Monday, November 5, 2007

Half guard- need to threaten sweeps!

been building my legs and core outside of class. food is up, protein is up.

PM beginner's class

-hip throw fake to throw under opposite arm
-foot lift mount escape

-for throw- penetrate with hip to get most leverage. must be explosive with it.

guard drill notes-

-passes that work best on me- smashing passes.
-need to work on half guard sweeps. too often i'm just sitting there waiting for them to not pass. must create opportunities. mission one- block crossface/free head and hide head.
-at least need to THREATEN sweeps so they don't just sit there with perfect base.
-spider de la riva guard? maybe.
-main de la riva technique- push back to single leg. everything else is just me being a sitting duck. could also transition to shin guard and then to x-guard.
-must initiate sweeps before they start passing. gotta lift them with the butterfly hooks.
-half guard lockdown- awesome to stop them, but then what? gotta figure out how to get up from being smashed.

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