Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Reverse half

They jump to reverse half from sit up series.

Grab nearside collar and stiffarm knuckles into throat. Hip of and come to knees.

If they counter by planting hand and trying to jump back, track with hand and redirect to other side. Come up for the sweep.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sit up guard with butterfly hook

Same positions as yesterday with butterfly hook addition.

Back take- go for drag down with hook. They base with hand- extend hook and take back. Choke depends on side you have. Choking hand wrong- collar choke with leg over shoulder. Choking side correct- tight shoulder.

Can sit into hook from botched single leg.

Random- finish back collar choke with leg over shoulder. Angle knee inward to increase pressure.

Must work on single leg/ankle pick.

Must get back to x-guard vs certain styles.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sit up guard

1. Far arm sweep. Ankle sweep entry. Feed same side arm to dlr side hand. Sit up with push off. Grab tricep and push out knee as you pull them down. Switch knee pass to crossface to dope mount. Ezekiel finish.

2. Near side arm sweep. Cross sleeve grip, feed underneath to oher hand. Grab for opposite knee palm up, roll under with knees to chest. Bump them in butt with knee to break balance. Roll over. Push knee to mat and pass backside. Grab underhook collar. Take back or pass.

3. Single leg. You go for number 2 but they backstep you or have knee too far to grab. Put hand down and stand to base. Ankle pick to leg drag with foot in hip pocket. Knee on mat, stay tight, backside pass to back.

4. Knee slide cross choke counter. They go for knee slide cross choke ad you go for number 2 sweep. Bump with knee and take over. If they base with both hands, go to back. Roll them to the side they go.

Friday, September 24, 2010

dlr roll under counters

-catch the foot and hold footlock
-catch the elbow and prevent them from rolling under
-scoot out
-jump to reverse half

-allow them to roll, stuff leg between your legs, kick and take back (similar to twister roll)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

defending the back

1. turtle roll- look away from opponent and roll to guard. time so that you catch it before they lock you down with arm across back. eyes closed drill- sensitivity.

2. turtle to side control top, mount, ezekiel. control wrist of arm across back, nearside knee. sit out and come on top. bj penn mount, cross ankles under mount, ezekiel.

3. leo vieira guard recovery- opponent behind you. close leg comes up, put instep across. can use to track them if they try to take your back- shuts off one side. recover guard.

4. helicopter variation- opponent trapping one leg behind you. you weave and trap leg closest to you with your toes on mat. grab other knee and keep sleeve of arm across back. look towards (or was it away from?-need to double check) opponent and roll to an omoplata-like position (chop down). continue the helicopter roll to the top. weight on them. lock down and control.

**no leg omoplata variation

-retaining back- tight harness. "chin in bowl"
-pay attention to where opponent looks. they look away= attempting to roll back to guard. follow and jump all the way across to 270 back take. they look towards you=half guard recovery. hop around to back side.

-on the back- always attack the neck. prioritize the submission over the points.
-if you are smaller- you need to be faster. arm drag, take the back, etc.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

back 2

-re-taking off of them freeing bottom hook

-taking back off of no hooks (belly down, get to knees, sit into a hook)

-inserting top hook off of half back

-hip drag to mat

-review of yesterday

*TIGHT HARNESS and head position

**1:30 drill

***look for the choke as you put the hooks or even before

the key to back control is switching between the positions

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

back taking

1. from turtle- nearside knee goes in, far leg hooks ankle, take nearside hook. triangle legs. body lock stretch and put other hook. crossface if necessary to get choke.

2. from them trying to recover half guard- hop to other side, hop back, and then let them get part of half guard, jump all the way over and take back similar to #1.

3. break their posture down from opposite hand over back to cross lapel, nearside hand pulls sleeve out so they topple over. hip ride with knee. they get back to knees, you insert near hook and then far hook.

4. they escape out proper side- keep harness grip and correct head placement. shift them over to their side, bring knee up near head, roll back over and re-take back. repeat.

Friday, September 17, 2010

AG training

first update in awhile. was on a tear with training this summer.

Key things tonight-

-knee on stomach switches around the head
-flow drill on top of KoS
-loose/tight drill from top
-submission combo drill

key insight- defending the hand on hip/knee toreando- stuff the hand on the knee (detail i definitely got) and possibly force n/s and try to roll them (detail i'm not sure about)