Friday, March 21, 2008

Brutal rolling

from yesterday (3/20)

today’s techniques-

some kimuras from guard


all the big dogs showed up today for the one hour rolling session- the high purple belts, brown belt, etc. no easy rolls! tiring class, but i managed to survive decently.

-standup feeling decent still. At least in terms of defense and grip fighting.

-must “shadow” throws and takedowns I want to try out

-tripod, de la riva, and x-guard are essential to stopping the standing passes. Spider guard and butterfly guard vs. passes from the knees.

-need to be more aggressive with sweeps. Been hesitating lately, leading to less sweeps.

-need to start rolling out of turtle before they settle weight or gain any kind of control

-I think I’m developing the bad habit of turtling away from the opponent as they pass. It’s been there for me a lot this past week, and I’ve gone to it every day. I start with a knee-in turtle already. Should work more from the standard side control escapes.

-need to get cardio up. Gotta maintain a high level of explosiveness over a sustained period of time.

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