Thursday, February 10, 2011

Single and double leg/ closed guard

1. Double leg entry- make them take weight off feet
2. Single leg entry- collar touch and go- staple knees and ankles together
3. Single to crazy judo takedown- single to underhook double leg thing

1. Triangle from closed guard posture- tricep and cross sleeve- hip out and knee over
2. Head and arm posture break to arm lock- as they defend bs telephone arm lock- foot on hip, heel touches head, arm lock

2 mins mechanics drill
2 mins speed drill

Random questions-
1. Vs standing in guard with arm on mat-
A. Knee in front omoplata
B. Tomo nage
C. Tomo fake to triangle

2. Vs. Knee in butt guard opener- you open and hip out to create angle
-sleeve grip- push hand and 2 on 1 to back

3. Vs. Leg in shoulder omoplata roll counter- tight elbow, side cartwheel, etc

4. Vs. Durinho double unders- hands push shins, shimmy back and feet on chest or hips to spider recovery
-slam hips down as they try to enter

5. Vs. Double guard spin counter- back take
-hook in and take the back
-hook in, switch grip to far lapel, extend hook and come up to leg smash pass

6. Collar/sleeve question- tricep- stay tight and strong. Sleeve- more options

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