Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Opening the game up

PM class


cross choke from guard- crunch and lean towards side of bottom hand (don't hip out). curl wrists so blade of wrist cuts into throat.

hip bump sweep- rotate body away from hand holding down chest/lapel and grab over shoulder for the sweep.

kimura from hip bump- the base out with arm- you wrap kimura. roll back perpendicular. keep arm attached to torso, bend arm and bring hand to head.

guard opener and pass- pin lapel and arm, stand up and open. leg on shoulder pass.


I'm generally opening my game up a lot more. Gotta be fearless in the new year. Trying new things and letting myself flow with the movement rather than getting caught up in the same techniques. Gotta put myself in dangerous situations so I can practice escaping and surviving.

One thing I notice is that I'm not committing to moves. I keep remembering at the Roy Harris workshop, he was watching me and said "you have to commit," referring to my hesitancy to go for certain moves. I can't get this out of my head, and I realized that I am almost too careful at times. Gotta go for moves head on and see where it takes me.

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