Sunday, February 22, 2009

2 on 1/pummelling


wrist control- various breaks/controls
bicep pummelling
double underhooks


2 on 1 entries

-opponent grabs same side wrist
-opponent grabs opposite side wrist
-opponent collar ties you
-opponent touches shoulder or does weak collar tie


general stuff for me to practice-

-wrestling stance must be lower
-head positioning
-inside hand fighting- palms up
-2 on 1 to ankle attacks immediately
-2 on 1 to circle around back
-2 on 1- lean weight on them

must practice with Andrew

Saturday, February 21, 2009

grappling x

woke up this morning and got convinced to do a tournament. did two divisions- 145 mens blue belt, and 145 mens intermediate.

blue belt-

first match- otto at undisputed
i probably pulled guard to start off. i eventually swept a few times and passed. i won on points, but i'm not sure by how much. at one point i almost had a clock choke. he was very strong and i got tired out!

second match- renato from city boxing
i pull guard again and get some sort of open guard sweep. i start passing and get pulled into a triangle. i have the knee in initially, but he clears it and eventually sweeps me over to mount. game over.


men's intermediate-

first match- johnny from throwdown

we start out and i try to flying guillotine him. he does some crazy judo throw and i land on my head. i get up and jump guard and throw on the tight armlock immediately. his arm pops and then he taps.

second match- chris from fight lab

he pulls butterfly and i start trying to slide the knee. i nearly pass a few times, and he recovers nicely. i put the pressure from half guard and pass to side control with like a minute left. scramble to feet, i pull guard and just hold for the win.

finals- sergio from undisputed

i try a different strategy this time and try for the flying guillotine. at one point in regulation i nearly take his back but don't have the harness grip and he gets out. no score by regulation, overtime. OT- he tries for a takedown, i counter the single leg. somehow i hit him with the omoplata but he does a weird upside down donkey guard and i am sitting in reverse mount with my torso trapped. i sit there for a bit, but leave an arm behind me and get kimuraed. no good.


two main things went wrong-

1- conditioning! i was quite tired the whole time. if i would have been at full speed, i could have won.
2- gameplan- i need to work from full/half/open guard. i can easily sweep from here. less tiring than passing. or i just need to work on my top game. bottom feels much better in tournaments. less tiring as well.

oh well. putting it behind me.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

creating momentum

from bottom of half guard- pinch knees and swing slightly. use arms to push away/hip out, etc. must keep moving, even if in small increments.

remember- arm control- control sleeve.

this is the missing piece to the puzzle.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

guard pass week

guard passing-

-free head and overhook, hands in hips, hand in bend of knee, switch base, break open guard, switch hand, weave leg with elbow.

1- leg on shoulder pass- cup head, drive forward
2- hip wiggle
3- knee step over, knee step under
4- switch sides to over/under

Saturday, February 14, 2009

leg locks

entry- from half guard bottom- reverse kesa gatame

bridge into opponent, they adjust. push armpit away (like x-guard), go to leglock attacks. transition right away to heelhook, kneebar, etc.

need to figure out sequence of attacks.

never ending gauntlet.


counter from back- opponent baseball bat grips arm and puts on other side of head- fall into arm triangle guillotine. very nice.

Friday, February 13, 2009

half guard


-posture- hand placement
-stay on side

passing variations

side control simliarities

Thursday, February 12, 2009

combo position drills

combinations of

-mount escape, sweep, finish from mount.

seems to be bringing the newbs along nicely.


cross collar choke from mount- thumb in, yank slack out, manhandle/shake them, elbow to mat, opposite elbow over cranking head, cheese grater face, thumb in, finish.

the cross collar choke is coming along nicely. feels great to put on a gi again.

cobrinha guard stuff was working decently, but need to throw in more sweeps/off balancing. mike said sometimes i was just spinning around all randomly and he'd just wait for me to stop. must threaten sweeps more. footlocks, heelhooks, kneebars, toeholds would work into this perfectly.

Monday, February 9, 2009

more mount

-americana to armlock
-arm triangle
-arm triangle to armlock


must practice creating momentum from the bottom.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

mount attacks

-fist in throat
-arm triangle


worked on some takedowns. gotta refresh and get the fitness up.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


a few days back- mount, mount escapes w/ andrew

open mat.

starting to gain a grasp on the balance between being fluid and controlling at the same time.

glad to get some rolling in despite the busy schedule.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

sweep unit

first day back after the flu. not training for 10 days was no fun. glad to be back.

1. scissor sweep
2. scissor sweep option- push knee, pull elbow
3. knee sweep
4. hip bump sweep
5. ankle sweep