Sunday, May 31, 2009


over/under counters-
1. arm drag variation
2. knee lock position (roleta)- pendulum
3. palm down position- choke, triangle

deep half-
*stay on side- back hook, 4 on 1
1. opponent hops over--> early sweep
2. opponent settles--> frazzatto sweep with under leg and back lapel grip

reverse dlr-
1. ankle/knee positioning
2. sweep-kick/lift far leg, pull down collar
3. footlock control- back
4. upa sweep
also, from knee slide counter/stalemate position- paraestra back take move
also remember sim x-guard entry

spider- leg opponent pass and get into 50/50

-stand up, foot in armpit pass
-shoryuken armbar

butterfly standup-
cross collar push/pull

guard openers

1. basic knee in middle posted leg
2. 2 on 1 stand up
3. pin arm and trap (shuffle over)
4. log splitter- stack if they are tight and then insert knee. point toes out to counter roger sweep.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


michael langhi series from DLR with both sleeve grips and DLR hook-
1. elevator
2. opponent clears hook--> leg lasso
3. draw in to reverse DLR

dope pass variation-
-flip knees, drive knee through (vieira)

weave through- they follow with top hook- step over and trap leg
dope pass

Sunday, May 24, 2009



-strategy from the feet
-open guard for the most part- recovery, control, sweeps
-passing sequence generally works
-half guard top

to work on-

-z-guard- when opponent laces legs- switch to 93 guard?
-reverse de la riva or deep half- keep arm tight- avoid underhook
-de la riva guard- where to put free leg when they keep stuffing it

Sunday, May 17, 2009

back taking/more frazatto

-arm drag from butterfly guard to back (marcelo series)
-they escape, sit them up, roll hook back in and take back
-arm drag from standing toriani to back series


-tight x-pass
-backstep reverse half guard

-x-guard lift to setup
-93 guard arm trap sweep

Saturday, May 16, 2009

sim passing series

-nearside underhook pass-obtain nearside underhook, post head, block knee, come to mount
-they cross legs and block first pass- drive knee through middle, get nearside underhook again on other side, switch hips and pinch thigh, come to mount

-nearside underhook to posted foot- they clamp down on knee- push down lock, drive knee to floor, pry open with free leg.
-they block above pass- get nearside underhook and slide shin across belly to other side

-they block pass with arm- cobra to take back
-from taken back w/ wrong side arm on ground- switch to arm lock
-arm lock break with free leg

-brabo counter to arm drag- as they reach, switch to arm drag
-x-guard setup- ask mike for details

-x-guard variation- instead of standing- bring leg to other side of head- dump backwards

50/50 pass- trap arm, switch hips to reverse half guard


Sunday, May 10, 2009

side control chokes

1. leg over face
2. bread cutter
3. leg over face with tail
4. brabo with tail
5. brabo variation with tail
6. baseball choke
7. baseball choke with tail



bread cutter to brabo
leg move side control to brabo
brabo tail to peruvian (they turtle)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

x-pass series

-opponent counters by throwing leg in front of face- sprawl and smash down leg, switch collar grip to underhook/collar on opposite side, sprawl and walk around
-opponent tries to throw leg in front- duck head and block, switch hand positions, pressure down and pass


mendes variations-

-de la riva to spin underneath- gotta figure out variation
-sit up guard to spin underneath

-lots more