Sunday, May 31, 2009


over/under counters-
1. arm drag variation
2. knee lock position (roleta)- pendulum
3. palm down position- choke, triangle

deep half-
*stay on side- back hook, 4 on 1
1. opponent hops over--> early sweep
2. opponent settles--> frazzatto sweep with under leg and back lapel grip

reverse dlr-
1. ankle/knee positioning
2. sweep-kick/lift far leg, pull down collar
3. footlock control- back
4. upa sweep
also, from knee slide counter/stalemate position- paraestra back take move
also remember sim x-guard entry

spider- leg opponent pass and get into 50/50

-stand up, foot in armpit pass
-shoryuken armbar

butterfly standup-
cross collar push/pull

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