Friday, December 31, 2010

triangle from closed guard

posture control over back of neck- top of head is better
sleeve control
hip out and switch to wrist control with one handed baseball bat grip
push arm to chest and jump to catch the elbow
shimmy up and get to triangle
calf hits back of neck

*wrist lock vs. defense
*sweep fake to remove the hand
*switch to opposite shoulder clamp vs. tough elbow posture

**elbow tight to body- frame trapping their arm
**weave inside to shin guard to elbow trap vs. hands in biceps

always control the posture

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Butterfly telephone armlock

Double unders butterfly
Telephone arm lock
They defend- Americana with heavy knee on shoulder
Kick out far knee to topple
Finish or cross sleeve to the back

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Telephone arm lock from closed and butterfly guard
Chicken wing setups from closed guard

Armlock- must create hollow space below joint. Hip out and angle

Chicken wing- from Tozi pass- omoplata, chicken wing, kimura, telephone arm lock, guillotine, no arm darce, triangle

Monday, December 27, 2010

More arm locks and chicken wing from guard

Arm lock- blade of wrist- near wrist, not elbow

Guard posture break
Hip out, grab wrist and feed the position
Triangle or chicken wing depending on what they do
Sweep backwards

Back take from underhook chicken wing

More far side arm attacks; berimbolo to calf lock

Far side arm attacks from deep half and side.

Some details-
Heavy pressure on the tricep
Head far from theirs
Hips on chest

Triangle from chicken wing- switch instep hook and grab own foot

Berimbolo from footlock- cross over and go inverted dlr- outward pressure and throw them towards trapped leg
From standing- inverted dlr to calf lock

Mendes belt grab dlr to back or 50/50 or spin under if they try to stuff the leg

Friday, December 24, 2010

Far side arm attacks

From half guard or side control.

1. Step over kimura. Suck wrist in. Finish with step over.
2. Telephone arm lock- from underhook- put forehead on mat, block head and slide knee over, slide other leg over to 4 on 1. Leg order of step over depends on half guard or side control beginning
3. From #2- block near arm with instep, step over head and weave instep over bicep. Fall to guard. Start pressure on tricep and slide down. Can switch to omoplata, can weave opposite leg under arm for chicken wing arm bar, can go to triangle. From omoplata- get on hands and scoot hips back.

Can also do arm trap from guard.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Darce and anaconda

Darce from turtle
Anaconda from turtle
Darce power half to darce

Half passing

Reverse kesa half guard counter- pinch knees and bring toes of trapped leg to mat and then tip opponent. Push armpit away and go to 50/50 or leglocks

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Open elbows with hips and elbow.
Use bicep block to redirect elbow and then scoot hips into elbow.

Rickson paper cutter
Darce from side with nearside arm out of posture and far arm trapped in kimura grip.
Sit out counter

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Over under to Marcelo half guard pass

Over under setups.

Marcelo pass. If they track the hand, flip to reverse kesa. Trap both arms and scoot hip up. Pass and drop ribs on opponent's head.

Back take option- give them bottom leg, grab knee, roll and kick legs.

Other back take option- scoot hip out from the pass. Give bottom leg. Jump over and insert the choke.

Adjustments vs shaking sweep- sprawl out.

Adjustments vs recovered half- switch hips and kesa.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Over/under variation

From butterfly- trap shin by grabbing belt. Adjust so crook of elbow is on instep.

Insert free hand- dive deep underneath. Back walk to clear hook. Elevate hips and prop lower back on posted leg. Pressure down. Head next to hand.

Go for crossface. If they block, go to reverse kesa.

Entries from half guard and standing as well.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


1. Deep underhook on arm. Prop them up on side and trap arm. Lift bottom sleeve and trap that arm as you step over. Pinch knees tight and finish.

2. Take out tail and feed over wrist to pistol grip. Prop opponent on side and choke or take the back.

Friday, December 17, 2010

some cross guard adjustments

-enter the sweep from either the foot on hip or omoplata position.

-at the end of the sweep, straighten the leg and insert deeper.

-from top- omoplata- tuck wrist and roll. grab bicep to finish. roll back counter vs. posture.

-from top- armlock- trap bicep, tug sleeve up and armlock.

-from top- triangle- spin and keep it all tight, finish off back.

-from sweep position- modified leg lasso sweep.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

no gi x/foot lock

1. pull x-guard from 2 on 1 (they are standing)- go to tripod, weave knee in and pull x. sweep backwards and go to double under pass immediately.

2. pull x-guard from one knee up- if they put hands down- kick out and stand for the sweep.

3. pull footlock to x-guard (baseball slide in from standing and one knee up).

4. reaping heel hook- weave opposite leg across and hook the leg so you can follow the roll. a) use to sweep and leg drag pass immediately.


berimbolo detail- plant toes for the follow-up. do not release underhook and go to reverse hooks. underhook is stronger.

Friday, December 10, 2010

cross guard

-3 guard attacks

I. foot on hip, leg extended (triangle, control position)
II. foot in hip pocket, leg extended (omoplata and sweep position)

1. triangle- extend leg, jump hips and close the triangle

2. omoplata- from foot in hip pocket- stay tight (near shoulder, not elbow) and hit the omoplata

3. armlock- they grab free knee- grab over the tricep near the elbow, kick leg to break grip, control the arm, use free leg to reposition and drive their head to the ground, extend and finish.

3b. armlock variation- you can't throw the leg over- pinch knees and extend away from them. need to keep the wrist trapped tight.


sweep series-
-start with foot in hip pocket

1. throw leg over and come to toes. keep grip on pants, switch hips and tug their leg out. attack options- omoplata, armlock, triangle.

2. they defend the sweep- roll back and omoplata or triangle.


-50/50 entry- they stand in cross guard- leg on hip goes between the legs, invert and aim free arm for opposite leg. get armpit deep with both arms and shoot the 50/50.

can also go to DLR options

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

50/50 entry and details

*cobrinha drill
*cobrinha around the world
*50/50 stand up battle
*50/50 vs. standing opponent drill

1. entry from berimbolo position- insert one leg, get armpit-deep behind opponent's legs, kick up and lock up the 50/50.

2. basic sweep control (did not get taught this but picked it up)- control sleeve and tricep on sweeping side.

3. standing details- get opponent's trapped leg on ground, stand up and base.

4. counter to stand- grab belt, grab pant cuff, insert hook behind entangled leg. as they stand, bring knee to chest and insert hook. a) if they sit there- take the back. b) if they try to sit hip on mat- 1. berimbolo half roll, kick them out and take the back (use belt to help). 2. extend hook and come to knees for the sweep.

5. more control- control same side 50/50 sleeve with cross sleeve. pass off to your hand underneath opponent's 50/50. start to take the back, sweep, etc.


need to work on- half roll follow-up if they sit to the mat. need to get hip off the mat more? bring head towards hips? must figure it out.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Berimbolo details

-with two knees on the mat- enter from X posture, grab shin, kick leg down and pendelum, land in tornado guard situation. open knee up, lift opponent near bend of knee, guide foot with free hand and insert knee.

-they try and face you from the initial back take- they will turn towards side they you don't have the leg underhooked. prepare to spin underneath again. reposition head towards their hips (the key- still need to tinker) and spin underneath. possibly land with them floating on top. switch to 4 on 1- pressure in bend of knee and chuck them away from you (need to figure out exact pressure). come up and seize the hips. attack the back.

-50/50 entry from initial roll- need to insert leg mid-move. must figure out.

-50/50 roll under- insert bottom hook and roll underneath. prepare to ride them out and take back.

never stop rolling. always stay active from the bottom.

Monday, December 6, 2010

under the legs back taking

clock drill
cobrinha drill
capture leg and then cobrinha drill

1. entry from opponent standing
2. entry from opponent with one leg posted- aim knee for entangled leg, not for the back right away.
3. entry from opponent kneeling- block crossface with X. grab shin, push opponent's armpit away (like marcelo x-guard entry) as you simultaneously pendulum leg and then come underneath. lift opponent near thigh/bend of knee, not in center (they are too heavy)
4. entry from opponent smashing top leg during pass- entangle leg and roll under to modified X, back take, 50/50, etc. many options.

**must figure out the infinite roll. something to do with switching your legs/insteps/bringing the legs inside. keep alternating sides until you can get something. sweep, back take, etc.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Leite half guard variations

1. underhook with lapel. opponent overhooks. grab opponent's pants at knee (palm up). switch leg positioning and force quarter guard. bridge hips into knee to prevent mount and secure the position/torque knee. get to elbow and then both knees. base off leg and drive into them, pull leg out from underneath them. pass many ways. back, side, dope mount, etc. *drive in short bursts to disrupt base. **stay TIGHT to them- no space.

2. they drive into you and prevent you from sweeping- dive underneath, pull lapel down, extend arm, bridge hips and take them over. keep knees tight.

**if they ever abandon the overhook to base, go to the back.

3. they try to switch hips and go reverse half guard. once you feel it, switch to the butterfly hook and underhook on the same side. sweep them over. can also set up from static reverse half, but it is much more difficult than catching the transition.


other stuff-

*starting- grip something with the hands- do not play on back unless you have grips. you can start on back and wait for them to touch you and then get grips off that, but it is risky.

**sit up guard- drag shoulder to the mat and sweep once you have the arm trapped.

***playing off the back- develop spider guard.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


1. pull x-variation sweep from standing- "2 points guaranteed sweep"
2. shoulder roll sweep from standing. key- do not insert bottom leg like deep half. keep shin there to support opponent's weight.
3. shoulder roll sweep from knees. kick opponent over and use reaction to sweep them.
4. 2 on 1 arm drag from half guard with the shin across- a) take down to have guard b) take the back and choke. for the setup- arm drag with one arm, redirect bicep and guide them to the RNC as you arm drag.

next phase-
-strength up
-assertiveness up