Saturday, March 8, 2008

Some throws

Rolled around a bit today- probably almost full speed (but with severe limitations in my movement). It was very frustrating to not be able to do things I normally could do, but I suppose this exposes a big weakness in my game- the reliance on attributes.

Now that I can't move as quickly and my leg mobility is down, I must rely on the techniques to keep me in the game. I got handled BADLY today by a stronger blue belt who also happens to be an experienced judoka. Due to the leg, I have a hard time playing guard like I used to, so I prefer to be on top and passing. He wasn't having it, and I got my guard passed over and over and got tapped out all over the mat. No fun.

In other encounters, I did manage to get decent pass attempts, but wasn't able to pass where I used to. So frustrating, but my game is still developing trying to pass on the right side. Gotta stick with it until I'm ambidextrous to some extent.

Today's techniques-

-ko uchi gari- Jacare uses it all the time. elbow and lapel grip, open opponent up by pulling them upwards as you sweep the ankle up and into your lapel grip hand. you punch up and through your opponent with the lapel grip hand while controlling the leg with your other hand as you step behind your opponent's posted leg and sweep them down HARD. seems like a devastating and fairly simple throw.

-tomoe nage- open up opponent and sit underneath them (like bf guard) as you chuck them over your head. can also be done with foot in hip.


-managed to get the entangled spider guard sweep. also got some x-guard sweeps, but the people didn't really know what i was doing so i don't know how well that would work against other opponents. my bottom game lately has been sweep over submission, as i'm favoring the top game at this point in my career. now that my sweeps are getting better, i actually have the option of reversing the position if i choose, which is much better than randomly attacking submissions from the guard.

-interesting move that came up- from pendulum sweep while also controlling opponent's same slide sleeve and leg- possible to hit an omoplata.

-another development- kimura as they pass half guard- roll them over from side control. very good option.

-another kimura option- almost took their back, but falling off. control the farside arm and spin back to guard with the kimura.

I'm getting to the point where I want to master a submission at a time and be able to do them from EVERYWHERE like marcelo does. I feel like I'm decent at most submissions, but I'd like to develop the following-

-guillotine (ten finger, head and arm)
-head and arm triangle

the only submission that i feel like i can finish people most of the time is the triangle choke. after that, maybe the RNC and then brabo choke.

gotta round out my submission game and get dangerous.

once i heal fully, i have to practice getting out of side control again. also, escaping submissions.

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