Friday, April 10, 2009

new passing series

several moves coming together-

combination of saulo/jacare/terere/leo vieira/rani yahya

all begin with passing posture- low lapel grip on same side as forward foot, pants grip at knee

1. x-pass- walk out to opposite side, they react, x-pass
2. during walk out, force reverse de la riva and smash knees together
3. jacare x-pass variation- stuff knee and dive in to hip, kick back and switch hips

4. they block x-pass (w/de la riva hook)- negative x-pass
5. they block x-pass without de la riva hook- switch hand from low collar to neck of lapel- terere falling pass

6. galvao/leo vieira toriani variation- hand on hip instead of lapel, change levels and walk around, pick up leg, drive with head
7. they throw leg up from #6- switch to leg on shoulder/knee slide/over-under rani yahya series

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