Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Some Paragon Half guard insights

PM class


-pull half guard from standing
-half guard pass- knee slide
-half guard sweep- belt grab bridge


-felt a step behind today. just a little rusty.

-need to get back to guard passing domination- mobile pressure

-nice combo- arm-in guillotine to brabo

-need to perfect butterfly guard pass to half guard

-need to practice getting out of straight arm locks

-overall, i feel my conditioning coming back after the small break.

some paragon half guard things-

-can be set up from when they stuff a butterfly hook- go directly into paragon half
-the clasped hands around leg makes a big difference- hold TIGHT and apply pressure- pinch elbows together
-if they sit back, go over the leg. if they react correctly- go back door.
-back door- option- use arm harness and shuck them over your head instead of lifting the outside hook.
-can't let them settle weight- must react right away in order to hit sweeps

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