Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spider guard musings

I can't get spider guard out of my head.

Some nice combos I've thought up over the past week-

-missed triangle- control the arm still, kick leg over for either a) sweep or b) omoplata setup

-lasso'ed arm- opponent starts to pass while you still control arm. from knees, do sit out sweep

-from cobrinha- from tripod sweep- move to de la riva w/the arm controlled still. lasso arm and sweep opponent over head (controlling same side arm and leg)

-opponent almost passed- control sleeve and step over for either omoplata or sit out sweep (context to move from a few months back)

-gotta omoplata from everywhere. omoplatas and triangles from everywhere from spider guard.

-constant switching of tension/moving from arms to hips to hooks to ankles. so frustrating for the opponent. sweeps galore.

-the spider guards can easily be combined from each other. one leads to the next! very systematic flow chart can be established. maybe a later project.

main sweeps-

1. opponent on knees- double wrist control- full tension in opposite arm, bring other arm across opponent's body and block leg with free leg to sweep them over.

2. opponent on feet- full tension in arm that you're sweeping towards. spin underneath and grab ankle (either one will work- try the closest first).

3. lasso'ed arm with shin across

gotta master these three sweeps.

main submissions- omoplata, triangle choke
also can set up spinning arm locks to some degree

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