Saturday, May 16, 2009

sim passing series

-nearside underhook pass-obtain nearside underhook, post head, block knee, come to mount
-they cross legs and block first pass- drive knee through middle, get nearside underhook again on other side, switch hips and pinch thigh, come to mount

-nearside underhook to posted foot- they clamp down on knee- push down lock, drive knee to floor, pry open with free leg.
-they block above pass- get nearside underhook and slide shin across belly to other side

-they block pass with arm- cobra to take back
-from taken back w/ wrong side arm on ground- switch to arm lock
-arm lock break with free leg

-brabo counter to arm drag- as they reach, switch to arm drag
-x-guard setup- ask mike for details

-x-guard variation- instead of standing- bring leg to other side of head- dump backwards

50/50 pass- trap arm, switch hips to reverse half guard


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