Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Some more insights

PM class


1. roll under takedown
2. collar tripod sweep


-bf guard- must butt scoot towards opponent and get underneath them to be able to lift them. hard to get double underhooks right away, though. must figure ways.
-once you rock them up, you probably only have one chance to hit the duck under or footlock x-guard (unless they don't know what they're doing)
-hand fighting- can use overhook armlocks to get opponent to react, and then sweep them over with hook
-x-guard- should focus on entering this from all open guard positions
-footlock x-guard- good, but need to practice it some more

-x-guard- don't need to even have it fully locked on all the time. can obtain underhooked leg and kick out knee and stand.

-half guard passes (shin across)- the arm weave/shoulder smash is very good. club head, heel to butt, sprawl, walk around. driving into opponent's chin with crown of head is also good here. switch to arm control and rotate wrist on other hand and drive to flatten opponent. also remember the wrestler's cradle option. remember foot pry and shin to shin as well.

-half guard bottom- best way to stop submission attempts- rock them and get their weight off center. don't let them settle again.

-side control- that collar is right there, probably. try some chokes.

-triangle escapes- posturing with both hands seems to work decently, at least to buy time. need to figure out step two.

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