Monday, December 6, 2010

under the legs back taking

clock drill
cobrinha drill
capture leg and then cobrinha drill

1. entry from opponent standing
2. entry from opponent with one leg posted- aim knee for entangled leg, not for the back right away.
3. entry from opponent kneeling- block crossface with X. grab shin, push opponent's armpit away (like marcelo x-guard entry) as you simultaneously pendulum leg and then come underneath. lift opponent near thigh/bend of knee, not in center (they are too heavy)
4. entry from opponent smashing top leg during pass- entangle leg and roll under to modified X, back take, 50/50, etc. many options.

**must figure out the infinite roll. something to do with switching your legs/insteps/bringing the legs inside. keep alternating sides until you can get something. sweep, back take, etc.

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