Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Durinho pass to back/ Davi review

Over/ under variation-
Low lapel grip, elbow tight. Chest on their hips/stomach, toes on mat, hips sprawled, knees off mat. Do not switch angle.
Sprawl, stuff leg, and pinch knees to free hook. Side shuffle and then donkey kick to pass.

Take the back-
Crossface with near arm trapped. Reposition chest on back to prop them up. Kimura grip, step up on head side and shift angle as you sit them up. Place hook over arm. Kimura grip controls free arm as you grab the lapel. Behind the neck collar choke.


Davi review-
-bring knee to chest, stuff other arm, hook sweep and roll.

-they sit- lock legs underneath, sit up for momentum, rock back, knees to chest, finish the sweep

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