

1. Dlr counter to the back
2. Bread cutter to the back
3. Knee on stomach to the back- near sleeve tricep and back of collar grip

Mount cross choke

-straight arms and rock back and forth
-bear grip
-lat choke
-base far with head

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Single and double leg/ closed guard

1. Double leg entry- make them take weight off feet
2. Single leg entry- collar touch and go- staple knees and ankles together
3. Single to crazy judo takedown- single to underhook double leg thing

1. Triangle from closed guard posture- tricep and cross sleeve- hip out and knee over
2. Head and arm posture break to arm lock- as they defend bs telephone arm lock- foot on hip, heel touches head, arm lock

2 mins mechanics drill
2 mins speed drill

Random questions-
1. Vs standing in guard with arm on mat-
A. Knee in front omoplata
B. Tomo nage
C. Tomo fake to triangle

2. Vs. Knee in butt guard opener- you open and hip out to create angle
-sleeve grip- push hand and 2 on 1 to back

3. Vs. Leg in shoulder omoplata roll counter- tight elbow, side cartwheel, etc

4. Vs. Durinho double unders- hands push shins, shimmy back and feet on chest or hips to spider recovery
-slam hips down as they try to enter

5. Vs. Double guard spin counter- back take
-hook in and take the back
-hook in, switch grip to far lapel, extend hook and come up to leg smash pass

6. Collar/sleeve question- tricep- stay tight and strong. Sleeve- more options

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2 passes to the back

1. Galvao toreando vs. Sleeve and collar control. You can not remove the hand in collar- sprawl into AG toreando on correct side. Drive forearm against inner thigh and make them give up the back. Switch to tight bottom collar grip. Knee next to head and other knee rides hip. Take back and roll all the way over to open neck.

2. Atos leg drag- shoulders level with their knees on entry. Grab same side ankle and cross ankle pants grip. Cross leg, get elbow and armpit deep on inside of own thigh. Collar grip. Weight centered on hips. Knee comes up near head. Take back like #1.

Berimbolo clarification- from Monday's moves-
-first move is hooks to the back. If they sit on hip, berimbolo.

Hooks to back detail- dlr sleeve cross and then belt grab. Inward knee pressure to turn knee/push knee with opposite leg/modified x instead of crazy deep dlr bridges?

Side control attacks vs underhook

1. Trap arm and mounted omoplata
2. Trap arm, let them come to knees, rolling loop choke

Monday, February 7, 2011

Rafael dlr

1. Side control armlock (both arm positions)
2. Side control bent armlocks off of #1

1. Rafael dlr- weave deep dlr and grab belt. Make them back step and sit on hip. Opposite leg across their body (becomes hook). Roll half and then switch directions and come on to opposite hip. Kick leg forward and take the back. Insert other hook (butterfly hooks to back) if they don't sit on hip and take back
2. Robson inverted omoplata sweep- go for deep dlr and weave inverted omoplata. Pull arm to you and create elbow pressure to topple. Kick legs like #1 and take back
3. Kneeling inverted omoplata sweep. Same as #2 but they take one knee. Pressure at wrist if they resist and then slice to elbow. Flare pressure out and then sweep or come on top.

Ary 50/50 footlock from top- take knee, give back, wrap ankle, take the toe hold. Kneebar option

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Spider and dlr

Spider with lasso- legs to chest, hips up. Ride on upper back.

1. Lasso unwind triangle
2. Lasso unwind omoplata
3. Lasso x guard variation

1. Dlr to back- keep ankle, grab belt with sleeve hand

Switch between spider and dlr depending on their reaction

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dlr stuff

1. Mount escape to armlock
2. Spider lasso triangle
3. Lasso pass bait to sweep
4. Lasso spin to omoplata

1. Dlr to back- 2 choke sides. Roll up to back take/ moorcycle starter
2. Dlr to reverse omoplata sweep. Armlock finish
3. Dlr to reverse omoplata sweep. Berimbolo to the back

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


1. Omoplatas
2. Tennis swing spider pass to KOS armlock
3. Leg lasso unwind to triangle

1. Tennis swing spider pass to the back
2. Terere lasso pass
3. Leg lasso triangle
4. Half spider roll over

Monday, January 31, 2011

Spider pass

Always stand when they play spider guard

1. Walk back, shrug down and straighten arms, air toreando, split legs in half with knee, bottom collar grip, pass or take the back.
2. Weave arm under and grab shin. Tennis racket swing while popping hips. Smash legs to side and pass like #1.
3. Switch to underneath calves, crowd with hips and knees, slam down and to the side, pass.
4. Leg lasso counter- knee in thigh of bicep control side as you weave wrist under. Push leg to ground and force reverse dlr. Grab head as you simultaneously weave the lasso hand and switch the hips. Like Terere pass. Strip final grip to complete the pass.

Friday, January 28, 2011

7 half spider positions

1. Half spider roll over sweep
2. Half spider to X entry
3. Half spider berimbolo entry- back/ 50/50/ knee bar etc
4. Dlr to the back- bring knees to chest
5. Rafael roll to back
6. Sit up nearside sleeve roll under (knee grip)
7. Sit up far side sleeve to knee butt bump

First option- kick up to heel drop

Back take outside knee hook
Motorcycle kick

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


20 omoplata
20 toreando to KOS to instant armlock
20 spider pass to kimura

10 min rounds

Monday, January 24, 2011

Grip breaks

Collar- push in and tug downwards
Sleeve- rotate around
Knee- peel grip off
Over back- punch in arm pit

20 double legs
20 single legs- high c, sweep single
Grip break drill

Saturday, January 22, 2011

brabo/arm lock from deep half/tail clock/

1. brabo. keep knee parallel to their spine, do not angle out for the slide. if they resist, grab bottom of head, pass, mount, etc. with the choke.
2. arm lock from deep half- underhook arm (grab own lapel), hop over head, grab wrist and adjust so bend of other arm is over the wrist as well, break angled towards head, drop on shoulder and switch orientation towards leg, scoot hip and put both shoulders on the mat. finish.
3. tail clock- hand off tail, block hip with hand, head on opposite side of hip, extend arm and begin walking around. flip options.

rollover sweep-
load them on to your shins and arms. yank and put head on mat if they are larger.

Friday, January 21, 2011

spider half continued

1. basic spider sweep- extend leg and tip diagonal. sweep with bottom leg.

2. spider half to x variation- extend leg hard and force them to step. wrap the leg and sweep all at once. do in fluid motion without pausing.

3. spider half to heel drop sweep- begin #2 and they base out to block- drop heel and come up for the sweep. force 50/50 pass.

4. spider half to berimbolo A- they step leg back- base off of foot in bicep and spin underneath. take the back. choke- trap shoulder on choking arm side. use galvao back control to set up if they fall to either side.

5. spider half to berimbolo B- they don't step leg back (in same position as x-guard entry)- release bicep grip and go inside the knee. keep other sleeve until the completion of the sweep. focus on leading with the knee, not the head (for all berimbolo entries).


always begin with the basic spider half sweep. your follow-up depends how they react.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

more spider half

1. spider half tomo nage fake to x-guard (they step up and post foot to block sweep, you wrap the leg and take the x-guard sweep). point spider arm and knees away from you (like deep half), extend hook, insert foot in bend of knee and take the sweep.

1a. spider half to rollover sweep- didn't go over fully. need to ask andre.

2. spider half to heel drop sweep- make sure to forcefully kick as you insert the foot in bicep. use hook to further off-balance them and then shrug down for the sweep. come up away from them, not towards center of guard.

3. spider half recovery to footlock sweep to 50/50 pass. they release spider half by walking you back. post free foot on mat, scoot hips, forcefully scoot under them and kick them over you. go to foolock guard while retaining sleeve control. pinch down on ankle with arm holding sleeve. grab free leg and kick back. keep leg on 50/50 passing side. cross their leg and come up to 50/50 passing posture.

4. spider half to berimbolo- spin off of foot in bicep.

5. spider half to de la riva to sit up guard sweep. knee in butt defense vs. knee slide. if they don't step free leg back, you can switch to DLR.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

half spider (frazatto open guard)

1. ankle and cross collar (more if they are crouching or on knees)
a) foot on hip- extend, trip free leg
b) if they extend free leg and base out, toes on mat, shift hips,knee pressure inward
c) x-guard variation

2. ankle and spider bicep (or double sleeve with half guard hook)
a) spider tomo nage to downward spider sweep- sweep hard and suddenly switch when they react
b) trip (like 1a)
c) if they base out- inward knee pressure sweep (like 1b)
d) x-guard variation

3. ankle (weaved) and spider bicep
a) berimbolo to 50/50 or the back

4. romulo grip- spider in bicep and same side collar grip

some things-
-always keep the hook recoiled so they can't back out
-toes curled

50/50 stuff
-first option- get same side sleeve and collar grip- kick leg over, bring self up, knee on mat, double underhooks, sprawl, walk back, pass and prepare to take the back
-bottom man game tournament strategy- advantages vs. points


backside pass recovery-
-elbow on mat, come up and hip out to omoplata position
-spin underneath
-head and shoulders away

Monday, January 17, 2011


Butterfly sweep
Pants and belt grip from flat back
Switch sweep
Vs. Post out
Collar drag
Brabo details- stuff elbow in crook of arm and stuff arm and shoulder over

Backside pass recovery

1. Stiffarm and hip out to guard
2. Sit up to turtle sweep
3. Clock defense turtle sweep

-leg across on bottom of turtle
-kick up get up move

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Butterfly sweep and brabo

Top hook sucks in. Belt grip. Bottom hook active on mat. Adjust and hop if they base.

Brabo- follow up- stuff the arm across, shoulder/bicep pressure on their tricep. Head on mat, look between own legs and away from them.

Follow up- cup bottom of head or gi fabric and complete the knee slide. Tap them from side.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Overhook armlock

Extend arm ( key) and use knee pressure on elbow. Use thigh to adjust arm position. Bottom foot on opposite hip

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Andre pass counter- get up on elbow, nearside collar stiffarm, opposite hip escape

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More monoplata

Entry- be forceful with leg step

Inner knee pressure

Jump directly to omoplata entry

Monoplata- from trapped quarter guard from mounted omoplata- throw foot over, grab own knee, scoot hip.

50/50- control sleeve on same side of lock, put leg on opposite side and stand for the sweep. Smash pass.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Butterfly passes

1. Terere pass- head position opposite shoulder or head in chin. tricep grip, peel pants grip. Switch to pants grip, wheel opponent and shift hips slightly. Pressure down on bicep, head to shoulder. Switch to bottom leg grip. Patiently pass.

2. Neck tie. Bait hand post so they open up- jump to mounted omoplata. Heel tight to shoulders. Don't let them put shoulders on mat. Control opposite arm. Many attacks. Can also bounce head off mat to force the move.

3. Mounted omoplata from side control. Bounce hips off mat o bait them to come up with the underhook. Enter the omoplata.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Galvao toreando

Hand on hip and knee
Drive knee to mat
Head stays near hand
Head beneath theirs
Airplane landing

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dlr top

1. Flying toe hold- smash small toe, put heel near tailbone
2. Deep dlr to shogun kneebar
3. Loop flip
4. Rolling kimura to back to mount

-force hook, smash pass- bottom knee pressure forward
- they push away- bottom leg grip, same side cobrinha walk pass

50/50 to berimbolo- swim under both legs, far arm belt grip underneath legs. Roll under half way and then back up for the sweep

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Half guard top

Rnc toehold vs z-guard

Crossface kneeslide pass- chin on shoulder to keep head in place

Monday, January 3, 2011

Dlr passes

-point knee out
-break collar grip- short, quick tugs
-grab their collar back

1. Leg drag, they turtle, take the back
2. Big step, pick their back off mat and bring to you, hand punch mat and knee slide. Break Leite grip by weaving under and grabbing bicep, strip. Hip to mat, Cobrinha walk into hips, complete the pass.
3. Stuff to butterfly hook, smash hook off center with chest, triangle legs and sprawl. Walk into both legs to trap and sprawl hips. Strip knee grip, block shin and step over. Head on shoulder side to prevent turtle.

Also need to figure out leg on shoulder and double under series