Sunday, October 26, 2008

Judo grip fighting

pre-grip fighting-
-hand fight- slap away hands before they can grip
-rhadi ferguson move- cross grip bottom of lapel to open, feed to strong hand

before they establish a strong grip-
-marcelo- rotate wrist away, forearm strike
-two hands underneath, step back and shake off (jacare)

from basic collar, sleeve-
-break sleeve first with forearm strike (collar arm); use knee if grip is too strong
-for collar hand- cross grab bottom of wrist fabric, turn out. same side hand on top, pulling hand into you (wristlocking them). pull down. pump if needed.
-go directly to lapel grip or 2 on 1 over back.

options from 2 on 1-
-tani otoshi
-reverse kimura sweep
-sacrifice sit throw sweep thing

-roll underneath wwf pin? (stuff arm between legs)

some basic combos-
-off of them doing collar grip break- go directly into 2 on 1
-from 2 on 1- step in, break grip, go to underhook

gotta work on this stuff. lots of variables, but have to practice and get a step ahead of most.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Rolling with Spencer

finally got around to rolling with spencer. got to put on a gi and roll for the first time in weeks. felt good.

i figured out that my style matchup is pretty good against other people i haven't rolled with before. my leg attacks/open guard can be pretty unpredictable, so my sweeps and back taking are working out nicely. my transitions and combo attacks are also working nice as well.

i finally figured out some deep half guard stuff. also finally figured out cobrinha's de la riva sweep where he rotates underneath them (worlds 06).

gotta roll some more!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Deep half guard tidbits

-opponent smashing face from half guard top- you need to alleviate pressure with free hand on shoulder, use hips and hand to hike them up (swing left and right) and bury your head deep in half guard.

-deep half entry- need to immediately tuck arm inside to avoid kimura

-deep half mechanics- need to constantly be using hips to off-balance them

-deep half to x-guard- from deep half with hand grasping hip near head, other arm underhooking leg (kimura defense). come up like a butterfly sweep, but switch to x-guard on opposite side. clean transition.

-deep half if they jump your head- bad position, but possible to do a butterfly guard type sweep and get up/create a scramble

-guillotine defense- rock them towards cross shoulder, and they will need to break guillotine to maintain base.

RNC details

1. rnc series- hand fight, hands to hands, hit hand off, hands to hands, finish.
2. rnc counter counter- they put bicep next to ear, you can't insert choke. grab across to armpit, pull elbow back with other arm to make enough room. easier if they are on their side.
3. baseball bat counter- use free hand to suck in opponent's arm. hands to hands, rotate wrist up (wristlocking them), and they'll let go. finish.
4. opponent's grip of choking arm is too strong- instead of going directly up towards choke, walk hand laterally towards pec and then shoulder. drive head into back of their head, and inch up hand to finish the choke.


other- jiggle slice knife hand under jawline to bring up chin.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Been sick

been out for the past few weeks due to illness.

the sd bjj championships were great last weekend. i was very inspired by glover and cooper, and plan to implement a lot of their stuff in my game.

gotta rewatch the videos of the matches, but i picked up on some key points.

can't wait to get back on the mat.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Judo class

judo class


-tani otoshi
-osoto gari


-keys- TO-step and grab leg at same time. also can step back and yank opponent into your zone
-osoto gari- shoulder to shoulder entry, swing leg, sweep out. need to go shoulder to shoulder and swing leg in same direction- towards opponent, not at an angle

need to do repetitions and practice. need to get more comfortable

other stuff-
-walk opponent around, use gi to manipulate their balance. timing with throws

Friday, October 3, 2008

Tripod series

tripod series

1. basic tripod sweep
2. opponent balances and hops around- you throw leg over arm and pinch elbow, sweeping backwards
3. from #2- weave knee in and take back if he exposes back too much


tripod series working very well.

spider series connecting nicely.

deep half also working well.

cobrinha guard working well as well.