Monday, October 25, 2010

defending the back (and some passing stuff)

1. double unders with hooks (lapel grips)- easiest to escape. bridge hard and get head and then both shoulders on mat. shimmy down and prepare to take half guard or stand to base.

2. they lock over/under, but you catch early- bridge opposite choking side. get head and then both shoulders on the mat. clear hook by kicking down, pointing knee to ceiling, and then stepping over the hook. prepare to go deep half as they come up.

3. they lock the choke, but you catch early- same as #2, but you grab outside fabric on wrist sleeve and at tricep (baseball bat grip). keep tension. question- which side to look towards? head and shoudlers on mat, shimmy, escape to deep half.

4. they lock choke on strong side- grips on choking arm are key. keep tension. look towards mat on choking side? need to double check. bring knee to chest, momentarily take hand off choking arm (wrist grip) to cup the bottom of the near hook foot and remove. close elbow and knee. shift hips and put knee on ground where hip used to be (almost like knee slide). use top hook as butterfly hook to remove bottom hook. slide through. keep tension on the choking arm to prevent them coming up to turtle. pressure on shoulder and then chest and then move to underhook/side control. OR- once you clear the hooks- grab nearside leg, knee pivot over (glover transition), and take opposite side control (better for little guys).

5. taking the back from the back!: they go for the choke- you go 2 on 1 and duck under the choking arm. clear top hook. shimmy out to the side and keep wrist. entangle ankle. key- knee needs to be close to their knee (deeper hook, not shallow at ankle) or it won't work. keep arm (this is the key to controlling the position and not making it a 50/50). bring arm either towards your ear or stuff at their hip (need to double check on the second option). triangle own legs. kick legs straight and transition to the back.

passing stuff-

-terere pass- 2 grips- near side knee and collar when passing (hand on hip toreando follow-up) or opposite leg (knee or pants?) and nearside collar. flip hips and transition to head position passing. key- head at hip, torso, and then in chin. use head to turn their head (crossface with head, essentially) and pass.

-hand on hip toreando- weight all on hands. concentrate on far hip and flatten their hips. leg detail- close leg is not like jacare walk for balance, but back leg is staggered to prevent half guard.

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