Saturday, July 30, 2011

New side control escapes

1. They have collar/bottom leg- slightly face away from them and hip escape in. Brace upper body and move upwards to create space. Roll knee in semi circle away and then inside to create wedge. Top hook comes inside as you square up. Can hip out slightly for top hook space. Block bicep. Head away.

2. Same positioning, but you have hand inside bicep. Grab collar with fingers in. Pop up on elbow, angle, and escape hips out.

3. X block, redirect arm, push elbow as you sit up on your elbow and escape hips.


Roll over sweep detail- bring their shoulder to your chest to get the roll going.

Half spider stuff-

Vs standing- try to make them step above head. X or kiss of dragon. Don't lift back off mat if they are standing.

Vs. Crouch or knees- can work the wheel/heel drop stuff.


Turtle vs bodylock

1. Hip out, hook in, x.
2. Sideways shoulder roll
3. Base to Judo throw. Shin step over and then come to other side.

Monday, July 25, 2011

2 on 1 butterfly

Thumb up wrist control
C grip on elbow
Load weight on top

1. Sweep to side of trapped arm
2. They post- kick out leg
3. They post with arm- club over and sweep
4. They post with arm- arm triangle sweep
5. They scoot back out of arm triangle- guillotine series
6. They only let you get wrists- fake lift to hand plant- 10 finger guillotine

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sitting butterfly to X

2 on 1 grip. Pull them to get reaction.

Scoot in and spread hooks at ankles as you push knees/shins. Come up.

Follow up- single leg or footlock x entry depending on leg they give.

Footlock x sweep to follow up- make them step forward and sweep again.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Denilson reverse dlr

1. Enterrada-scoot out, prop up in elbow then hand, foot on knee, escape and collar drag. Single leg or take the back.

2. Kiss of the dragon- weave ankle, come underneath, grab belt with free hand. Pull to you. Collapse knee on weaved grip, extend opposite hook and take the back. Hand to hand.

Also can grab cross hand to prevent block.


Terere pass adjustments- open elbow more on landing. Switch grip and walk in to hips. Hips on mat and then crossface. Or keep leg and pass to the other side as they resist.


Dlr to back- belt grip and ankle weave- take back, grab ankle. Extend and keep hooks. One at a time.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kimura to the back

Half guard to kimura roll.

1. Arm lock
2. Take the back
3. Scissor choke
4. Get back up and kimura

Also from side control, passing, etc.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Bruno F. Reverse dlr

Transition to dlr
Foot push on shoulder to open up hip if necessary

1. Sit up to arm trap. They break: go to far lapel. Grab far knee and return to reverse dlr with hook and instep push. Keep knee grip. Hip out and insert hook below shin. Sweep up and come to knees (head in hip). Stand and go head in shoulder. Step up and circle for the takedown.

2. You can't get hook in. Plant free leg on mat and extend hook as you spin underneath. They will base on hands. Use free leg to sweep out based hand. Come up.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

back escapes/spider guard

back escapes- AM

vs. half back-
1. hips up, hook instep and scoot over. prepare for:
2. they re-take your back on the opposite side- block hook and scoot out. free head and circle towards head. end north/south.


guard recovery stuff.

omoplata/quick arm lock
1. vs. arm inside spider guard. strip grip. both hands go to wrist. hips up and knee/thigh pressure on elbow and wrist pressure out.

vs. collar grip-

1. grab tricep on extended arm. grab cross collar and pull guard with foot on opposite hip. switch collar grip to wrist grip. hips up and thigh comes down on elbow as wrist pushes out. can be done from knees or feet.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Half spider vs. Knee cross pass

Collar/sleeve spider to knee cross entry

1. Grip switch- elbow inside knee(frame), sleeve grip frames leg on bottom. Active hook and foot on instep to control distance.
2. Extend hooks and bottom leg goes on hip. Arm inside. Spider in bicep. Strip grip. Omoplata entry. Pinch knee in! Everything tight.

More spider

Armlock/triangle/omoplata entries

-never 2 feet in biceps if they are standing
-cleared dlr hook can hook other side of leg or go to reverse dlr on other side
-foot in bicep/foot plant/hip scoot to spider footlock x

Waiter counter- inward knee pressure. Grab pants on waist- 4 fingers inside. Jump head. Scoot knee out, lay on side, extend hook and take back.