Thursday, April 30, 2009

passing series coming together

-toriani setup from opponent in butterfly- grab collar/knee- drive diagonally
-toriani pass
-flip knees to forced reverse dlh pass

the galvao/vieira toriani variations work perfectly in here.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

best of the west 2009 (advanced division)

I made the jump to advanced division today. I was in the same division as Mike.

I fought Luis from 10th planet, and it was a good match. We begun by me pulling butterfly guard and then immediately attacking the legs and sweeps. After a bit, he jumped out of it and sat down to butterfly guard, so I stood up and started passing. I almost passed a few times and avoided his sweeps, and at one point knee slid for the pass, but he accidentally took my knee to the chin and we stopped. We restarted in side control, and he escaped before I got the points. Eventually after some defended hip bumps, I was in rubber guard, which I tried to stand up shake off. He transitioned to a guillotine and I stuck out my neck a bit too much and had my jaw getting grinded. Very painful, and I tapped.

Overall I felt like I could have possibly won, but it was a good experience nonetheless. The intermediate division wasn't challenging me anymore, so it was time to graduate. I feel that now I have to raise my game up to the level of advanced, so I should improve dramatically over the next few months.

I felt much more accomplished just DOING the advanced division rather than running through intermediate with no challenge.

Time to step up the game. Time to learn some leglocks!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

50/50 pass

from frazzatto standing 50/50- open lock up like leg on shoulder pass. load leg. switch hips and sprawl out. smash legs together and pass.


vs. leg on shoulder- bridge off them and weave leg back in.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Options from knee slide/x-pass grip

hand grips pants below knee, forcing posted foot. other hand grips low lapel.

-half guard open- x-pass
-half guard closed- back up, stand up, knee slide
-reverse de la riva- use elbow to box out knee and drive to other knee
-z-guard- grab bottom of knee, launch off posted foot and switch legs to other side and pass


also switch to knee grip. not sure where. probably with knee slide.

Friday, April 10, 2009

new passing series

several moves coming together-

combination of saulo/jacare/terere/leo vieira/rani yahya

all begin with passing posture- low lapel grip on same side as forward foot, pants grip at knee

1. x-pass- walk out to opposite side, they react, x-pass
2. during walk out, force reverse de la riva and smash knees together
3. jacare x-pass variation- stuff knee and dive in to hip, kick back and switch hips

4. they block x-pass (w/de la riva hook)- negative x-pass
5. they block x-pass without de la riva hook- switch hand from low collar to neck of lapel- terere falling pass

6. galvao/leo vieira toriani variation- hand on hip instead of lapel, change levels and walk around, pick up leg, drive with head
7. they throw leg up from #6- switch to leg on shoulder/knee slide/over-under rani yahya series

Thursday, April 9, 2009

gi brabo/sit up guard with lapel control

gi brabo-

from arm trap/take the back option- hand off lapel to other hand and choke

if tail is too short- grab on other side of head, weave wrist/elbow and choke with forearm


sit up lapel

you can't get arm control- go to lapel

hand off under knee

hand off again to other hand

-torque knee, sit out and take back
-butterfly shin sweep
-shin choke!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

more de la riva

additions to yesterday-

-changing grips
-de la riva far arm sweep
-de la riva near arm spin underneath


-terere overhook butterfly sweep to kneebar sweep
-countering leg lasso- walk out and arm weave

Monday, April 6, 2009

de la riva basics

1. take the back
2. far arm sweep
3. tomoe nage

change the game

reverse de la riva transitions-

-they stand- x-guard
-they smash low- deep half (or go to back)


spider x-guard entry- from romulo- stiffen leg and make them step, take out other hook and enter x-guard


robson leg lasso cobrinha sweep- leg lasso on knee up side. cup ankle and spin underneath for the sweep


reverse half guard passes (enter from de la riva counter)-

-mendes take the back- cup ankle, switch hook, roll over towards legs, transition to back
-leo vieira transition to back- elbow across body, wipe their elbow across, switch hips and take back

leo vieira passes

from seminar dvd-

1. toriani.
2. toriani variation- they sit up, you switch to hand in collar and drive back to mat, pick up leg and pass. very similar to galvao toriani
3. knee slide- hand in collar, drive shoulder to mat, use elbow underhook, pick up sleeve. pass slow, grind them down. window to escape if you rush this pass.
4. double unders- tight elbows, grab lapel low near waist, pick up opponent by back of pants


toriani leg smash- you grab legs and put back on ground, they sit up. as they sit up, redirect legs to side and drive knee through, smashing knees together. also possible to enter from leg on shoulder- redirect leg a la galvao's x-guard pass

cross leg something or other pass- control ankle, swing inside, trap leg across body with gable grip on hip. rotate and pass. combo with first pass.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

De La Riva stuff

-tripod detail- launch them and make them step sideways before tipping them over

-de la riva counter- back step, square up again, point knee out and drive hook down

-reverse de la riva counter- use elbow to wedge, point knee out, drive knee down (legs together) and pass

-de la riva to leg lasso

-de la riva to back counter- shrimp move and land in half guard/side control

Thursday, April 2, 2009

application of sitting guard

most readily useful things-

-sit up to tomahawk sweep
--> they drive into you from tomahawk sweep- spin underneath and insert shin for sweep

-sit up to control and pass off arm, control collar

-cobrinha spider de la sitting guard variation


inverted de la riva details-

-tuck tripod leg inside knee
-launch off shoulder when close to opponent's foot, not squared up


sitting guard glover deep half transition-
hand on floor, come underneath, hips up, land, sweep over w/homer simpson

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Robson Moura sit up guard

continuation of current game-
-mainly to be used from de la riva option


main sticking points-

-entries- from spider guard or de la riva guard

-kick back leg to create space and enter. vs. driving knee- use thigh to counter push and create space

vs. crouching, vs. standing

crouching- pass far arm underneath to near arm
-tomahawk sweep
-insert butterfly hook and come underneath sweep (like deep half)

-other arm grip- cobrinha spider de la riva sweep variation (he grabs far leg as he dives though)

vs. standing
-keep tight
-tangle other leg
-x-looking guard
-tomoe nage possible


if they break grips, go to jacket tail


single leg possible?


check rani yahya's tape for some no gi ideas with sitting guard