Thursday, March 13, 2008

Critical breakthroughs

courtesy of mike.


Butterfly 2 on 1 series-

-grip- spider man

-opponent pulls away- body lock to rock up x-guard
-opponent posts leg- shoot footlock series
-opponent stands- x-guard
-opponent does wrestler tie up with free arm- switch 2 on 1 to other side
-opponent goes for guillotine with free arm- duck under (from arm triangle)- take back or sweep

-reverse kimura- spin underneath and sweep
-reverse kimura- use to arm drag

kimura from half guard series-
-rip out to make them react, cup arm and hip bump from lockdown
-or let them pass, and turtle kimura

north south guillotine-
-use hip/elbow to prevent opponent from turning.
-if opponent turns, switch around to other side

arm in guillotine-
-snap down and come forward, lock hands, get on side

brabo from guard-
-lock up, let them pass, spin underneath
-same from half guard

butterfly half guard-
-knee in opponent’s ribs, not chest
-sweep from here- like normal butterfly- must get on toes

side control bottom-
-pinch knee in
-don’t let arm get isolated
-opponent tries to isolate farside arm- pummel nearside arm in
-opponent baseball slides- frame up arm with two arms
-from baseball slide- prepare to catch arm again if they circle away

guillotine from bottom half guard-
-overhook, allow opponent to pass, push head to other side
-get on hip like regular arm-in guillotine
-can use to crucifix sweep

half guard bottom- reverse kesa gatame counters-
-pop up on elbow immediately and hip bump sweep
-scoop hip with hand, replace guard

ankle pick-
-get opponent to load on foot you’re attacking (same principle for other attacks)

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