Friday, November 30, 2007

Double underpass, straight foot lock, some x-guard issues, thoughts on a more active game

warmup- KBs for about 10 mins- swings, snatches, turkish get-ups.

AM class

-double leg takedown from double collar control
-guard pass sequence- opening from staggered hands on collar and hip to double under pass
-straight foot lock

-guard pass- constant pressure on hip at all times, switch to double hip pressure and quickly drive back to open guard up. pummel underneath and scoop the double underpass TIGHT. detail- drive their knee to opposite side ear, grip collar with both hands and PULL in tight for maximum pressure.
-defense vs. double underpass- thumb in grip-flare out elbow, pummel leg inside and replace guard
-footlock- fall to side where you have foot locked. pressure- look over your opposite ear and arch while driving the blade of your wrist on the achilles tendon.
-toe hold- drive heel towards their butt. go towards pinky toe, not big toe- less mobility. toe hold is really an ankle lock.

takedown drill-
-need to work on hand fighting/grip fighting. overall aggressiveness needs to go up. need to learn to penetrate better.

-need to be attacking more. don't know why i'm so passive lately. gotta shoot for those submissions like i used to, my game is slowing down for some reason. when i try for submissions, they are in my world. otherwise it's just me defending. when i try and submit, i usually do better. when i defend, i am more reactive and slow.
-x-guard- need to return to this type of open guard game. very effective, just need to practice it. having trouble with the x-guard pendulum sweep when they are based out on their knee next to my ear.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Arm in guillotine, half guard last ditch effort, anaconda escape

AM class

warmup- 10 mins kettlebells

-side control stall to possible pendulum sit up
-side control escape to guard replace- knee penetrate
-side control escape to guard replace- butterfly lift
-half guard last ditch effort bridge escape
-half guard bridge counter

-half guard bridge escape- as they are about to pass with hip on ground, open triangle and bridge hard while chopping them with a crossface. if they don't go over, try to create space to replace guard. could also maybe bridge and roll to the other side.
-bridge counter- arm across body, hips high to isolate both arms. weight centered on chest.

other techniques-
-guillotine with arm in- requires you to turn to hip on side where you have head trapped
-arm in guillotine escape- pry arm on neck, shoot other arm across back and grab hip, plant knee to block hip and drive down on arm side to take away the angle of pressure. pry wrist and then hand to free head.
-anaconda escape- with trapped arm- grab elbow across, plant leg, shoot free arm across back, and turn and shrug to rip out to russian armbar. similar to the neck tie to russian armbar.

-guard felt a little better today. need body to heal before i am fully back to normal.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007



deadlift 95lbs
thrusters 75lbs


took breaks in the middle of each set. gotta get the muscle stamina UP.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Passing the guard from a broken down posture

PM class


-self defense against punch
-passing the guard from broken down posture- head controlled

-to free head- scoot hips back, weave head out. don't go against force.
-leg on shoulder pass- can use back of pants to prop them up to stack

guard drill-
-felt better than this morning
-need to stand in proper order- from controlled arm side! always get mixed up vs. ricardo and get swept
-worked kimura sit up sweep sequence, with little success
-possible combo- hip bump sweep to pendulum sweep on other side
-guard control- weave under foream and control bicep from underneath. always do on one side and use to off-balance opponent.
-need to be more assertive with sweeps
-spinning armbars are always sitting there. need to control arm better and not let them slip it out. need to drive with opposite side leg
-refresher- standing guard break directly into x-guard sweep
-triangle choke- if they stack hard, it is very possible to just roll over your shoulder and sweep them to mount.
-x-guard- initial sweep should be the kick away, sit up and stand
-need to get better at guillotines from the guard

Single legs

AM techniques

-single leg takedown
-single leg takedown counter-sweep
-roll under takedown from russian armbar

-single leg- circle away and make them step big. shoot for the leg as they step. pressure with the head. control one hand low on the calf so they can't take it out.

-roll under takedown- from grip break on lapel- grab over back and to belt, break their posture down. roll under and stuff arm between legs, grab leg and take them over.


holy crap, i was out of it today. got my guard passed something serious. hip mobility was down, felt really stiff. escapes weren't good. got submitted a few times. it was against a lot larger and stronger opponents, but i'm still feeling really weak and out of it.

the workouts are kicking my butt.

gotta recharge. maybe pass on class tonight.

100 pullups

100 pullups for time


need to keep at it to increase muscle stamina.

1-50 were okay, but 51-100 were a lot more difficult.

that's the most pullups i've ever done.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


AM class

-omoplata from guard
-omoplata escape to guard pass
-omoplata escape counter to armbar
-omoplata spin around escape

-omoplata- hand in collar will help break their posture down
-omoplata escape- must grab belt and throw hand across your body to roll (not through legs like normal roll- you are rolling perpendicular instead of directly forward). land on knees and throw arm under leg, plant shoulder, kick trailing foot backward and replace side control
-omoplata escape counter- they grab belt and post, you slide shin down and put knee on ground, pry hand off the belt for the straight arm bar. they can possibly roll out for a second, but you can just push them over for the sweep.
-omoplata spin around escape- when you feel them putting the move on, spin around to side control. need to be quicker than them and not let them block your hip as you come across. maybe jump high like a cartwheel almost?

guard drill-

vs. tony- very tough today. he postured strong and resisted my attacks, managed to stand and break my guard open. avoided my tripod sweep and stayed out of x-guard, and controlled my pants for the slow toriani. i replaced, he switched sides and passed. he passed a few more times similarly- very tight and slow grinding, closing my escape options. i tried to push his head away and free my legs, but wasn't able to. he did the leg on shoulder pass and i resisted but eventually got passed for a second- too much pressure. i replaced half guard and held him there. very tired, stiff, and lacking leg muscle endurance today. maybe would have done better if i was more fresh.

me passing tony's guard- he broke down my posture- i tried to maintain by setting up the log splitter guard pass with hands in armpits. i stood up even though i didn't have posture, and fought off some attacks. he tried to collar choke me, i defended. he tried to armbar me- i defended. he tried to triangle me- i defended. he tried to sweep and opened up, i got to my passing posture. he did a deep de la riva guard with cross sleeve control and ankle control. avoided the sweep, but he came to his knees and wrapped me up for the takedown. did pass to half guard, and he underhooked my leg to try to sweep. i attacked the arm and he tucked it. he shucked me over for the sweep, and i switched for the reverse half guard pass.

overall, some very tough matches. need to up my strength, stamina, and defense. definitely need to work on passing de la riva guard. need to free the sleeves first and then work on getting the ankle free. was just off balance and out of sorts today.

-vs. tony- more of the same from the guard drill. played some spider guard and half guard. eventually was standing trying to pass his guard. don't recall the rest.

-vs. jesse- played from my guard and hit him with some spider guard sweep attempts, eventually just went back to guard and got him in rubber guard control with the arm isolated. couldn't get the omoplata or triangle from there, match ended.

-half guard top- need to not give up the leg underhook so easily. need to keep leg low and crossface them hard, put them on their back. i think i'm getting too comfortable fighting them from a favorable half guard, but i need to shut them down before they get there.
-de la riva guard with sleeve control and deep hook- gotta free the sleeve and the heel, reset to passing stance.
-gotta attack plenty of kimuras, guillotines, arm drags, etc. from the sitting butterfly guard.
-need to get the stamina and strength up. granted, i am broken down from the week's crossfit routines, but i need to get to the next level of physical fitness.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Ten Finger guillotine in action

PM no gi


-guillotine escape- re-guillotine
-n/s arm triangle


-omoplata- chop down with leg on their shoulder. setup- control same side wrist, frame head/shoulder and push head with other arm. push opposite foot off hip and spin out while chopping down on shoulder. lock it up and finish. (twister possibility from here lol)
-guillotine escape- standard escape- grab high crossface on shoulder. alternate escape- re-guillotine them and escape out to side. pass guard. possible to n/s guillotine them from here.
-n/s arm triangle- setup from clearing bottom arm- isolate arm between knee and elbow. throw arm over head and shoot deep to lat. finish it like n/s guillotine, or if they turn you can lock up the brabo. sprawl and walk towards their feet to finish.


-vs. mike s- he pulled half guard and started working on some foot locks or something. i eventually slid my knee partially over and he replaced half guard. i attacked guillotines and bent arm locks as he tried to sweep. eventually got reversed and recovered to guard. lots of the same for the rest of the match. need to work on top control.

-vs. chris- played the hand fighting/standing game. worked on combos- tried to get 2 on 1, arm drags, etc. had the strong neck tie. need to dominate clich more and work on setups to takedowns. the single leg is probably there very often, i just don't take it.

-vs. some huge guy- 100+ lb size difference, but it was interesting. he pulled guard, i passed, he bench pressed me off and fought from my guard, trying to smother me. he muscled out of everything i threw at him. eventually ended up on top and he muscled out again.

-vs. jordan- he shot and tried to ankle pick me, i fought from my open guard for a bit. he tried to pass a few ways, i replaced guard. he passed eventually and tried the arm triangle from today, but i maintained strong posture and escaped to my knees. eventually he shot again, and i sprawled back and ten finger guillotined him. the same thing happened again, and i put on the ten finger- he spinned and i let him rotate underneath me directly into a n/s guillotine for the tap. he shot a third time and i started the move and then transitioned to the RNC finish after he popped his head out.

-vs. alex- he pulled half guard and i kept trying to ten finger guillotine him. heard him gurgling a few times, but never finished it. managed to use it to float over his legs and into half guard. avoided the sweeps and x-guard, and nearly passed. settled for half guard. attacked the bent arm lock, guillotine, brabo, etc., but eventually caught him with a darce. he got hurt and then i rolled with little chris for a few mins.

-the ten finger guillotine is a great tool. need to work on the ten finger with arm-in.
-need to work on maintaining the top game. gotta work on half guard passing as well.
-hand fighting needs work also.

-overall, the defense is okay, but need to work on setting up takedowns.
-just need more practice and familiarity
-gotta stop the strong double leg takedowns
-gotta learn to finish the single leg

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Marcelo Garcia- guillotine notes


-lead with choking hand before snapping them down, but do it in a simultaneous movement
-elbows in tight, head in middle of chest, pressure on adam's apple. pulling grip up more than driving down with chest.
-from guard- throw opposite leg over, blocking arm from defending the choke
-from butterfly- use in combo with sweep- they defend sweep, attack choke once they base- or you can just sweep them over
-from side control- can finish when they turn into you- close the grip and switch base- reverse kesa gatame
-n/s- bottom hand- stuff inside so it' underhooking you. throw arm over deep, close grip, get hips low.
-combo to rnc- from standing- you catch the guillotine, they pop head out- you anticipate and spin around, shoot arm in for the RNC finish


need to figure out ten finger guillotine with arm inside.

must work on these two and master them.

Thanksgiving workout

300 workout
(adapted, no weights available)

pullups- 25
jump squat- 50
pushups- 50
24" box jumps- 50
floor wipers (hanging from monkey bars)- 50
elevated pushup- 50
pullups- 25

Jeremy- 17:10
Nico- 29:04

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

n/s guillotine

AM class


-take the back from sprawl/takedown defense
-loop choke variant from knees
-loop choke from butterfly
-n/s guillotine
-n/s arm triangle
-jacare lapel choke from side control

-to take the back- crossface/sprawl hard and secure tight harness. roll over shoulder and insert hooks.
-look choke variant- dive and hold arm at tricep, not bicep
-loop choke from butterfly- can be used to sweep if they move around and thrash to get out of it
-n/s guillotine- plant elbow next to head and then punch arm through as deep as possible. need to figure out how to prevent them from turning. get low and scoot back, wrist up.
-n/s arm triangle- similar to guillotine, but with arm. insert arm so it's directly cutting the neck, not over the arm. cup and saucer grip to finish, or lock the arm triangle fully.
-lapel choke- might also work if you are choking low like n/s guillotine. must experiment.

-passes are good- i'm staying upright and defending sweeps while advancing and wearing down my opponent with driving pressure.
-it's awkward to defend guard passes against someone that is so much bigger than you. got my guard passed by much larger opponents and faced the consequences.
-side control is getting better. need to open my attacks up and start to finish from there.
-need to work on guillotines
-need to work on kimuras

AM workout

50 box jumps onto a bench- about 16"

4 rounds-
40yd sprint
12 pullups
21 jumpsquats

8x 220 yd sprints (1 mile total)

1 min rest in between each sprint

Monday, November 19, 2007

crossfit wod

crossfit with nico


-deadlift 95lbs

jeremy- 11:35
nico- 17:17

L-sits for 30 seconds- 3 sets.

more sweeps- butterfly/hook sweep off arm drag

PM class

-hook sweep from arm drag
-reverse hook sweep from arm drag
-counter to leg posting with hook sweep from arm drag
-spider guard sweep from them standing

-three part sweep series- 1. try to dump them in the normal direction if they don't post their hand. 2. get more underneath them and sweep same side as your hook/their trapped arm. 3. they post from #1 with leg and you underhook it and dump them by kicking them over.

-spider guard sweep- same side leg and arm trapped- plant foot and bridge to take them over. other leg- diagonal from trapped arm- like x-guard sweep

guard drill notes-
-got caught cuz i had my arm too high- ricardo eventually took the armbar
-vs. manny- passing all over the place and recovering all over the place. he's trying elevator sweeps now, gotta defend them. need to pass tighter and more physically. the loose passes allow him to turtle up. gotta stop the turtle. probably an exciting matchup to watch, though. capoeira kick x-guard escape!

Some sweep review

AM class

-hook sweep
-taking the back from hook sweep
-spider guard sweep from them on knees
-spider guard sweep from them standing

-hook sweep- go deep with the clinch and get to the side for maximum effectiveness
-taking the back- pass lapel to underhooked arm for maximum control. rock them up for the sweep and then control wrist and dive head under arm (like horizontal duck under). remove hook and rock them to take back.
-spider guard sweep- full tension on one side, remove hook on other side and kick out knee or use to block leg (like scissor sweep). stuff arm inside so they can't base and bring them diagonally with the extended leg.
-spider sweep from standing- they start to pass, you keep the hook on the side they are going. spin underneath and capture leg (like x-guard) and lift as you bring them over. can be done from either leg controlled, but it changes the angle of leverage you must apply.

-passing game is improving. the "pouring sand" model works well when they are trying to play open guards like x, butterfly, etc. must shift hips and pull into them while sprawling forward to tire them out and eventually pass.
-side mount escapes are getting better, but still need work.
-half guard recovery- better to just go to guard rather than try fancy sweeps, unless they suck.
-half guard- frame them up and don't let them settle weight. easier to recover if they don't establish.
-jacare high lapel control is good for gi standup.
-shooting- need to commit fully and follow through to the end. no backing out halfway, otherwise it won't work.
-new transition possibility- bow and arrow choke- if you miss the leg/can't grab it, keep the lapel and spin underneath them while triangling your legs.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The clinch- fake and make them react right into your next move...

AM class


-fireman's carry from 2 on 1
-arm triangle from side control to n/s

-fireman's carry- set up from 2 on 1 or from russian armbar.
-arm triangle- clear nearside arm with leg from side control and push across face, insert arm around neck and lock up the triangle. pretty much a brabo choke, but with the nearside arm.


-standup- must fake opponent out and get them to react and do the opposite. example- fake a shot, they sprawl, you go to trip the leg that they load their weight on.
-general attitude- aggressive and dominant
-from 2 on 1- shoot the high-c and wrap the single leg
-from neck tie- pop up elbow and duck under
-from neck tie- thrash them with your forearm- repeatedly slam them with clothesline while you make them step
-push and pull! if you see them cross their feet- push them hard, they may trip
-to set up the shot- snap them down, they resist and stand straight up, you shoot in
-snap down- don't take a knee, just force the head down

-passing- didn't have as much energy today after training standup, but i need to be putting more pressure with the passes.
-passing- remember the jacare style hip switching
-passing- 101- force the knee through!
-passing- gotta work on the single leg on shoulder now

-side control escape- establish posture first, and then work the positions from there. must get to favorable position and avoid being flattened.

-half guard bottom- need to practice more, i get flattened a bit too much. need to threaten sweeps.

-half guard top- watch out for the bridge once i lock the crossface/underhook. i shouldn't get bridged into if i'm crossfacing correctly. they might be able to trap my underhook arm and take me over the other side, though.

-half guard top kimura- remember the secret trick to getting the arm isolated!

-side control- first instinct should be to replace guard if possible, that takes the least amount of energy. second instinct- underhook and come to knees. after that, all the bridge and rolls.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Turning the corner on a double leg takedown

AM class


-double leg from sidestep
-take back from arm drag across to trapping arm across neck
-sweep from technique above

-double leg- coming at them at an angle makes it better for you- harder to sprawl on you- you turn the corner
-dropping levels before shooting is important and makes a big difference
-from guard- rip elbow up to expose and make weaker, work lots from there

side mount escapes-
-gotta work on those specific ones. always must have plan, can't just be randomly doing stuff.
-attacking top- must be threatening submissions from top while controlling them. if they are defending submission's it's harder to be trying to escape.

-some good combos- kimura/hip bump/guillotine/crucifix sweep. just figured that last one out today. gotta work out the kinks, but there's definitely something there.
-must always threatens sweeps from guard. can't just be sitting there. combo submissions with sweeps for most effectiveness.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Kimura from half guard, also some side control escapes

AM stronghold

kimura from half guard top-

-start in reverse kesa gatame, bait them to block your knee with their hand by trying to pass half guard. pin wrist to ground and lock up the submission. if they resist or grab, use the special grip break where you move your arm perpendicular to their wrist and pressure to break. re-pin wrist and move elbow over their head. can work a straight arm bar from there.

-the good thing about kimura and guillotine- can be done from most any position, top or bottom. can use it to sweep! start chaining this together.

side mount escapes- the bridge is the most important thing! create space and movement.

-underhook to knees- bridge into them with forearm in throat, regain underhook and come to knees. can also use shallow elbow underhook to prevent any sort of brabo tomfoolery.

-bridge and roll- 2 part move-

1. use if your arm gets trapped on their shoulder (nearest your feet). chop head with arm while bridging, also chop legs together to take out base by driving elbow to knee and take them over.

2. if they don't go over and drive into you, clasp hands and take them over the other side. must get timing/leverage down.

also, remember-
-move head to other side. bridge into their throat with forearm, push head away with extended arm, come to knees.

time to work on the side control escapes. gotta give up side control to work these.

higher level jiu jitsu- MUST be good at side mount escapes, otherwise you are toast. if they can't maintain side control, they can't score or advance on you.

gotta also learn sweeps proficiently so that i'll be able to fight from top. the bottom is a good option, but i should prefer the top game if i want to be assertive and aggressive.

reminder- ask anthony about soukodjou's fireman carry

standup game- all takedowns are about setups. if you can't get to a good setup, you can't take them down. same the other way around- if you can prevent them from setting up properly, it will be hard to take you down. that's why the handfighting and clich work is so important.

Friday, November 9, 2007

More standup practice

PM no gi


-fireman's carry from wrist control
-fireman's carry from 2 on 1
-bicep slicer from kimura grip- side control
-bicep slicer from guard

-fireman's carries are same from this morning
-set up fireman's carry by making them step towards same side as wrist control
-bicep slicers are too hard/complicated, id rather just kimura

-rigan machado's turtle breaker- neck tie around neck, high-c under leg- pick up leg and drive with shoulder/chest while lowering head and wiping floor with face. pivot off their head. this move also works from standing to get them down.
-standup is getting decent! the 2 on 1 is hard to deal with.
-wrestler's stance is best for standup.
-need to practice single and double legs
-if i'm lower than them, it's harder for them to take me down
-top control is getting a lot better
-ike turner half choke is good to distract them. better if their guard is open.
-must practice hand fighting.

Some standup tips from wrestlers

AM class-


-choke from shoulder plant pass
-clock choke from turtle
-clock choke variant


-choke from shoulder plant pass- create space by hipping out and posting with hands/pushing head away. insert fingers in collar and throw leg over. put shoulder on ground to tighten.

-clock choke- bring hand in to take out base

-clock choke variant- from clock choke, but throw leg over and dive under arm. seems risky.

guard drill-
-hip bump sweep is great option
-control posture at all times, keep opponent from gaining balance.
-control sleeves if you can't control head.
-go to spider guard if they open guard up and you have sleeves.
-move between open guards.
-threaten sweeps!
-the pendulum sweep is so good!
-try to get up as high as possible once you pass.
-when passing, posture is everything. to pass, get good posture. to stop passes and set up sweeps, submissions- break down posture.

stand up-
-hand fighting refresher
-fireman's carry option- from elbow and necktie- release necktie, dive high-c, fireman's carry and dump them forward. suck in arm and leg to make it most effective.
-fireman's carry #2- from 2 on 1 (thumb to thumb grip)- or russian armbar- go over with further arm for reverse overhook, pinch elbow, step through and dive head under, shoot high-c with elbow and dump them over. follow to side control.

-tony's philosophies-
-head, knee, and toes lined up
-change levels first and you can get 'em
-if you can touch ground, you are low enough to shoot, if you can touch them you are close enough to shoot
-come at them from an angle- not squared up.
-work the ankle picks and single legs.
-control the head and you have them.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Top game- working it out some more; some counters and re-counters

AM class- techniques

-fake trip to other side over shoulder throw (from knees)
-arm bar from turtle
-spinning arm bar from opponent standing in guard

-trip- get opponent to load on one leg, and then explosively duck under lapel control shoulder to throw
-arm bar from turtle- opponent tucks arm- grab leg and bring towards you to flip them, finish from there
-spinning arm bar- control arm as they rise, foot in hip, climb up and pass shin over face. hips high, knees pinching arm, and heel to the ground on headside foot
-if you miss the arm bar- pendulum sweep!

-gotta learn to pass lockdown halfguard with people who are good at it
-must crossface HARD once i pass side control, and then move halfway between n/s and side control. attack from there.
-don't just hang out from side control- lock that control up once you pass
-starting to put together the flowing top game. gotta switch sides/change base and control arms when they bridge.

-gotta work on escaping turtle when opponent has head and arm control
-remember 101- pin shoulder if you can't get underhook, or pin and then re-pummel
-x-pass off of 101 is great
-work on negative x pass
-de la riva with foot control- either 101 on opposite side or negative x pass

-balance and passing is getting better.
-head/lapel control prevents some x-guard options
-the standup game is getting better. improved standup game= better passing, better sweep defense. gonna be hard to take me off my feet in a few months.

-top game is more assertive and aggressive for me. at least i'm learning how to attack rather than react. gotta get my bottom game more offensively minded. sweeps are coming soon.

some passes and counters

-101 pass- general counter- hip escape away, turtle or replace open guard
-counter to hip escape- scissor pass?

-101 counter#2- same side one leg half guard, knee into space and take opponent in circle

-101 counter#3- close legs, trap foot, push knee through, and go to half guard hopefully

-101 counter #4- control sleeve and put entangled spider guard with instep control on armpit (pe de pano counter)
-counter to that spider- switch base and drive elbow into crease of knee, smash legs and pass on other side

-leg on shoulder counter- hand in hip
-counter to hand in hip- hip switch wrist lock

-counter #2 to hand in hip- knee step over to kill arm
-counter to counter #2- pants control, staple heel to butt and bridge and roll (like knee on stomach reversal)

-counter to leg on shoulder- free leg and shoot triangle
-counter to freeing leg- posture up hard and escape triangle before it's locked, get leg back, step over with shin

-counter #2 to leg on shoulder- roll to turtle
-counter to roll to turtle- grab back of pants to prevent roll, stack them up on neck

-double underhook counter- roll to turtle
-counter to rolling- grab back of pants, forearm across throat for choke

-double underhook counter#2- create space and hook butterfly hooks, control elbows

Monday, November 5, 2007

open guard tendencies

from sitting butterfly-
get hands off pants grip and attack arms- either kimuras or arm drags. look to get butterfly hooks w/double underhooks.

from butterfly hooks-
get under/over grip and sweep.
or get double underhooks, elevate opponent, either sweep them over or kick leg through and go to x-guard. sweep from there.

from heel control- opponent stands, angles, and gets out of butterfly range.
go to de la riva guard
or get sleeve control and tripod sweep.

from de la riva-
either push off leg and stand to single leg
or go to shin guard and then x-guard. sweep from there.
or they sit- go to spider guard.

from shin guard-
go to half butterfly guard, try and sweep.
or go to x-guard.

from spider guard-
try sweeps, but mainly just control opponent and move back to butterfly guard or de la riva.

from x-guard-
several sweep options here. depends on reaction. off-balance opponent and work from there.

main idea-elevate hips, hip escape, change foot position to avoid getting passed.
control sleeves/lapel with hands.
control head at all costs.
don't let opponent control legs.

things to work on-
-elevator sweep from de la riva guard.
-single leg from de la riva
-butterfly sweep
-x-guard entries
-x-guard, period.
-half guard sweeps, guard recovery

plenty of other things, but that should be good for now. main thing- need to threaten more sweeps and not just kick back.

Half guard- need to threaten sweeps!

been building my legs and core outside of class. food is up, protein is up.

PM beginner's class

-hip throw fake to throw under opposite arm
-foot lift mount escape

-for throw- penetrate with hip to get most leverage. must be explosive with it.

guard drill notes-

-passes that work best on me- smashing passes.
-need to work on half guard sweeps. too often i'm just sitting there waiting for them to not pass. must create opportunities. mission one- block crossface/free head and hide head.
-at least need to THREATEN sweeps so they don't just sit there with perfect base.
-spider de la riva guard? maybe.
-main de la riva technique- push back to single leg. everything else is just me being a sitting duck. could also transition to shin guard and then to x-guard.
-must initiate sweeps before they start passing. gotta lift them with the butterfly hooks.
-half guard lockdown- awesome to stop them, but then what? gotta figure out how to get up from being smashed.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Side control- getting past the frame...


no gi- better to go half guard first. you start with the crossface and upper body control already. otherwise it's easy for them to move around and escape.

getting past the arm frame- rip elbow inside from the over grip- it's weaker and will help collapse the arm. for bottom arm- get hips underneath and kick leg, shifting hips to collapse the arm.

must recognize common escapes per each pass and figure out how to counter them- turtle, bridge and roll, etc.

rolling notes-

-rubber guard- from standard control- if they're just sitting there- pendulum sweep with rubber guard control locked up.
-gotta be more aggressive once i have submissions locked up. i've had a lot of submissions lately that i just sort of let go or didn't commit to even though i could've easily finished them.
-the passing is good. gotta work on not getting reversed from side control, though.

Standup- hand fighting, 2 on 1, neckties, and more...

warm ups-

-pummel- palm to elbow
-pummel- shoulder to shoulder
-pummel- neck tie

-mix up

drill- snap down resistance.

hand fighting
-the fight starts with hand fighting. once you get good here, it's hard to take you down.
-this is the distance from the beginning. from here, work inside to inside clinch.
-gotta switch between grips- break and re-grab. set up arm drags, 2 on 1, neck tie etc.
-break towards fingers
-also use their grips to set up your moves

2 on 1
-they grab same side wrist, you re-grab across, go elbow to elbow and step around, break and get 2 on 1.
-peel of their neck tie- 2 on 1
-they peel off your neck tie- 2 on 1 other side.
-this move is always sitting there!

-once you secure it, change levels and pressure shoulder low, or lift up armpit and sweep out foot.

arm drag
-don't just randomly arm drag them. gotta time it for when they stick their arm out while hand fighting.
-expose elbow with wrist control to arm drag better.

neck tie
-slam them hard, like a clothesline, when initiating the neck tie. must be physical, take them out of their game and give yourself the mental edge.
-hip pin move- cross wrist control- pin arm to hip and neck tie on open side.
-grab around crown of head to pressure head downward.
-drive their head into the floor!
-muay thai clinch is optimum. thrash them around.

-keep posture- keep back straight and head looking forward. change levels rather than getting back rounded out.
-must control the hand fighting from the start. it will be hard to take you down, and will also set up your takedowns.
-must be physically dominant and more aggressive. gotta push them around, you don't want to be on the receiving end of it.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Andre Galvao Ginastica Natural

some good drills/movements in here.

Friday, November 2, 2007

The Arm Triangle

No Gi


-arm triangle from side control
-arm triangle escape

-arm triangle- a few ways to finish. tripod up with head on ground, drive into them, or make them sit up and walk towards their head.
-arm triangle escape- hook arm under leg and use other leg as pendulum. if they are tripoded up, you need to take them over to the side rather than straight back. similar motion to trapping the arm and rolling from turtle once you pass the midway point.
-arm triangle- certain ways to choke more than crank. must work on it/ask about later. gotta find more setups.

-guard passing is good.
-top control is better, but needs to be worked on. getting reversed sometimes when i shouldn't. must get better at predicting bridges and countering.
-could be pressuring more from the top to set up submissions.
-brabo is good off of the 101 pass, they often turn and try and underhook right into it.
-need to work on the darce
-need to get better at guillotines
-need to get better at ten finger guillotines
-need to start side control escapes
-need to start half guard sweeps
-definitely need a good standing guillotine escape. standing back with them is good for now, but i need some more escape options if i get thrashed around.
-my no gi game is becoming very different from my gi game. some basic moves are the same, but there are stark differences- different sets of moves that i go to. gotta continue to develop both.

Top game coming together slowly

AM class

-pull guard- foot on hip, pull guard- jump
-sequence- pull guard, sweep, opponent elbow escapes to replace guard, and sweeps, reset.
-side control- controlling opponent and setting up mount


-sweep- use leg as pendulum to help them go over
-side control- trap elbow with crossface, underhook, and head. put pressure to distract them to take mount.
-side control escape- hard forearm to throat bridge, push head away with hand.

guard drill-
-good sequence- hip bump, kimura, guillotine, sweep other side.

-did extremely well.
-top game is getting decent.
-"pour into them like sand"- use leverage from top to pressure them
-one problem area- half guard top- susceptible to upa over shoulder. must be aware.
-rubber guard- getting decent. using rubber guard to trap arm (overhook) works well.
-overhook armbar is good.
-passes- flowing between passes is good.