Friday, August 26, 2011

Bruno leg drag

squat stance
break collar and then clear dlr hook (standing: quick pop out. or quick kneel to other arm helps to disarm)
lean weight on knee and open the angle your knee
sole of foot stays in contact with ground (whole sole- do not lean on toes)
heel of palm collar grip to pin them to ground
outside pants grip

a) they do not put pressure on your hip- pop hip and drag

b) they put pressure on your hip- slight back step (not too much) and drag across
*drag straight across, not crescent like before

-->either drop straight to knees or inward knee pressure/toes point towards opponent's hip

keep pants grip
transfer to collar grip
open your knee and plant on mat
hook instep to prevent 50/50 recovery
*best with both knees on mat- adjust to sink lower to plant second knee
smash their knees down
belt grip or horse collar grip
pressure on hips/leg, not high on head/shoulders

head position: either spearing them in the chin or on far shoulder (think about the end of the pass)

1) high knee in armpit. grab crossface over the arm and pressure with shoulder. switch grip to smash the legs down and complete the pass.

2) keep horse collar and use shoulder to prop them up. get head on other side of arm. chin tight on other side of shoulder. seatbelt grip. hip ride/back take position. either insert bottom hook as they turtle or insert top hook and roll them the other way.


leg drag counters-
-elbow on mat, shrimp out
-50/50 if the leg is loose
-tripod up and weave top leg back into play
-weave bottom leg over into spider play before they settle the knee and smash you down


passing stuff-
-never leave the knee open when passing half guard positions.
-pinch knees, knee in hip (with hip switch), or knee in armpit
-work on shoulder crossface with lapel tail

vs. deep half
-walk foot to butt. inward knee pressure. either crossface/sprawl underhooked leg back or jump head. open knee slightly to create space before jumping head.

vs. deep half with lapel grip
-grab own lapel end with two hands and yank up to strip

vs. bernardo faria sweep
-break grip on leg side first and then head side next

vs. faria sweep when you can't break the grips
-something to do with jumping your hip to the other side as they come up. switch your base?

vs. deep half to shins in bend of knee with ankle grip
-strip ankle, windshield wiper the leg back and hook over the shins with your instep. come to side or jump to mount


vs. reverse dlr-
-did not go over, but i guarantee that i need to position my free leg better

Friday, August 19, 2011

kiss of the dragon/single leg

from reverse dlr- push off hip to create space, underhook leg, touch opposite leg, spin underneath.

1. take back- belt grab, *open hook towards bend of knee, kick hook out and angle towards hook side. take back.

2. they grab collar and stuff your spin- switch to arm handoff to single leg. stand up and base. two steps to misdirect and then run the pipe.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

reverse dlr passing (no gi)

knee up, knee on mat. thumb up wrist grip (pin to mat). ankle grip.

1. clear hook and hand off. reverse kesa pass.
2. #1, they turn. take the back.
3. #1, but they are holding ankle. switch to leg on shoulder.


*driving pressure with knee
**hook disarm works with gi also
***guillotine head grip

Monday, August 15, 2011

omoplata and monoplata

1. reverse half guard step to monoplata
2. #1 and they come to knees- pressure with knees and roll them to monoplata again.

3. they roll out of an omoplata- cup elbow and re-roll. underhook (put elbow inside), grab wrist, hip away and get the tap.


rodolfo passing stuff- smash dlr with knee, underhook that knee and drive forward to the leg drag position.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ronaldo guillotine

Arm in. Keep neck trapped. Elbow downing crunch in.

1. Raise them up and jump closed guard
2. Knee in and block back
3. They roll- control with hook and then anaconda or roll to mounted guillotine
4. Half guard top- wrap the sub, post head and use instep to free legs. Mount or let them come to shin in guillotine as they rise up
5. Guillotine from closed guard with them standing- hooks in front and rise up to adjust grip.