Thursday, October 14, 2010

no gi- guillotine defense

1. from standing- hands in hips, butterfly sweep over, turn into them and get on top.
2. from sprawl (head and arm)- sit out towards trapped arm, continue spin and put pressure on back of shoulder with back of head. spin out and lock front head and arm.
3. from sprawl (head and arm)- sit to half guard, come around to back.
4. from guillotine, they start to pull guard- hands in hips- front flip over to feet plant, turn into them and get on top.
5. from locked guillotine (arm in)- shoulder pressure into chest, twist hips out and look away from them. tripod up and don't let them stretch you out. weight more in stomach area to avoid off-balance. head pressure on back of elbow, pry open the lock. pin arm to mat immediately.
6. from locked guillotine (no arm)- crossface, twist hip out, pry wrist, pin wrist to mat.

some double leg details-
-retract arms back quickly during shot to avoid getting underhooked
-step outside and block outside leg with your knee on the takedown

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