Friday, July 24, 2009

dojo quest- drysdale and cobra kai

made it out to vegas, finally.

from drysdale's-

leo vieira pass-

pants pocket grip
pressure down
block out leg with arm, head, etc

cuff grip, turn thumb down

legs out, walk around, shuck leg

either secure head or go nearside underhook to anticipate the back

step 2-
from back, foot drag back take


foot kicks out knee for guillotine. use for loop choke.

z-guard pass-sprawl, hip to butt, walk around. look to circle around opposite to back or dope mount.

deep half detail-
hand in collar or hand dives deep underhook.
elevate with butterfly hook and get arm underneath

-more commitment to sweeps
-faster pace
-remember one hand brabo finish
-more butterfly collar game

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