Thursday, March 13, 2008

Scarfhold escapes

PM class


-scarfold- 3 escapes
1. get elbow on ground, bridge into them and hip escape out, plant them down where you used to be
2. get elbow on ground, bridge into them, come to knees
3. get elbow on ground, bridge into them, roll them the other way

standing practice-

I need to practice standing more. I don't have a lot of comfort on my feet. I'm unsure of setups and am generally unfamiliar with the game. Although I know techniques in isolation, it is difficult to apply them on the feet. My main thing was to sprawl on shots and take the back.


Got in some good positions today- footlock control, etc, but wasn't able to finish the sweeps. Figured out twister setup from turtle. Defended some attacks nicely- guillotine/loop choke, triangle, etc.

Felt a little slow today, but hopefully something happens and my game comes together better. Maybe I need to begin conditioning again. I haven't done any of that for awhile.

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