Saturday, May 31, 2008

Chess Analogy

"So, learn this, know this, live this: Chess is not about overwhelming forces! Chess is about controlling the application of force, both that of your opponents’ as well as your own."

I've become interested in chess again, and I came across this quote the other day. It's not a perfect analogy, but it provided me with some food for thought.

I realized that this same sort of concept was helping my jiu jitsu game immensely. I was working to pass the guard, and instead of just concentrating on one particular pass I remained fluid- threating several passes at once with a mix of speed and power while also threating submissions. Just like in chess where you aren't going to win by a single piece, I tried to play my moves in combinations that allowed me to breach my opponent's defenses. I visualize it as a small break in the dam that eventually causes the whole thing to crumble, allowing a torrent of water to break through. That's me passing the guard. Slowly inching and creating more pressure (physical and mental) until the opponent is worn out and gets the guard passed.


Today's matches went well, as I was able to apply the use of speed, leverage, and strength together. I managed to stay mobile yet tight- applying fluid pressure that allowed me to create openings to pass and control.

It's coming together nicely.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Spinning arm lock counter

pm no gi


-pop in triangle
-spinning armlock counter- grab own bend of arm immediately(like RNC), arm in bend of knee, stack, prop up back with knee, switch grip to back of head, get arm out, pass
-counter to counter- switch to opposite arm- control elbow, push across body


-fluid and dangerous today
-submissions were on point
-everything worked together cohesively- good from top and bottom tonight

to work on-
-finishing guillotines
-pressure on top
-pressure when passing
-speed when passing
-front turtle defense and takedowns

-turned it up when some kid tried to heelhook me. got more aggressive and finished him 5 or so times before the end of the round. domination. not angry rolling, just assertive and out for the finish. maybe how i need to roll in tournaments.
-didn't really get put in danger. probably need to get tested more. easy night, but it can't be like this every night.

-deep half guard point- underhooking the opposite leg will break balance and allow for the beginning of the series. perhaps a big missing part of the puzzle.

-importance of popping up a knee when in someone's guard
-guillotine escape refresher

stand up

-aggressive and fluid at times
-neck tie was solid for the most part
-off balancing was okay-at least attempted some stuff
-arm drag to single leg at one point
-guillotine attacks off of the snap downs/sprawl on shots were good

to work on-
-combo off 2 on 1
-stronger 2 on 1- i don't get good enough control
-combo off neck tie- snap down to snatching up legs
-more weight on neck tie- all body weight on crown of opponent's head
-more off-balancing
-more foot trips
-stance- circling, sprawling, shooting, etc.
-work on hand fighting control and combos
-better hand control
-work to get more control to eventually be able to arm drag

it's all about setups!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Some back/turtle stuff

pm class


-arm bar from back- step on hip to help turn
-back escape- protect neck across, get hook off with other elbow, spin into elbow, pass with over/under
-turtle escape- trap elbow and roll, tuck elbow and bridge into legs, keep turning and complete pass


-top mobility on top of deep half guard
-knee bar off of deep half guard!
-decent pressure when passing- hips forward
-top pressure with half guard
-switching side to side with half guard
-arm bar from guard
-brabo from stuffed double leg

to work on-
-deep half guard setups and sweeps
-single leg defense
-completing the pass- flattening opponent and preventing half guard recovery
-over/under pass- tripod up

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Clock choke, turtle

pm class


-clock choke from turtle
-clock choke variation- grab lapel instead of hand- wallid ismail choked out royce with this
-turtle escape- trap arm and roll
-turtle escape 2- they insert knee, grab knee, grab other pantleg, post foot, sit up back and take them over


-guard control
-z-guard- they won't ever pass from here unless i let them
-triangle defense was decent. didn't get triangled, but got comboed off the triangle. that's the next step i guess.

to work on-
-triangle escape where you plant their leg on ground and drive forward- susceptible to attacks on other arm if you don't tuck it
-posture up triangle escape- susceptible to arm bars
-passing- work pressure still, but also use speed when appropriate
-they grab lapel in guard- 2 on 1 break!
-attack more aggressively when they try to pass. you used to do this more often.
-let people pass and work escapes- especially if they pose no threat
-vs. spider guard- figure out more options. people don't use this often, don't get enough practice

stand up

-single leg defense was good
-double leg defense was good
-setups were good on second session

to work on-
-more aggressiveness when the windows open
-more foot sweeps to set up other attacks, penetration
-sprawl better
-crossface better
-attack guillotines better
-off-balancing opponent
-neck tie w/collar, hand/sleeve control
-neck tie control in general
-2 on 1 setups
-must penetrate deeper to make takedowns worthwhile

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Triangle options

sh training


1. standard with arm across- finish by grabbing shin and knee, drive feet down to ground
2. arm on same side- pull head down with both hands, drive hips up
3. they post leg to stack- sweep and finish as they fall/on side

50/50 leglock series- entry from footlock x-guard- cross own leg over, pass their leg to other side. heel hooks galore.


-guard is good. triangles are good. must work on transition to armlock from triangle
-top control is good
-brabos are good for no gi
-n/s guillotines are also good

-need to work on penetrating butterfly guard
-need to work on guillotine again

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Guard work

PM class


-palm up, palm up cross choke from guard- rotate towards bottom hand
-hip bump sweep off of cross choke- opponent postures up, you immediately hip bump
-arm-in guillotine off of hip bump- they counter hip bump by planting hand and driving into you (close elbow and crunch in- stay on side)
-americana to spinning arm lock on either side
-palm up, palm down cross choke- rotate towards top hand- elbows to opponents chest, rotate blades of wrist- pull more with palm up hand



-half guard top pressure
-kimura attacks- americana, straight arm lock, arm triangle- use to pass
-x-guard sweep from z-guard entry
-z-guard defense, guard replacing
-scissor pass- use to force half guard if they defend well
-deep half entries from knee slide
-triangle defense
-armlock defense?

to work on-

-pressure from top
-pressure when passing- destroy the legs
-"pour into them like sand"
-driving pressure to flatten them in half guard/side control
-scissor pass- get leg out and don't let them pull half or z-guard
-scissor pass- finish with knee on hip- be aggressive with it once you clear plane of legs
-z-guard counter- switch hip over to reverse kesa gatame- figure out counters
-transition from passing to side control- finishing the pass
-kimura finish from bottom

overall, did decent. better than yesterday.

pulled a neck muscle when standing to get out of a triangle- took them up into powerbomb position and strained a muscle.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sitting Deep Half Guard entries

pm class


-deep half guard rolling pin sweep from 2 on 1 standing
-deep half guard entry sweep from sitting- cross arm control hand off to deep half guard arm, spin underneath and hook leg, sweeping to top
-deep half guard entry sweep from sitting- hand lapel or belt undereath to other arm, spin around back and grab belt, going underneath for the sweep

-de la riva counter- kick foot out.
-toriani review- push legs into opponent, they push back and you redirect. either push in close or plant on ground- don't play midgame.
-de la riva counter- negative x-pass

-arm bar from side control with belt/lapel trap instead of kimura grip


overall- started off rolling light with an injured partner, which sort of carried on to the subsequent rolls. aggression was down. also, trying new things and putting myself in vulnerable positions for the sake of learning

-pulling deep half guard from many places- learning entries and getting more comfortable
-wrapping up kimuras from guard. just gotta learn to free the arm and finish it.
-z-guard. they aren't passing unless i let them. easy to replace guard when they back up. 2 on 1 from z-guard is excellent.

to work on-
-aggressiveness on bottom of half guard- need to constantly destroy opponent's base. if they settle, they can start to pass or attack.
-north south- staying tight. somewhat susceptible to strange n/s guard tricks if they have long legs.
-kimura finish. gotta figure out sweeping options and finishing options from closed guard.

thoughts- deep half guard is susceptible to gi chokes- collar, ezekiel, etc. might be a better no gi option?

Monday, May 19, 2008

the class i'm glad i came to....

pm class


-elevator sweep from sitting de la riva- elbow and collar, double elbow
note- foot on hip, shin touching opponent, collar arm inside and on top of thigh. sit up and bring them on top of you as your rock back.

-negative x-pass- best from standing

-toe hold from de la riva- like kimura but on foot

-knee bar from over/under pass- cross legs like x-guard to secure. back to opponent. super finish- under armpit (like shogun vs. randleman)


-pressure on top
-fluidity on top
-directional changes vs. bridges
-top control
-back taking
-back control
-guard work
-guard control
-sweeps from guard

to work on-
-finishing strong
-finishing submissions
-even tighter top control

-deep half guard sweeps- pendulum over, pendulum under, hook under to back (missing step- grab thigh with free hand)
-deep half guard stall- underhook far arm, sprawl hard on face
-deep half guard pass- step over face with hip, crossface and get leg out
-counter to deep half pass- get to knees and get out of there!

-top control- forearm in throat! stops lots of errant bridges.

-need to attack more kimuras tomorrow

-good guillotine defense- pull half/half butterfly/x-guard and get directly underneath opponent, destroy their base by rocking them

-new combo- x-guard to toe hold!

felt very strong, fluid, fast, crisp, etc. need to step it up and finish opponents. need to start passing on left side again. passing is more stable on that side. i have better control for some reason.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Goals this week

Deep Half guard
-pull every time someone stands
-enter every time someone tries to knee slide
-figure out and get competent at a few entries
-get solid on the bottom and feel comfortable- not in danger of being submitted or passed
-begin rocking opponent's base
-begin figuring out the over sweep and under sweep, look at back door to taking the back

-use as main half guard this week
-enter deep half when they give opening
-use to replace guard
-remember wrist pin/head away

Full Guard

-hip bump sweep
-kimura every time they plant hand on ground for more than one second
-guillotine if they defend kimura well
-2 on 1 break if they grab lapel

Stand up

-continue hand fighting
-control elbows better
-2 on 1 control
-get more comfortable at neck ties
-begin off-balancing opponent
-continue to develop good defense vs. double and single leg takedowns

-head placement when passing- driving into opponent's chin
-driving pressure with legs/hips
-directional mobility

Side Control
-kimura every time
-in event of frame in throat- look at side arm drag

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Guard drill

came LATE to am class


-sweeps off submission attempts
-open guard control
-submissions from open guard
-2 on 1 control to prevent toriani
-deep half guard sweep over the leg (not back door)
-footlock x-guard sweeps
-x-guard sweeps
-passing pressure
-base when passing

need to practice-

-deep half guard entries
-more x-guard setups
-more pressure when passing
-base when passing

Friday, May 16, 2008

Deep Half Guard setup

from z-guard-

frame up opponent, dive under leg with free hand, switch to both arms on trapped leg (far arm underneath- defending the kimura), straighten legs and swing hips to get underneath.

sweep option- lift hook from back, get underneath, kick out base, take back.

Working on standing, z-guard, deep half, and more

pm no gi


-guard open- stand to arm swim, traditional pass
-guard open- stand to knee forward, shin over thigh, kick back pass

guard drill

-deep half guard is good vs. standing large opponents
-hip bump to kimura
-z-guard was decent. great for defense

to work on-
-large opponents are hard to deal with from butterfly guard
-remember to arm drag more often from butterfly
-if they switch their hip over z-guard shin, need to find ways to react


-triangle setups from the guard
-high guard and posture breaking (robson moura tips)
-shawn williams guard seems like a good option

to work on-
-rubber guard? what to do here other than stall or try omoplata
-more z-guard
-from z-guard- transition to half butterfly kimura sweep
-more butterfly guard- high elbows, head placement
-getting past the forearm in throat frame (2 on 1 to americana? lift and bump elbow? there are probably other options also)
-remember RNC setup- hands to hands, hit hands off, RNC
-improve arm triangle- need to adjust arm, squeeze steadily, apply pressure in right place
-improve guillotine- need to be squeezing harder/more steadily


-neck tie for defense- half nelson, etc
-snap down to head attacks
-hand fighting was okay?

to work on-
-need to control elbows more
-need to off-balance opponent more
-need to get strong 2 on 1- opponent rips out too easily
-need to have good arm drag
-need to generally get more comfortable standing

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Some standup practice

rolling session


-x-guard entries and setups were clean
-standing x-guard sweep was clean
-top control was good
-more pressure from half guard top and side control
-more pressure when passing today
-good flow from guard technique to technique

to work on-

-stand up- getting comfortable
-grip fighting
-more pressure when passing
-more pressure from top
-arm bar escapes (from full extension?)

some judo

-inside foot sweep to kosoto gari
-opponent has strong lapel grip- steering wheel to kosoto gari- land in kesa gatame
-foot sweep combos over crazy throws- start here
-bump with hip breaks balance

standing practice

-getting more comfortable on feet
-defending vs. the double leg shot, single leg
-getting the back sometimes

to work on-
-grip fighting dominance
-kuzushi- off balancing opponent
-getting more comfortable on feet

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Deep half guard- small breakthrough (treat as single leg takedown from knees)

pm class


-o goshi
-pull guard to kimura
-kimura defense

kimura defense- post same side leg as trapped arm, trap own hand in bend of knee, put knee down and pin arm. post opposite foot, reach across and grab wrist/hand with free arm. posture up and rip opponent's arm to kimura them back.

guard drill-

-seemed to be able to pass and sweep well. for some reason, it's a blur.

need to work on-
-staying up when passing. pressure with chest on opponent's upper torso.


-triangle defense was decent today. got out of one
-top pressure from half guard top
-foot work from half guard top
-used more pressure when passing
-dropped the hips and executed the marcelo pass to half guard (need to pin leg next time)
-back defense was good. managed to defend the chokes and escape
-came to knees and didn't give up side control
-solved the deep half guard hole when you come back door and they just switch hips. you must keep rotating to knees and take them down like single leg. if they stand, you may be able to take back.
-z-guard- can take back/sweep from here if opponent overcommits an arm. this half guard is very good.

need to work on-
-pressure from half guard top- constant pulling and bridging
-pressure from side control- break down posture and finish
-switch sides on side control
-use more toriani in conjunction with other passes. mix it up.
-get stronger
-need to lean weight on opponent more, get them to support my weight- especially when passing

-biggest improvement- deep half guard sweep!
-looking ahead- must improve deep half guard and then integrate with x-guard.

one small game to play-
if opponent posts hand on ground at all (even for one second), immediately seize wrist, sit up, and go for kimura ALL THE TIME. must use as trigger position.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Conditioning so far


kbs- 3 rds of (35 lb)

20x swings
20x lunges
10x deck squats
5x windmills
5x push press


100 pushups
100 situps
100 squats
40 pullups

tues- 3 rds of (26 lb)

20x swings
20x lunges
10x deck squats
10x windmills
10x push press

some bodyweight stuff? same as monday

Uneventful pm class

pm class


-some random standing headlock escapes
-defense against rear body lock- sink hips down, kimura
-spinning armlock
-pop in triangle

not too much action this class. helped a new student get used to bjj.

GB Del Mar

am class

Gracie Barra Del Mar


-arm bar setup from guard
-arm bar from elbow on ground counter- cross grip, pop elbow up, drag across body
-pop in triangle
-reverse triangle from hidden arm counter
-pin arm, stand up, open guard to traditional pass


-butterfly passing was okay
-guard defense was decent

to work on-
-need more pressure when passing
-need to be tighter with passes
-need to work on passing to left side now (passing mostly to right side lately)
-spider guard was not as effective today
-triangle escapes

need to roll with more people i don't know!


new thing to think about - "x-grab"- gable grip underneath armpit to break down opponent's posture.

Monday, May 12, 2008


pm class


-side control to knee on stomach
-knee on stomach escape- nearside hand underneath foot and grabs the skirt of gi jacket, step out, hip away, sit up to side control.

guard drill-

-z-guard is excellent. keeps you away from the crossface, keeps opponent at a distance and gives you more control, and allows for deep half guard entry.
-quick spinning armlock is often open
-2 on 1 is good setup for all attacks
-from turtle- attacking one leg and getting out to side is good. keep them tight and press for the tight takedown.

to work on-
-practice more z-guard
-practice sitting in deep half guard
-practice deep half guard entries
-need to clean up pinning one arm and standing.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Double leg, some hip throws

am class


-hip throws- headlock hip throw, seionage, seionage with lapel and elbow drills

must triangle step all at once. feet parallel is better? penetrate hip deep.

-double leg

wasn't feeling perfect today. somehow my hips felt tight and locked up?

standing drill-

-attempting to grip fight?
-sprawl is decent?

needs improvement-
-getting overpowered most of the time
-need to get better at grip fighting
-need to off-balance opponent more
-need to be more assertive rather than reactive

mount drill-


-comboing collar chokes with arm locks
-arm lock is decent

needs improvement-
-need to work to get them out of posture if they're defending
-switch between grapevine and high mount?
-control head?


-upa/foot drag/butterfly guard combo is good
-can mostly replace

needs improvement-
-defense against collar chokes
-defense against arm bars


-pressure passing was better today
-head control was good
-half guard top was good- putting pressure and working to pass
-attacking aggressively
-sweeps were effective

needs improvement-
-more pressure from top
-need to work on walking sideways knee slide- hips forward (is that a move? lol)


overall summary-

-need to increase pressure from top
-need to work on escapes from bottom
-need to get good at defending arm locks
-need to get stronger
-need to use upper torso more when passing
-need to get better at standup!

Friday, May 9, 2008

More takedowns

no gi

-from neck tie- double leg (lift opponent up)
get opponent to lean forward, snap them down, they counteract by standing straight up, you shoot in.
off of stuffed shot- sit out, fireman's carry

-from neck tie- outside sitting trip
lean weight on neck tie, sit outside with straight leg and trip

standup drill-

-starting to handfight decently.
-getting more comfortable in the neck tie clinch

can be improved-
-need to be more assertive
-need to control elbows better
-need to off-balance opponent better

guard drill

-pass to half guard, pressure, and passing from there
-defense of brabo

can be improved-
-use hips/legs/driving pressure to destroy the legs


-attacking submissions aggressively
-smashing half guard/side control when endurance is good
-remembering the deep half guard setup from knee slide- frame up opponent with arm, spin underneath them

can be improved-
-endurance wasn't 100% today. tiring work week? not enough sleep last night? anyways, wasn't at my best.
-pressure when passing
-need to stand with the x-guard once i have it locked up
-need to figure out deep half guard options. getting caught going underneath- they are just switching base and not getting their back taken.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sitting De la Riva

pm class

techniques- de la riva from opponent crouching and trying to pass guard (one leg posted)

-sitting de la riva sweep- cross sleeve control and over the belt control
-sitting de la riva to elevator sweep- same side collar and arm control


-felt good, but was a bit rusty from not rolling since GQ
-need to use more pressure when passing.
-starting to go for the finish. gotta develop that killer instinct and seize opportunities.

standup after class-

-2 on 1 from everywhere- need to figure out setups and go from there
-must learn good defense before attempting takedowns
-single leg looks like a good bet
-high-c from neck tie is a good option as well
-neck tie with wrist control is good

to work on-
-i'm reaching in too much.
-hips back from neck tie
-must work to make opponent load weight/get off balance
-must work on specific defenses for single/double leg

gotta stick with it.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

pm class


detailed guard open to guard pass

-pin arm, stand on same side as pinned arm (pressure), stand straight up, (new detail) bend to side to lock out arm, break open guard with locked out arm (not using strength), post leg, load opposite leg on shoulder (duck down to load leg, don't muscle up), grab lapel thumb in, go hip to hip, sprawl with head down low and pass. also choke option from here.


-trying to finish people as much as possible and as quickly as possible. if i see an opening, i'm going to finish them. gotta develop this attitude and style.

Fundamental Moves

Stand Up

-hand fighting- 2 on 1, arm drag, etc.
-clinch basics- neck tie, etc.

-double leg
-single leg
-ankle pick
-fireman's carry
-duck under
-snap down


-spinning armlock
-cross choke
-triangle choke

-hip bump

-arm drag

Half Guard

-hip escape guard replace

Side Control Escapes

-hip escape to guard replace
-come to knees towards opponent
-bridge and roll

Mount Escapes

-foot drag

-single leg on shoulder
-double under
-knee slide
-over/under pass
-kick back pass

Side Control attacks

-finishing the pass- flattening opponent
-positions 1-4
-breaking arm posture
-controlling the head
-controlling the underhook
-countering hip escapes
-countering the bridge
-creating pressure
-flowing around opponent- hip switches

-arm triangle
-straight arm lock
-collar chokes

Mount Attacks

-maintaining mount
-countering upa
-countering hip escape
-switching to knee on stomach/side control

-cross collar choke
-spinning armlock
-mounted triangle

Back Attacks

-over/under grip
-placing hooks

-collar choke
-bow and arrow

Turtle Attacks

-placing hooks
-preventing opponent from rolling

-clock choke


I've taken the last few days to recharge from the tournament.

Haven't been thinking about jiu jitsu too much- gotta recuperate and come back strong.

I've been considering the mental part of the game a lot more. I think that's what held me back at Grappler's Quest- but that was exactly what I needed to break through.

A few things to consider-

-maintain a positive attitude during training. still enjoy the game, don't let it become too serious.

-speed, timing, strength, leverage, technique, presence of mind, clarity, assertiveness, relentlessness, patience. gotta work on combining these.

-look to finish at all times. no more lackadaisical attitude. seize the moment when it comes.

-practice weak areas- standup, turtle, back, side control bottom, mount bottom, inside guard, etc. practice escaping submissions.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Grappler's Quest

Competed in the 139 intermediate no gi and 139 blue belt divisions at GQ this past weekend. Came away with a silver medal and narrowly missed a bronze.

Actually, the tournament was a huge stepping stone in my career, as there has been a huge discrepancy between my tournament rolling and training rolling. During regular training, I've been able to be incredibly technical, relaxed, efficient, quick, etc. But during tournaments (only done two before this- all last year)- I've frozen up and underperformed.

While I know I could have done better, I actually got over the hump and was feeling comfortable and confident this time. Gotta keep at it and tighten my game up.

no gi-

first match- we touch hands, start handfighting, and then he starts clubbing me in the head. I club him back, and then he seems to get pissed. I try to butt scoot, the ref tells me to get up. He feels weak, so I try to snap him down into a guillotine. Somehow we end up on the ground during a scramble, and I end up on top either in half guard or in the middle of passing his guard. I pass and establish side control, and start putting the pressure on. I try some submission attempts- americana, brabo, etc, but I don't get anything and he gets half guard back. I get an underhook and 101 pass, and continue to drop pressure. I can tell he's winded, and there's no way he's escaping. I move to north south and am working a n/s brabo choke when time expires. I win 8-0 I believe.

second match- semi finals- i am WINDED from the first match, even though i dominated. it's more the adrenaline than anything, but i am DONE. i try and recuperate as much as possible before i get back to the ring. my opponent is larger than me- he says he normally walks around at 155 (+15 lbs on me). i saw him do a flying armbar earlier, so i anticipate some sort of similar thing. i was right- he jumps guard and we land. i make a critical mistake and reach for his hands near his chest in his guard, and he traps and arm and puts on an armlock and cranks it. it's not all the way on, and i lift up. the ref tells me to not slam, so i put him back down, and he rotates his body and puts enough pressure to make me tap. i could have probably gotten out, but i didnt want to risk damaging my arm (no health insurance, etc). he was good, and moved on to the finals in the division. i should've jumped guard on him!

third match- bronze medal match. i am even more dead than the last match, but i drag my body into the ring. i jump guard and work to attack. at one point i almost get a triangle, but he defends by sitting down and then bodylocking over my body. i can't apply any more pressure, and the armlock is out of reach. i should've either swam through the legs or attacked the armlock, but i wasn't thinking clearly. i let go and then turtle to my knees, and i think he gets my back in the scramble. he gets one hook, and then two, and then RNCs me. i don't put up much of a fight and end up tapping.


first match- i get matched up against the guy i beat in no gi. he's pissed, and is walking back and forth and punching himself in the face while staring me down. i know there's probably no way he can beat me, so i'm not worried. we tie up with the gi grips, and he tries to come for a single leg. he gets ahold of a leg eventually and runs me into the judges table, knocking over the scoreboard and whatever else. lots of people are pissed. we restart, and i just jump guard. i attack a hip bump sweep and look for some combos, and almost take his back. eventually i get a triangle on, tighten it up, pull his head down, and get the tap.

second match- i'm matched up against the guy who won the intermediate no gi, and he looked really dangerous from before. i jump guard and start attacking, almost get the collar choke (don't commit, i don't know why). he stands, i almost get a tripod sweep, and then move to footlock x-guard. i almost sweep, but don't get up fast enough and don't control, so i get an advantage. i think i eventually do sweep him and almost pass, but i don't flatten him (damn, i wasn't thinking clearly- i heard mike yelling "finish the pass" but i didn't react properly), so he gets to his knees. he takes me down from the knees, and we are tied up 2-2 with my advantage. he starts trying to pass again with a double underpass, and i go to my knees to avoid the side control. he spins around and takes my back, and i again don't put up much of a fight as he gets the bow and arrow choke. i think going in i was just content with the silver, and didnt have the drive to finish the fight. it was well within my reach, but i just didn't finish. silver medal.


lots to learn from this experience. a few key things.

-must relax and be loose in tournaments
-must be more aggressive and assertive
-must figure out standup
-need to be able to sweep in a tournament

gotta ruminate on this for a bit.


i felt like i could have won every single match i was in, as the margin of victory was so slim. i didn't have the extra push to get over the hill this time, but now i know where i'm at and what i need to do. this was a huge confidence booster, as now i feel like i can hang with the best at my weight and skill level. gotta focus in training, get stronger, and work on my conditioning. this experience will no doubt raise me to the next level.