Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Attacking the back and the turtle. X-guard from the knees, paragon half.

AM class


-rolling bow and arrow choke from turtle setup
-ezekiel from the back
-escape from the back


-back defense is getting better. 2 on 1 baseball bat grip works well if you allow them to come over the shoulder.

-under collar grip on opposite side lapel is almost as good as over/under harness grip

-single hook- hip ride twister setup

some issues-

-x-guard setup- from knees- opponent has one leg posted- from butterfly on one side- shoot leg through and guillotine thigh, switch to shoulder grip on leg, push torso away from armpit, push opposite leg up to make them stand.

today's errors- tried to shoot from far away. opponent got underhook on the butterfly hook, negating my ability to come under. could have possibly still hipped underneath?

should have gotten the butterfly first, scooted butt towards feet, and then attacked the opposite leg. i left too much space by shooting with a fully extended hook (almost fully extended), allowing opponent to underhook it and stop my progress.

-x-guard sweeps- need to combo stuff to off-balance opponent. example- try to dump them backwards, they base forwards with hands, use to stand up. getting better with keeping the leg.

-paragon half guard-

today's errors- opponent got control of farside arm, preventing me from coming underneath while also putting me in danger of armlocks. opponent then triangled legs and attacked the isolated arm. doh!

should have tucked arm TIGHT and not allowed opponent to get a grip of it- quickly shoot underneath the leg during the setup. possibly had an opportunity to sweep before opponent got underneath me and triangled legs.

paragon half guard can lead to getting you back taken if executed improperly.

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