Monday, November 26, 2007

Passing the guard from a broken down posture

PM class


-self defense against punch
-passing the guard from broken down posture- head controlled

-to free head- scoot hips back, weave head out. don't go against force.
-leg on shoulder pass- can use back of pants to prop them up to stack

guard drill-
-felt better than this morning
-need to stand in proper order- from controlled arm side! always get mixed up vs. ricardo and get swept
-worked kimura sit up sweep sequence, with little success
-possible combo- hip bump sweep to pendulum sweep on other side
-guard control- weave under foream and control bicep from underneath. always do on one side and use to off-balance opponent.
-need to be more assertive with sweeps
-spinning armbars are always sitting there. need to control arm better and not let them slip it out. need to drive with opposite side leg
-refresher- standing guard break directly into x-guard sweep
-triangle choke- if they stack hard, it is very possible to just roll over your shoulder and sweep them to mount.
-x-guard- initial sweep should be the kick away, sit up and stand
-need to get better at guillotines from the guard

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